What if I WROTE The Last Jedi? – Star Wars Theory (Animated Fan Fiction)

What if I WROTE The Last Jedi? – Star Wars Theory (Animated Fan Fiction)

What’s going on guys new lightsaber giveaway in today’s video all you have to do is hit like if you enjoyed the video and comment Below which lightsaber you want contest ends February 6th alright. Let’s get on with the video Alrighty, so here’s a video I’ve been wanting to make for a pretty long time at least since The Last Jedi came out And I’ve been working on the script going back and forth here and there and to be honest Just been really nervous to actually release this so I hope you guys enjoy it before we begin I just want to say first and foremost that I’m not making this video to say that I’m better than Rian Johnson or the team at Lucasfilm and Disney I’m just the youtuber and a giant Star Wars fan with a bit of a different vision than Ryan So that’s all it is that said let’s start this video with a question. How do I even go about making this? I would have to rewrite the whole movie and wow that would be cool It would be a three-hour video of still images panning in and out of the screen so what I’m gonna do Is make this Extremely condensed and even so I will make several parts to this as I don’t want to miss details of scenes or have it be Rushed so here’s the first part and of course as I’ve mentioned in other videos if you want me to make a more realistic version of the last Jedi with changing some of the subtleties and little things from the actual movie I will do that as well however this one is going to be the absolutely insane and Totally different fan fiction that you guys wanted as for now Let’s finally get to part one so without further ado. I give you my version of Star Wars Episode eight? As the movie pans down through space as it always does we don’t start with PO like we did in the film rather we see Mustafar come into view when all of a sudden kylo ren’s thai destroyer inspired by his grandfather Blasts past the camera shaking the screen and speeding towards the volcano planets as we get a closed cockpit view of kylo without his mask Sweating and nervous he enters the atmosphere Blending on none other than Darth Vader’s castle as the ships door opens and kylo comes before the massive door Darth Vader’s fortress He boughs as we get an aerial shot of just how massive it is compared to him reaching out and using the force to open The door he is denied as only Vader’s presents could open the gates themselves looking to a bowl that rests on a small pillar at kylos eyes He realizes this was intended for Vader’s massive robotic height the writing he recognized it He knew what he had to do grabbing a knife from his belt He slit his palm and allowed the sacred Skywalker blood to drip down into the basin Recognizing that he was the heir to the throne as the doors began to open he realized that this must have been some sort of Failsafe if they didn’t open the doors himself someday as he enters inside the lights begin to dim on cold dark and mysterious He looks to the left the far left Arabic writing inscribed on the wall red temple seeing stairs that let down a spiral stone staircase he walks to it determined his footsteps echoing in the massive Grand Hall of his grandfather’s castle Were brought to the planet of Ock two and we see the beautiful ocean as ray moves to hand an aged Luke Skywalker The lightsaber of his father as Luke looks at it stunned and bewildered He takes the weapon his mechanical hands shaking observing it He looks down at it as tears swell within his eyes Mumbling something to herself that Rey can’t make out Luke says through fought back tears Father as he looks up at Rey assume tears streaming down his weathered hairy face He asks her who are you as ray tells him? She’s been sent here by his sister Leia to help fight the first order and lead the resistance as a beacon of hope he looks Down and shakes his head slowly staring at the historic weapon I I can’t as she looks confused watching him walk past her pocketing his old lightsaber She follows him to his Hut. Why won’t you help us the galaxy needs you she says I need more time I’m not ready as luke turns to speak he sees the Millennium Falcon far down below Turning to Rey he begins to trust her immediately. Did you come alone? He asked? Where’s Han where’s Chewie as she moves to point Luke runs past her and hugs Chewbacca? Both of them emotional