Warrior Cats: The Fourth Apprentice Pilot (Unfinished)

why all the way out here I’m soaked [Music] in the name of all clans why did you choose me here it’s far too wet and I can barely hear my own thoughts stop complaining Blue Star I chose this place because they’ve been noisy I don’t want to catch any other cat eavesdropping blue star you can sit over by me there’s some dry grass just here if this is dry line word when I’m a mouse well yellow Fang white commas here the prophecy hasn’t been fulfilled the tree are together and last but I’ve yet to recognize it you’re sure we have the right three this time you know we have didn’t we all have the same dream the night the third was born you could be right spotted leaf but so much has gone wrong why should we trust anything of course but at least is right but then J veteran lion please don’t recognize the final more trouble to come I want to send them a sign to be safe I will select yellow Fang don’t you think it’s dangerous to be meddling with something that isn’t ours to begin with dangerous how much good do you think can come out of having a cats and the funds more powerful then not only their stars but those of generations past what will become a Thunder fan know all the capsulated have faith bluestar these cats are good and have proven their loyalty many times over we thought that about Holly we won’t be wrong again we have to trust the prophecy no matter where it came from we have to trust our clan mates beside the lady you were talking about setting a sign yellow Fang yes but Elise as I was saying we should think seriously said the Sun [Music] Oh what can’t be helped mother tale what are you doing here spying on us bluestar we’re all glad mates now I guessed why you were meeting him and why did you know when we’re meeting in the first place I told her that we were heading into some River glad like territory later you can sit over here for their tale thank you spent to me this is tundra plans business villa tell you I want to say in anything that happens that’s baddest from the truth not only AJ feather and line blaze crow feather sons but the prophecy affects everyone on animates around the lake I grieve for honey as much as if she is my own kid I have to watch over them feather tail is right let her stay I understand fetters hell but even if you think of them as her own kids all you can do is warn them and guide them in the end they will go their own way all sons and daughters do that by heart so what should we do now yellow ping was talking about setting aside yes as I’ve been trying to say I still think we shouldn’t get involved the third cat is already strong and clever sure we may not know what our special talent may be but if she is the right one won’t you figure it out on our own but we can’t just sit by and do nothing I think so too if we had meddled more holly leaf might not have been lost holly leaf she made her own choices these cats need to live their own lives we can’t just do it for them no but we can guide them I agree with yellow Fang standing aside sounds like a good idea I can see you’ve all made up your minds very well do what you wish I will send annulment an omen of the Stars which cat will you send it to flying blaze or jay feather neither I will send it to the final chat what if we slept over here no no that’s too far over hmm oh whatever over here there’s enough room for both of us you have a point okay then what now we are going to have so much fun as apprentices you said it you two shouldn’t be in there you are apprentices yet yeah and we’ll be your practices any day now so we deserve to be in here we’re gonna sleep next to each other yeah whatever are you feeling insist on being apprentices so quick why don’t you go pick off the elders with me we’d love to but you going over and we’ll catch up yeah yeah I be kids dumb kids get back over here this instant jay feather jay feather jay feather you can be more quiet I’m blind jay feather papi boss is carrying my kid she needs to be moved the nursery immediately Barry knows please forgive him Jay feather he’s been antsy ever since I told him I understand let me know I’m so she’s out of harm’s way I don’t want anything bad happening to her or the kids you better make sure she won’t be in any pain or but anything bad happen of course it will but in my opinion it’s a little early to me removing her into the nursery come on papi frost go ahead to the nursery and I’ll give me something to eat Mary knows I’m really sorry J feather I’ll come back later why come to me if he was he annoying to take my advice jay feather flying police do you know a freight her found a country she said she was going to look for some free sorry we weren’t in the same patrols this morning it’s fine I’ll just find her later are you okay you seem stressed lately I’m fine I’ve just been under a lot of pressure ever since leaf will step down from being a mess and cat and not used to working by myself I just have to get used to in zone [Music] do you ever wonder about the prophecy there will be three king of your team wonder there’s only two of us dove kitten IV kit are also fire stars kin remember it’s possible the prophecy was talking about one of them as well why don’t you ask star clan about the next time you go to moon pool we don’t even know what the prophecies from star clan remember if you keep that up I won’t even be able to tell you apart from a stick of the mind would it kill you to be a little optimistic leave before I terrify your whiskers I’ll go check on bright heart for you yep it’ll be the most useful you’ve been all day [Music] hold still I’ll believe that when I see it you’ll learn to manage there are already tons of cats gathering do you think the whole Clairol comes to us become apprentices I’m sure everyone will be their best boys too [Music] and I think it that’s just it quite as hunter all the clans notes will ever escape her claws [Music] stop you two just got green and now look at you one come here Dove kits I wonder who our mentors will be wait come on it’s not time yet we have to wait until Firestar calls the clan together it won’t be long I promise we wouldn’t miss it for anything I’ll never be done cleaning you don’t worry mom I’ll take over for you when we’re out of the nursery let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the high ledge for a clan meeting not yet and you will walk out there like a sensible apprentice not a little kid that doesn’t know how to behave you’ll both be fine go out there and make me proud of you your father should be coming at any moment come on the clans waiting for you two forget something or mess up somehow I’ve called you together for one of the most important moments in the life of a clan Dov kit and IV kit have reached their sixth moon and it is time for them to become apprentices come forward you too dove Jim from