When You’re Max Level in an RPG

When You’re Max Level in an RPG

Adventurer: *Humming the Super Mario Odyssey Theme* Evil dude: “FOOLISH ADVENTURER, YOU DARE DESECRATE MY TOMB AND RUIN MY ONE THOUSAND YEAR SLUMBER!?!? I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!” *Powerlevel increases past 9000* “FOOLISH ADVENTURER, I WILL MAKE THIS QUICK!” *Sword growls in ancient power* *boop* “NO! I’VE BEEN DEFEATED SO EASILLY! AND IN MY OWN HOUSE!” Adventurer: “Okay well, that was that.” *SLAM* “YOU GUYS SELL CHEESE?” Merchant: “Why, yes we do! We actually have it on the left side of the room, so if- -Duh- Okay.” Adventurer: “Hmm. (with mouth stuffed) Mmmmn, okay, yea this is the good stuff, mmmn” That’s some good cheese.” Merchant: “HEY! You need to pay for that you know!” Adventurer: “Oh, no, I don’t” Merchant: “HELP, GUARD! THIEF!” Guard: “Gruh! What’s all the hubbub?! RHUglEBuh! Pay the merchant or your next meal will be my blade!” Adventurer: *Summons sword of satan* “Uhm, Nah, I don’t really think so.” *boop* “Grah!” “All right, now, let’s see what you’ve got here… Hmmm, Oh wow a lockpick! I’ve been running low on these.” *Screen pans over to a fuck ton of lockpicks* *Exhausted hyperventilation* Wizard: “Adventurer, Please, I need your help! My wife has entered a cave, but she hasn’t come back!” Adventurer: “Oh, hey man! I did your quest like 20 levels ago, Yeah, I found your wife, she- she’s totally dead” Wizard: “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it. Did she leave an amulet? Anything to remember her by?” Adventurer: “Actually, now that you mention it, Yeah, she left this necklace.” Wizard: “Oh, thank the gods! At least I have something to remember her by! Thank you adventurer!” Adventurer: “Oh, Yeah, Uhm, Heres the thing: I’m actually keeping it because it- uh- it gives me +15 strength.” Wizard: “No! You can’t be serious! That’s all I have left of her!” Adveturer: “Uhhh, d-yeah, uhh, The thing is: I- I don’t really care…”

TABLE FOOTBALL EXTREME WITH 63 BALLS! – Blender Animation – Tischkicker – 3D Animation [60 fps]

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100 Replies to “When You’re Max Level in an RPG”

  1. This is so wrong. When you max level, you beat all quests, but when you steal in store, you got killed by simple merchant or low level guard

  2. I really want to see he beating Ruby Weapon, or better, dying for it. Max Lv isn't enough to defeat Ruby Weapon. Oh my God…how Ruby Weapon is OP…

  3. This isn't when you're max level, its when you're replaying an RPG for the tenth time and know all the exploits and farms

  4. It's all fun and games until you're max lvl in dark souls 2 and you still die because you walk carelessly into a room…

  5. It took me an entire day and a few hours of sleep to realize that this guy is humming the Lilo & Stitch theme in the beginning of this video

  6. What kind of "Adventurer" carries lockpicks? LOL yeah guys… Let's go "adventure" in people's homes and personal belongings without their permission!

  7. Ah yes, collecting every lockpick even tho' you got 100+ of them already and each lasts for 3 or more chests due to your high lockpicking skill. But you never know what might happen, right? Better be prepared!

  8. "You awakened me from my one hundred years slumber"

    Where did I heard these words? Oh, yes…

    DIO and Hol Horse approve this element

  9. Boros:this set of armour,used to seal in my immeasurable,irresistable power,has been broken.
    Saitama:uh,yeah,uh,the thing is… I-i don't really care?

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