and have not seen one another for decades as Luke looks up with a warm smile at his old friend He makes a joke about Han being out of shape and taking forever to climb the steps as Rey and Chewie fall silent Luke Steps backwards a look of concern dawning over his face Where’s Han as Rey begins to tell him he silences her and looks to Chewie Chewie? Where’s Han? Chewie speaks Wookiee Luke falls to the ground crying tears harder than he can remember as Chewie pulls him up and cries with him explaining that Ben solo has turned to the dark side fully and is the cause of Hans death as a Means of providing his loyalty to Snoke Luke begins to cry this time not with sadness But with rage every single hut around them begins to shake as stones fall and the clouds begin to circle the clear skies Lightning crackling from above as the ground stand-on begins to separate and chewy Let’s have a massive bowl to bring Luke back to his senses before he unleashes powers He kept dormant for decades Index as he stops his sobbing He turns to Rey the anger in his eyes beginning to swell when all goes silent, and he says Where’s Ben? As general Leia leads the resistance to fight the first order in space Poe dameron is brought into view with his x-wing in front of an entire battalion of rebels new and old Going through a several minute high action space battle against Huck’s and his fleet of Destroyers we see a scene similar to that in the last Jedi when Snoke finally appeared before Huck’s as a hologram furious slamming Huck’s his face to the floor where we see several of his teeth missing or at least a crooked broken nose as the Rebels begin to win against the first order with Admiral Ackbar leading one of the battalions Returning back to Mustafar we see kylo invaders dungeons where his Sith temple was located beneath the castle itself surrounded by rivers of lava and cliffs leading to the planets very core He is surrounded by the ancient belongings of his grandfather walking past duplicates of his suit parts like an armory He observes the ancient Sith holocrons scattered about Hoping to find what he was looking for in search of something he has wanted for a long Hoping that it even exists here to this day He begins to become impatient the dark side swelling further within him as he hears a whisper When he quickly turns to his left No It must have just been an echo he thought to himself When he hears the whisper of his name again in the cave below as he walks to the opening seeing nothing but darkness He ignites his flickering red light paper and puts it in front of him as he here as a woman who called to him this voice it was a voice he had never heard before but as if he knew who it was it was soft and Beautiful the voice of his own mother didn’t sound so angelic Moving through the darkness of the cave itself unsure of anything just like his future He used the crimson glow of his weapon as a guide as he came to a wall He began to become very impatient a cave leading to nowhere He thought the voice it vanished But yet something still pulled him to this spot to stay here feel the voice there was again But this time it was a man. He did not recognize this voice either. It was powerful heroic He wanted to hear it again. Who are you speak to me? I? Order you to speak feel What did that mean Kyle of thought as he sheathed his weapon the blackness of the cave swallowing him like a nightmare? Kylo was not afraid He reached out with his arm fingers turning the force to its very tuned like a dial the grandson of Skywalker was surely gifted with the force itself as a small platform Shaped box began to slide out from the caves wall illuminating the cave with a dim light that attracted kylo to see what was inside Feeling the rage build within him this nonsense of the time being wasted He saw it was nothing more than just a necklace a miss shapen wooden square small enough to be a pendant in one’s hand Useless he thought he reached his hand within when he felt the world beneath him moving under his feet in an open field the Sun Blaring on his face looking around he heard Birds water Where was he? What was this place laughter emanated to his right far away, but clear to his years that was when he saw them And a woman they were young one wore the tunic of a Padawan with a braid much like he had when he was younger Training under Luke Skywalker running towards them the world began to shift again when he found himself