Wild Diamonds – Episode 1 – Let the Mobs Eat Our Brains (Animation)

Hey guys! This is Dan. We’re working on Villager News right now but it’s taking a very long time, so we’ve teamed up with Some friends to bring you a brand new adventure. This, is Wild Diamonds. Mob heads, mob heads, chop them off YAH! *humming* *KNOCKING* Who is it? It’s your landlord. Ah, just a second, hon. I’m coming. Had to be sure it’s safe, you know. Can’t be too careful with, these, mobs nowadays psycho PvP is and whatnot running around I tell ya just last week- Yeah, yeah. Cut the small talk. Listen. Your contract is up on the place and I need you out of here. Contract? What is this, some sorta hustle? Well you see, I need the land add to my gallery! I’m building more high-quality avant-garde pixel art. Oh, uh that’s uh… th- that’s uh s- some good art, there. I get some great comments on Imager. But you can’t kick me out of here now, I’m raising my granddaughter here! It’s a good area, safe land, good playerbase… Hmm… I suppose I could look past this area… For the right price. Eh? Hmm… in three days’ time, including today, if you can get me a stack of… Diamonds. A whole stack? Are you kidding me? I can’t muster up that amount! I got a bad back, And I barely got any iron left. Well then, I suggest you start packing up and hope the mobs don’t rip off your face at night! HEY! Don’t you talk to my grandma that way! Oh! This must be your granddaughter. How cute. What’s your name sweetheart? PEACH! Nice to meet ya. Aw, Peach! What a cute name. Well Peach, you might want to start helping your dear old grandma here pack up. Three days from now, I’m getting my guards and we’re flattening this whole area with TNT. WHAT?! Hey! Whoa, hey now. Careful, you might hurt someone with that thing. See you in three days, ladies. I suggest you start mining! *humming* *sigh* Are you okay grandma? Yeah, Peachy. Come on in, it’s time for dinner anyway. *munch* Hm… the nether wart tastes kind of sweet today wouldn’t you say? Hon- honey! I said the nether wart tastes kinda sw- I heard you the first time. What’s the problem huh? It’s just… We’ve been together for a while, and… we don’t have the same fun that We used to. We never go out or really do ANYTHING. We just SIT in your EMPTY. MANSION. So…. SO, don’t you ever want to get out And explore the world? Meet new mobs? Chuck a potion at a player’s face? What do you think? Huh. Yeah… Yeah, I hear you, But… I think that the nether wart’s pretty sweet tonight, what do you think? Oh my God. You know what? Forget it. Until you want to get out of this dull place and do stuff with me, we’re taking a Break. You got that bogus? A break. Goodbye. Babe, no, come-, no! i’m not Boring, I just like to hang out in here- babe! Babe. Babe! No! *sobbing* Which is terrible! We got nowhere else to go, sweetie. Didn’t realize he was kicking us out on my birthday, too. Talk about bad luck. Yeah, that’s pretty bad. But… look on the bright side! Huh? You still got me! Meh. Normally I just find your mother or father, but she left this server long ago, and your father? Don’t get me started on him. He won’t even talk to us anymore. Pretends we’re dead. Peach, life lesson you gotta remember- life is out of pain sometimes. Sometimes, I think we should just lie down outside and let the mobs eat our brains Grandma! No! Don’t you worry! I’m gonna get you those diamonds! And… I’m gonna… get you a terrific birthday present too! I promise! Yeah… good luck with that Peachy. Anyway, it’s dark out. Time for bed. Okay. Good night! Leave me will she? If she wants a man who gets out, I’ll be that man. I’ll form an army for her. I’ll kill every player within a 10,000 block radius, yes! Steve? Steve? Steve! St- oh! Oh my God Steve! You startled me again, what I what did I tell you? No teleporting inside the mansion *Enderman language* Yes! I have a mission for you. A… scouting mission. Hahahaha! *thump* Okay, Peach. 64 diamonds! You can DO this! *humming* *sound of blocks being placed* *dramatic music*

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