this day until you receive your warrior name you will be called dove power StarClan I asked you to guide this new apprentice set her paws on the path she must follow to become a warrior Lyonne blaze you will be mentored stuff oh you are a loyal warrior and your battle skills are outstanding I know you will pass these qualities onto Deathlok so why make a great team I be gifted from this day until you receive your warrior your name you will be called an IV pump they start plant watch over you and guide you in your journey to become a warrior cinder heart you have shown courage and endurance in European tissue and I trust now you will teach IV part to follow in your path you already are opium stubble [Music] I wish both of you the best this meeting is over [Music] congratulations good job you two I’m pleased what do we do now hmm nothing exciting I’m afraid the clan needs water we’ll have to collect some water from the lake to bring back to camp can we of course I need to watch out for River cram though they’ve been wanting to start some fights lately I thought River clan was on the other side of the lake not since this drought has been happening apparently the lake belongs to them isn’t that right cinder heart come on we’ll explain on the way at the last gathering tensions were high it’s the middle of Greenleaf so everyone’s already restless from the heat but lately it hasn’t rained a bit not even the medicine cats know why there’s been a drought jay feather says star clan hasn’t told him anything anyway the gathering was pretty uneventful for most of the clans but when it was time for River clan to announce what they had been up to all the tension was released at once if you’re quite finished biased our River clan still has a report to make of course go ahead leopard star prey steal us what preys dealers yeah leopards are accused every one of the clans of stealing food from River clan it’s no secret that the drought is affecting River clan more than other clans since their main source of food is fish and the lake has been shrinking every day no wonder she’s on edge all of River clan looked to be nothing more than fur and bones right now there are starving of course so are we I’m sure you have a good reason for accusing us all like that would you like to explain you have all been taking fish from the lake and those fish belong to Rebecca Lynn no they don’t the lake borders all our territories we’re just as entitled to the fish as you are especially now we are standing because of the drought praise cares all around the lake fish is the only thing keeping us from starving but it’s worse for us River Glen doesn’t eat any other kind of prey so all the fish should belong to us that’s mouse brain you can’t just claim a prey for your clan try telling that’s a river clan you know what River Clan might be onto something though from this day forth Thunder clan claims all the squirrels by the lake shadow clan has to give all their squirrels to us every sundown or we’ll use force to get them ourselves the fish in the lake belong to rev a clan any care to tries to take them will feel our class from now on I will instruct our Border Patrol’s to include the area around the water on every side can she do that why doesn’t fire star fight them Firestar doesn’t like to cause trouble he always tries to look for a solution that doesn’t involve fighting it has part of what makes him such a great leader just stick close to us down at the lake if were greeted by a patrol of river clank lats don’t mess with them okay go get some Moss to carry the water in the trees clear out just ahead you this isn’t like everyone fuss it’s barely bigger than a puddle well it usually comes up to about where we are now where the pebbles meet the mud it’s only because of the drought that it’s shrunk so much hey on the bright side there hasn’t been many two legs this green leaf what if the lake shrinks away all together that’s a load of mouse droppings it’s bound to rain soon well then now that we’re here you might as well learn something about the territories this is Thunder clan’s territory in case you didn’t know over there that’s wind clan territory there aren’t any trees for hunting in wind clan cats like open space to stretch their claws they love rabbits and rabbits love the Moors their territory is perfect for them ShadowClan cats like pine trees so they chose the territory over on the other side of us I’m glad I’m not a shadow clan cat you IV ba you should be picking up a sense of those cats over there it’s all stuff we need to know what in StarClan is happening over there trouble yeah well buried for brains and spider leg got stuck in the mud and yes stick or something to get them out sender heart you go and help bury nose and spider like thorn claw and I will go find something yeah come on you to bring your moss and watch where you’re putting those paws well there’s one over there here help me pull it off from under the roots hey that’s mine J feather put it back ah that’s mouse brained I need to help our clan mates it’s only a stick it’s not just a stick it’s it’s important if you don’t bring it back in one piece oh wow don’t worry J feather thorn claw will bring back the stick after we’re done using it keep your fur on I can’t believe someone can get so worked up over a stupid stick I think the heats finally gotten to jay feather it is only a stick it’s probably only medecine cat stuff maybe the stick has magic powers makers requestor i guess it’s a better story than having a medicine cow with bees in his brains you two stay here don’t go any closer to the lake or deeper mud okay you two help us on the way good my fur is going to be 1/4 moons because of this yeah well you’re overreacting like always easy for you to say the mun hasn’t even brushed your belly and you have short fur on top of it I have flex all over maybe because you keep squirming I’m glad they won’t be sharing origin they’ll sneak a money dead fish for a moon yeah everyone’s gonna make them sleep five Fox links from Haney den okay okay calm down Barry knows here grab hold of this to give you some paw hold good hey line blaze can help me keep hold on this side of course it’s worse than I thought I’m going to be permanently brown from the belly down for the rest of my life oh shut up then go back to camp and get clean okay spider like your turn oh thank you I’ll be more careful next time you should ask Jay feather for some lavender when you get back to mask some of the smell should make it more bearable for the rest of us then mates oh good idea I’ll be sure to grab some for berry nose as well yeah there I go put this stick back there J feathers gonna be madder than a fox enough it what was that brainstorm what does he won priests dealer leave that alone that fishes ours now stung [Music] [Music]

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