this time in the dark At a massive glowing orb dancing about in a stadium filled with aliens from across the galaxy Everything lost its brightness as two people from the back began to illuminate into view they were almost close enough to hear an old Short man with a long protruding nose sat next to some robed boy He couldn’t have been much younger than kylo himself seeing only the sides of their faces as kylo yelled them to respond they didn’t hear He leaned forwards over one of the pods and hopes to get them to respond when he fell below the stadium Whirling on a view as he landed in a red office the color of a lightsaber that he had never seen before Swung at his head as he ducked and purple blurred using his quick Skywalker reflexes He ignited his lightsaber But it was too late the Purple Haze had gone back through to his head and sliced her to meet the red of another Kylo was unharmed turning around to see the face of the same old man from the Opera Swinging at them both the red of his lightsaber blinds his vision to reveal that he is in a Jedi Temple But not like Master Luke’s this one was much larger. It was empty however hearing blaster fire He raised his already Ignited lightsaber as he sought jedi masters all around him as they surrounded the same young man as before in the opera the man bared A scar much like hands on his face above his right He used the force like holy kylo could dream of swinging his blue lightsaber with such speed and precision Dropping all the Jedi around him to the floor seeing children run away in fear as the men walked further into the abyss as the ground opens up to bring kylo back to the Planet he was on but something was different. Where was Vader’s castle. Where was his ship as he looked to the right He saw a bearded man jumped to a hill waving his arms to someone there He was again the same young man with a long feathered hair from the Opera and the office and the temple he looked different His eyes defiant and full of hatred Kylo began to realize What was happening? as obi-wan walked past him tears in his eyes kind of went to see what waited for him at the bottom of the hill the Sight threw him to his knees as it began to gasp Unable to breathe at all he was strapped to a bed in agonizing pain He didn’t even know could exist screaming for help for someone to get him out of this dream Unable to fathom how he was still alive he saw that decrepit old man again cloaked Hovering over him like a devil like a phantom And he began to laugh and raised his hands fur keeper falling as kylo landed out of breath back on the stone floor Kylo threw the necklace away his face whiter than a ghost he scurried from the cave like a lost dog And as he was about to enter the lava, surrounded temple. He was frozen in place and levitated to the air again Unable to breathe this time without his control as the shock pans to the back of Snoke scarred head and the collar of his elegant Expensive and ancient golden robes bringing kylo towards him with the force his massive hand hovering above kylo Waving for him to come closer the giant gold encrusted Obsidian black ring on his finger as the camera slowly lowers to his other hand by his side We see him twirling something between his fingers a familiar black and chrome Object as we see snoke’s perched an ugly lips voice Come come boy. I have seek Well that was part one guys there are obviously tons of different scenarios as to where this can all lead for part two But I’d like for you guys to let me know where you want the last Jedi to go I figure this part would only take maybe one fifth of the whole movie so maybe just thirty minutes at most Now also there are tons of other ways that this film could have started But this is just one of the versions that I had in my head, so I thought might as well start with this one I’d love to know what you guys think or would want to happen from here. Let me know down below What you thought of it and by all means you don’t have to like this version job there was nothing wrong with the last Jedi However, this was just another version This is just a plain Fanfiction as to another way that it could go if you guys do want Part two and I’ll get straight to work on that so Let me know as well. Thanks for watching today’s fanfiction. I hope you all enjoyed it I will see you all in the next episode until then my fellow Jedi and Sith friends Remember the force will be with you always

