Why did Mario do it? (3D animated remake SSB commercial)

Why did Mario do it? (3D animated remake SSB commercial)

Mario: No! Playstation All-Stars Battle… Yoshi: And then we’ll call it Yeah. consisting of all-out 4-player battles. and stuck them all into one fighting game from different video game franchises if we got a bunch of characters Yoshi: Mario, wouldn’t it be great Geno! Mario: Everyone knows it should be There’s too many Pokemon already. Pikachu: Another Pokemon they should add in the next Smash Bros. Yoshi: Hey guys, what character do you think What?… No! Yeah, except Yoshi ate all the food. Mario: This is going to be the best picnic ever! Ha ha! Mario: Random tripping. What’s that? You want to know what the worst addition to Brawl was? Mario: Hey Yoshi. Mario: Just shut up already! Can’t you just tell me a story Mario? Why don’t you ever tell me stories? Luigi always tells me stories. Come on please, please, please. Yoshi: Mario, can you tell me a story?

AGARiO with ANGRY BIRDS ♫ 3D animated game mashup ☺ FunVideoTV – Style ;-))

AGARiO with ANGRY BIRDS  ♫  3D animated game mashup  ☺ FunVideoTV – Style ;-))

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  1. Mario: What 3rd party characters would you guys like to see in the next smash bros?
    Pikachu: Shovel knight!
    Donkey Kong: How about BomberMan.
    Yoshi: What about Bubsy-
    Mario: N O !
    * trips *

  2. Mario: What's the best game on the Switch so far?
    Pikachu: Breath of the Wild!
    DK: Super Mario Odyssey!
    Yoshi: Sonic Forces!
    Mario kicks Yoshi

  3. Mario: So guys, what do you think was the best Mario Party game?
    Pikachu: 1, 2 and 3!
    DK: 4, 5, 6 and 7.
    Yoshi: Advance! 😀
    Mario: (trips Yoshi)

  4. I got some.

    Num 1
    Mario: What's the best anime so far?
    Pikachu: Dragon Ball was awesome!
    Donkey Kong: I enjoy Attack on Titan.
    Yoshi: Boku no Pico is..
    Mario F*CK THAT ANIME!! Trips Yoshi

    Num 2
    Mario: I can't wait for ice cream!
    Everyone but Yoshi: YEY!!
    Yoshi: Maybe lets not do ice cream. I heard that it's all sold out.
    Mario: Why?
    Donkey Kong: Yoshi went and ate all the ice creams as well at the truck.
    Yoshi: DK How dare you gave it away when I told you to keep secret!
    Mario: You son of a bitch! Trips Yoshi

    Num 3
    Pikachu: Zelda Breath of the Wild was a hit wasn't it?
    Mario: Yes it was, I really had a blast playing it.
    Donkey Kong: I love how I can blow up monsters at their base in a open world.
    Yoshi: Zelda Breath of the Wild was lame as f*c..
    Mario: TIME TO DIE YOSHI!! Trips Yoshi

  5. Number 3 makes the most sense, I would be mad too if some one ate the food before we got there and I'll be mad at DK too for not telling me sooner.

  6. Mario: Who should be in smash 5
    Pikachu: funky Kong
    Donkey Kong: matey one more fire emblem character
    Trips yoshi

  7. 0/100 video👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  8. Mario: Hey guys what consoles should be added to the Switch's virtual console?
    Pikachu: GameCube
    Yoshi: Virtual B-

    DK: Hey guys what characters should be in the next smash bros?
    Mario: Geno
    Pikachu: Waluigi
    Yoshi: I say Navi

  9. Yoshi: Mario, can you tell me a story come on please please Luigi, always tell me stories why don't you ever tell me stories can you just tell me a story Mario? Mario: JUST SHUT UP ALREADY

  10. Mario: "I was calm on the outside, but thinking all of the time. And now it was Yoshi the general, saying what to do and what not to do. Well I viddied what to do."

  11. Mario: Okay. Who do you guys want in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?
    Pikachu: Shy Guy!
    DK: Midna!
    Yoshi: Tails!

