Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Fursatganj ki diwali | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Fursatganj ki diwali | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir, Imli have some more. Enough grandpa we ate too much , Gintu must be feed some , he is hungry all the time. I will have all the eateries made by grandpa. When are going make them? Whenever I make I will invite you. Friends, today is Diwali, which crackers are we bursting tonight. I like only the sparkling lights one, I dislike the sound ones. Vir, Its Diwali, take this money to buy crackers. Thankyou grandpa. Haha!! I am Devil, I will have all the crackers for myself.Haha!! Hey, return it. Hey, you are doing wrong. Bunty return the crackers, now. Hey mind your own business, don’t make the Devil angry or else I will finish you, haha!! Oh such a big rocket , I will light it , you are too small for it, haha!! Oh no! This Gintu. Mummy!!! Gintu stop the magic. No I won’t stop it , he needs to be taught a lesson. Ok, come on, we both will teach him a lesson. Mummy!! Help!! Why did you come so late? You seem to be very irresponsible, never on time, be a good boy. I am sorry, come I will get rid of that rocket. Quickly take it off, my back is burning. Help! Robo boy, help!! Yes I don’t do my work on time, I am not a good boy, I’m very sorry, I will go home and think of being a good boy. Byebye. I will save people then, bye. Hey, What are you doing? First save me then keep thinking. No, first tell me how to become a good boy. I am little confused. Hey good boys help friends in time , don’t harass them , the way you are doing it now. And bad boys are like me. Please save me, please!! I will save you at one condition, you won’t harass anyone or else the crocodile’s are waiting to eat you up. No, please save me, please I promise, I won’t harass anyone. Please save me!! Ok, but remember your promise. Aren’t you ashamed? You are a Robo boy and you are blackmailing me. You forced me to become a good boy. I will see you soon. Oh! He will never improve. Grandpa can I taste the sweets? Not now , once you begin you cant stop eating them. A bit to taste that’s it. Its smelling too good and tempting, please. Gintu, first do my small work , I want a strong tape which will not break nor any magic spell can work on it . Agadam, bagadam, aalam, phaalam, ikadam, tikadam, dum, dumadum. Gintu now you can’t eat these sweets till tonight . Vir this is cheating, you are good boy , please open the tape. Ok, I will open but at one condition, till the entire sweets are not ready you will not insist to have them. You will go out and play like all others and be a good boy. Ok? Ok, now open it. Hey listen, today Robo boy will visit the town tonight to give his greetings to all children, lets go and meet him. Tonight Robo boy will visit to meet the children of the town to wish Diwali. He has distributed the leaflets everywhere. Tonight Robo boy is coming to wish Diwali. Haha!! Only if I allow him then. Timbaktoon!! Timbaktoon what is happening here? Boss today is Diwali , we are making sweets. You made my fighter robots a chef to cook your sweet dishes, stop it. Listen, tonight Robo boy is coming to meet the children. My Fisherman robot will stop him. He will turn Vir’s hapiness into sorrow. Haha!! I am a normal human. Vir the Robot boy is very strong , can you be as strong ? My boss is very strong , can you trap him? Timbaktooon!! Friends happy Diwali. Happy Diwali!! Once again, Happy Diwali!! Yeah!!! I would request you all to avoid nose pollution and have a eco-friendly Diwali. Enjoy have a blast!! Fire in the cracker factory , call the fire brigade!! Help!! lot of people are trapped inside. Robo boy my father is inside, save him, please!! Help me!! Someone save me!! Look. Help me Robo boy, save me!! Wait Fisherman, Vir’s end is in my hands. Bye bye Vir, happy Diwali. Oh sorry, you are not in a position of wishing happy Diwali. Haha!! Anyways happy Diwali Vir. Come on Fisherman!! Where is Robo boy? He is in the factory, he went there to save my father. Vir!!!

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