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  1. PART 2 HERE NOW! – https://youtu.be/D86cZewkjd4
    Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the fan-fic.
    Good luck in the giveaway!
    May the force be with you!!

  2. I like it, it was a great story but I don’t think Vader would be able to take off his gloves to prick himself every time he forgot his keys to the castle. Maybe I’m wrong but I think his breathing apparatus needs his whole suit on and he didn’t take anything off unless he was in his meditation area. Other than that great work.

  3. You understand what Star Wars is
    Instead of pointless scenes and dry stupid humor
    Also I like how like doesn’t just throw the lightsaber away like in the original

  4. Face the truth, the reason you’re even considering a re-write is because, deep down, you know this is complete garbage.. Stop defending the elite with no imagination.. Lots of money……. no imagination, no focus, no crit..

  5. You had me when you didn't make Luke throw his lightsaber over the cliff. That was the dumbest thing. Thank you for fixing that. Can we donate to get you to remake this whole movie please?

  6. It would be 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000⁰000⁰00000000000000 Better

  7. Ideal Force Awakens ending and last jedi plot, this combined with certain bits of yours and obviously more detail and we hae a movie Kylo succeeded in taking Rey captive and took her back to his ship were by he tormented her and she was present when he spoke to snoke in a hologram message saying he has the girl then she is imprisoned there and they need to rescue her which is the plot for the last jedi instead of this nonsense 'rescue rey' however a squadron of the disciples Luke undertook that survived about 6 individuals varying in ages ofc (Id say all around teens two being Rey/Kylos age, 3 15 – 17 year olds and one 12 being the youngest preferably a innocent girl who turns out to be a badass) which would be kl come and rescue Rey breaking into Kylo's ship and wreaking havoc one fighting Kylo in the process and being near his level being the strongest of Lukes remaining disciples and them exchanging dialogue in the process revealing they have know each other etc Kylo being about to get the upper hand but him escaping with his life and jumping on the ship into which they escape with Rey all in which they do not tell Rey who they are btw or why they rescued her, she wakes up on the ship and obviously is shocked and shortly after calmed by them and this could be a great spot for humour etc introducing us to the different characteristics that define Luke's remaining apprentices developing them to become core characters in the process, they then arrive to Jakuu where they tell Rey they are taking her to Luke by his orders as she insists on them telling her or she refuses to go willingly to which one steps forward to easily take her by force but the 'leader' puts his hand out to stop her then tells rey to the others dismay as they agreed they wouldnt as they dont know who she is tied to and it could threaten Lukes location and she then agrees to continue on with them we then get to see in about a 10 minute sequence their journey through jaku (one of the most force sensitive planets in the galaxy) and they camp overnight and agree to resume in the morning in which apon waking up they are in danger as one of Jake's terrifying beasts/a force creature attacks which they usually dont but attack rey for being hostile towards it (naturally shes confused, baffled and petrified that such creatures exist) the others then wake up to help her and they are put in a precarious situation that puts them in great peril, this being the perfect time to introduce Luke him coming through and in a instant taming the force creature and sending it on its way in a sequence of action that shocks Rey leaving her gazing up at him as he stands on 'the high ground' (a higher level of terrain of sorts xD) and sais hello Rey from then it cuts to Lukes spot on the hill and he tells her he sent his disciples for her as he sensed her power in the force the moment she resisted Kylo and removed the shroud over her own potential in the force, long story short he then explains he will train her to some of the disciples dismay as they dont trust her making her have to prove herself and in the midst of her training showing her great potential in a fit of frustration which leaves even Luke with an intrigued look on his face uttering to himself "could she be the one", a summed up version of the rest of this chapter the resistance decide to use their elite to rescue Rey from the first orders ship as the first order bait them tricking them into thinking Rey is still with them to snuff out the core players in the resistance who would surely be the ones to come and rescue her leaving the resistance in disarray with no leadership causing it to fall apart, they are captured and Rey sees this in a vision to which much like Luke once did insists she has to go and rescue them and does so with the volunteered help of 5 of the 6 of lukes disciples them having come around to liking Rey somewhat whilst one is still in dislike of her – Luke is not pleased with her decision or theirs and they leave later us seeing Luke in meditation asking for guidance to where we see that same yoda scene him saying similar things about her not being fit to be trained and him still following with his dispise of the 'Jedi consensus' again saying theres nothing in the texts that could teach her to which yoda strikes the tree sais what he did in TLJ about "skywalker, always looking to the toward the sky, never here, now" and all the things he should relish in as a teacher such as "the greatest teacher failure is" and "We are what they grow beyond, that is the true burden of every master", this gives Luke the guidance he needs, Rey and the others arrive and face off against Kylo and the nights of ren who are also revealed to be some of Lukes fallen students in a battle of familiarity and are ultimately captured all in all the majority surrendering as one of them is held in a fatal position and they are told they would be killed unless they surrendered, they are then captured and Luke instructs the disiple left with him to take his ship and go after them and he does arrives frees them and they are again engaged before battle however this time Luke doing what he did at the end of TLJ with the hologram giving him diologue with all his students past and present in the same place since that incident, his students then escape whilst he does buying them enough time however falling short because Snoke bridges the minds of Kylo and Rey to which he begins to torment her stopping them from proceeding however the one who stayed behind suprisingly apon being told who he suspects Rey is back on Jakku sacrifices himself so that they can escape to the other disciples shock smiling in the process and they get away and the rebel leaders and lukes disciples rendezvous alliance begin to make their way to Jakku eluding the 1st order once more and when they get back Luke smiles then collapses and it is shown that the feat he pulled off took quite a bit out of him and thus he is bedridden for a while, the rebel alliance are overjoyed as things look to be overall good in terms of their position in this war old friends reunite and they are filled with relief Kylo and the knights of Ren are shown in a scenes in Snokes thrown room in which snoke is dressed in Dark robes and Kylo and the others kneel apologising for their loss of Rey he then chuckles with a bassy and echoing voice saying "my dear Kylo, failure was never a possibility, in due time all things old and new shall meet" ending the scene with a very familiar cackling voice ;), end credits roll,
    Lemme know what u think if u read this far lol and ill gladly do episode 9 If u like

