Why My First Girlfriend Broke Up With Me – funny animated story

Why My First Girlfriend Broke Up With Me – funny animated story

One day I was in a
classroom and I just so happen to see her talking
to this other dude, who was what we would call a gyalis. Like it means a lot
of girls like him. And I saw her give him– Oh my god. What’s good, my G? Today’s video is
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on SkillShare. So check it out. What’s the shortest
amount of time you’ve ever been
in a relationship? My record is a week. Let’s talk about it. I was like 13 years old. And I was attending little
old high school in Kingston, Jamaica called
Ardenne High School. So it was after school. And I was probably just
standing somewhere. I did a lot of that back then. So I was standing around. And then, this girl, we going
to call Karen, came up to me and was like, hey, Don. I know someone that likes you. So I was like, for real? OK. Who– who is it? I can’t tell you. It’s a secret. What? Why would you tell me that if
you can’t tell me who it is? I just told you. It’s a secret– Karen, just– just–
Karen, just tell me. Tell me who it is. Please. Come on. Just– don’t– please. Whoa. It’s Amy. I don’t even know
why she likes you. Oh my god. Jeez. Bye. Amy? Amy? Amy? Instantly in love, my G. That’s
all it took for me to fall in love back then, man, be
good looking and like me. And the first one wasn’t even
like mandatory to be honest. So fast forward to the next day. And I walk into school with
my head on a swivel, my G, looking out for my future wifey. But I didn’t really
know anything about Amy. Like I knew who she was, but
didn’t know where to find her. We didn’t have any
classes together. We didn’t hang out
with the same people. So I was just hoping to run
into her at lunch or something. But the whole day
goes by, no Amy. So it’s after school again. And I’m just standing
there, more than likely. And then, tap, tap, tap
right on my shoulder. So I turn around. And there she is,
Amy A. Oh, hey, Amy. Hey. So Karen told me
that she told you that I liked you or something. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Well? Well? Well what? Oh my god. Well– well, do
you like me back? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I like you back. OK. Cool. So– do you want to
be my girlfriend? OK. Yeah. Yeah. OK. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. OK. OK. Yeah. All right. Cool. I got to go to
soccer practice now. So I’m going to go. OK? But we’ll hang out soon. OK? All right. Bye. Young Don the Sauce
God strikes again. So fast forward
a couple of days. And I am in a full blown
relationship, my G. OK, like this was my
first real girlfriend. That [BLEEP] from like the
fifth grade or whatever it was, that don’t count. That was a facade. But bro-ski, this girl right
here, this girl had my heart. OK? Now, I had no game. That’s legit. And the quickest way
to ruin something would a girl, especially
when you have no game, is to fall in love with
her, because love will make you do some goofy [BLEEP]. And if you do have
any game to curb, the natural goofy tendencies
that love will make guys do, like being
jealous or clingy, you’re bound to turn
her off eventually. And those were the two things
that would ultimately lead to Amy breaking up with me. OK. So first, the jealousy. So one day, Amy gives me a
little class picture of her. I didn’t ask for it,
but she gave it to me. This– this was
before smartphones. So this was like her version of
sending me a selfie, I guess. I don’t know. But you know, I
thought he was like a– like a little special
girlfriend gesture. Well, one day I
was in a classroom and I just so happen
to see her talking to this other dude, who was
what we would call a gyalis. Like it means a lot
of girls like him. And I saw her give him one
of– one of the little picture things. Instantly, I was heartbroken. I felt so betrayed. I remember just looking through
the window and thinking, I have to kill him. I think I have to kill him now. But I don’t know
what that led to. But I know it must’ve
bothered me a lot. And I’m sure that
energy came across, which would’ve undoubtedly
turned her off. That was like day four. And the downhill
only gets steeper, because on like day seven,
the clinginess came through to finish it off. So it was after school. And she was a soccer practice. So I decided to go to like
where the people hang out by the soccer field. And I shouldn’t’ve been there. It was too much, because
I was clearly there to watch her practice
with the team. And that’s just bad game. It comes off as clingy, as if
I ain’t got [BLEEP] else to do, which I didn’t at a time. But you know, I– I could’ve been
scouting for new places to go stand around or whatever. But it gets worse. So practice ends. And she’s like kicking
balls into the goal, you know, on some extra practice
ball is life type [BLEEP].. And then, one of the senior
players on the girls soccer team sees me. She sees me watching. And she knew Amy and I
were, you know, a thing. So she sees me and calls
me down to the field, you know, to help. So I see this. And I’m like, this is my chance. This is my chance
to prove to Amy that I’m the best boyfriend
that she’ll going to ever have. You what I’m saying? I’m supporting her dreams. You know what I mean? I mean, one of us
got to have dreams. So I’m walking
down to the field. And as I’m walking
down, I choose to walk over to little ball bag
that– that holds the soccer balls. And my foot got caught
in the ball bag. I [BLEEP] tripped, my G. He need some milk. I trip in front of the entire,
like, girls soccer team. And they’re all laughing. And then, Amy like,
she’s embarrassed, because I’m her boyfriend. She broke up with
me after practice. [MUSIC PLAYING] There is no way that you
have seen a crazier school fight than the one I’m
about to tell you about. A school fight
like this probably happens once every 100 years
or so in a school’s history. I’m talking about
multiple bodies.

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  3. Like a literal night.
    Basically it was a trans girl and I said goodnight. She didn’t pick up tomorrow so I took that opportunity to back out(Ik I’m evil)
    Longest relationship I’ve been in is the one I’m in now. I love this girl😍😍😍

  4. The shortest relationship I’ve had was 4 days, my longest was about half a year so 6 months

    Edit: Amy:you tripped at my soccer practice so I can’t be with you.

    What the hell lol

  5. Yo the way you guys asked eachother out, is for sure how i was in middle school. And maybe highschool. Love your vids, keep grindin❀

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