    22 hours later… 🕑🕑

    Mario: Who is your favorite Legend Of Zelda character?

    DK: Ganondorf!
    Pikachu: Sheik!
    Yoshi: Greninja!

    Mario: Greninja is not in Zelda!
    Yoshi: OH YEAH??!!
    Mario: Take that.


    10 months later… 🕑🕑🕑

    Mario: What is your favorite Pokémon game?

    Pikachu: X and Y!
    DK: Ruby and Sapphire!
    Yoshi: I know! Gold and Silver!


  12. Mario: who should be a newcomer in ultimate
    Pikachu: Ampharos!
    Donkey Kong: K Rool!
    Yoshi: San's from Undertale!
    T R I P

  13. Dk:can you believe Ridley and Daisy are in the game
    Pikachu: i can believe it it happened
    Mario: they don't even deserve to be in
    Yoshi: come on Mario give them a chance they have rights
    Mario: Trips Yoshi Over my dead body

  14. Mario: Time to say your favorite movies!
    Donkey Kong: Home Alone!
    Pikachu: Watership Down!
    Yoshi: Where the Dead go to Die.
    Mario: What?
    (Mario trips Yoshi)

  15. Mario: What is your favorite cartoon network program
    Pikachu: The laboratory of dexter
    DK: Ed,edd and eddy
    Yoshi: Teen titans go
    Mario: Trip!

  16. Mario: The Legend of Thok the movie animated part 1 prequels to part 10 when the NVZ TZO will release
    Pikachu: What logo will be used
    Mario: I Don't know what logo will used
    Yoshi: 20th Cenutry Fox that is the best logo ever
    Mario: That Good- Wait a Minutes Now 20th Century Fox Was Bought by Disney
    Yoshi : Ok but what about the movie mature
    Mario : Yes it rated m for mature it because had blood and Gore nothing that
    Yoshi : Haha it will be use the Disney logo
    Mario : That a – WAIT The legend of Thok it not used by Disney and It used by Universal Pictures Paramount Pictures Lionsgate
    Pikachu : I Knew it it was Universal Pictures But by the way Warner Bros Pictures it Used Only in Japan
    Yoshi : Mario how dare you it not Disney logo for the movie animated I will doing in life action
    Mario : No Only the Movie Animated With based the game by WB Games And NetherRealm Studios and even the Comic Marvel when the game is released It will Called NVZ The anime series and had more Violence and gore and more and Yoshi don't dare you use the live action

  17. Yoshi: Mario, why you're always a main character in Smash.
    Mario: I will tell you why because I am a pro. I will show you.
    (Mario tripped yoshi)
    Donkey Kong: Let's fight for being a main character!

    And so they fight each other.

  18. Mario: So, who do you guys think would make as great DLC for Smash Ultimate?
    Pikachu: Eevee!
    DK: Dixie Kong!
    Yoshi: I want Goku!

  19. Mario:what’s your Favroite game console

    Pikachu: Nintendo DS
    Donkey Kong: PlayStation 2
    Yoshi: virtual boy
    Mario trips yoshi

  20. Mario:Did you guys pay your taxes?
    Everyone but Yoshi:Yes!
    Mario:Yoshi, did you pay your taxes or not?

    Mario:That's because you don't need to, i pay it for you!
    Pikachu:*says how the frick i pay my taxes in pikanese*

  21. Mario: ahh what your favorite your movie I have a Mario movie
    Donkey Kong: kong skull island
    Pikachu: Pokemon movie: I chose you
    Yoshi: 300 and happy death day 2u
    Mario: shut up Yoshis

  22. Here’s mine
    Mario: who likes trophys in smash bros games?
    Pikachu: me
    Dk: me
    Yoshi: nah I like spirits better
    Mario: What the hell?! trips yoshi

  23. Tracer:what will be the next heroes of storm hero
    Murky:another Warcraft character
    Fenix:maybe Karax
    Junkrat:how about the reaper
    Tracer:no (trips junkrat)

  24. Yoshi: …And then we'll call it PlayStation All-Star-Battle
    Mario: no

    I would've done the same as Mario tbh

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