  8. Rain Johnson should have hired U to write TLJ. It would have been a hellvalot better than what the ended up with. But the beginning crawl is suppose to only 3 paragraphs long.

  9. Man I putting you on the same level as the creator G.L. the last Jedi is the only star wars film I don't like I love episodes 1 through 6 episode 7 wasn't a disappointment I liked it I have been a follower I was 8 my mom was a fan I can remember the first time seeing the big yellow words I have never talk poorly of any Star wars movie all I can say is I have yet to watch The last Jedi from beginning to end I'm not sure who Mark Hamilton was playing it wasn't Luke Skywalker

  10. "It was a fail-safe in case vader couldn't use the force" um… my boy Vader doesn't have hands… or feet… or, anything… yeah

  11. Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. Disney’s ability to destroy a franchise is insignificant next to the power of SWT… I find your lack of faith disturbing..

  12. As a budding film maker, you are in fact an excellent, very deep, and emottional storyteller i do pray walt disney as enough brians for you to be "A new hope" for star wars! (obvioslly they don't) regardless of witch the force will be with you, always

  13. That was way more hella interesting than the actual movie. The Last Jedi was garbage.
    So, overall, yours was far better. However, the flashbacks were a bit excessive, but I love the fact that there's more character depth to Kylo and Luke and that you created sprawling and intriguing environments to add more mystery and complexity to the story.

  14. Dude… You are in the wrong field of work. Disney needs to hire you to save Starwars. FOR REAL!!! GREAT VIDEO AND EVEN BETTER STORY!!!!

  15. That was an incredible opening scene and I loved the way you incorporated AotC and RotS. Great work! Can’t wait for part 2.

  16. At the point where he touches the amulet and is suddenly on Naboo at the waterfalls, I'd like him not to see anakins life, but to stay there and start to communicate with a healthy looking Anakin (Hayden Christensen). He asks what this place is, Anakin says its the place where he was truly happy, without anger and hate. They talk there for a bit, Kylo is confused, not ready to give up the dark side. Suddenly sun darkens and the waterfalls turn into lava. The grass they just stood on turns into the black ground of Mustafa and Anakin healthy happy face turns into the burned version, while dropping another wisdom bombs on Kylo. Kylo feels how is skin slowly burns and he screams.
    Kylo wakes up on the temples ground, still holding the amulet.

  17. Just going to pretend this is canonical… Star Wars Theory, thank you for keeping the spirit of star wars alive and also just for telling us quality stories. Be they from legends, fan fiction, or even new canon… all very appreciated, thank you.

  18. I'm incredibly impressed and intrigued by this. It's already better than the Last Jedi. Your knowledge of the material and respect for it shows through. More please.

  19. I can't believe disney paid 4.5 billion to push wokeness. You have to hand it to them that's some serious commitment.

  20. No need to imply you're better than Roan Johnson and Disney. That would be stating the painfully obvious.

  21. What if swt had made last Jedi? Then it would probably not have been called the last jedi and would have been an awesome movie.

  22. "I'm not saying I'm better than the fools that made last Jedi……except I would definetly have made a better movie coz, you know, im actually a starwars fan and they clearly are not"

  23. Those where the longest storyline openings ever. This is Star Wars. No reading. Lightsabers, sith and clones. That’s what I want!

  24. there was so many things they could have brought up , they chosen to do the easier crap to make fans old and new rage in anger ….

  25. With in 5 mins this story is already better. It actually has how Luke would have reacted to his fathers lightsaber

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