VideoScribe HD / Tutorial / Review – Inkscape, SVGs, Free Pictures

VideoScribe HD / Tutorial / Review – Inkscape, SVGs, Free Pictures

hello everyone and thanks for stopping
by in this video I’m gonna talk to you about video scribe I’m gonna give you a
really really quick tutorial as well as give you my review the things that I
love about it and the things that they probably could use a little tricky ok
guys I’m so excited to meet this video for you the last video idea dodd video
editing I talked about go enemy how many and user-friendly the platform in the
interface is and the learning curve awesome simple learning curve this video
to talk to you about video described now on the surface it looks like they’re the
same creature right it looks like go animate is very closely video scribe
when in actuality it is not at all true video skype is a completely unique and
different software system now given go enemy does give you the whiteboard
option however I believe videos grab is a much more real but software system
when it comes to be driving feature of the animation itself so if you have seen
those hand drawing pictures in detail video scribe will give you a much more
detailed rendition as far as the artistry is concerned so I want to say
that I believe that is like the biggest difference the platform is different you
know they can listen there are some different things that are available in
video skype that is not similar to go animate however the biggest difference
that I have seen is the fact that via Skype is much more robust when it comes
to the whiteboard portion of the animation I’m gonna go through all of
that in my tutorial and the review but to start out how to get started with
video skype I think they are worth something Sony they are you a seven day
free trial that is totally free to you to test out and try before you decide
whether or not you want to purchase the entire usage license that’s available to
video skype there’s no difference that I can see between the free trial version
versus the full version itself so I love that video Scribe is pretty much
standing on the delete that hey man we’re giving you
guys are awesome software and it speaks for itself give it I’ll see if you like
it and from there you can pay if you watch so with that said let’s take a
look at the pricing the pricing I think it’s pretty reasonable its $16.50 a
month or you can pay for the entire year at 198 they give you a little bit of a
discount if you do that if you prefer not to go for the entire year for that
1650 discount then you can pay by the month its $29 a month or a one-time 665
which I allow now I know if you don’t have a big budget that you’re working
for me going to 665 what but I promise you that is awesome that they’re even
giving you a one off payment a lot of software systems out there now like the Adobe Suite you know they’re
they’re not offer you the ability to purchase it anymore you actually are
moving on to a monthly subscription platform just like go enemy they have a
monthly subscription platform and if you looked into any of the other animation
software and the presentation software that are out there many of them are on a
monthly licensing agreement so I love the fact that go at a daddy videos gripe
is giving you the option to give you a one-off payments are various grab don’t
ever take that away that is so awesome be low this video scroll on down into
the description section you’ll see a link where you can actually get right to
the video scribe platform and subscribe for the seven day free trial and if you
choose to make a purchase and I would so appreciate it if you make a purchase
through that link what that will do it’ll give me credit to apply towards my
monthly use it but I know 16 bucks in a lot to spend every single month but for
those of you follow my channel I’m all about helping you guys find ways to make
your life easier and find ways to save money right I’m a big big big advocate of everybody be a good
steward of our money and to not be wasteful in life so and I encourage you
guys to always work with that mindset if you’re doing something for funds and
cause havoc be fun but if you can save money while you’re doing it even better
anyways so that’s pretty much the sign up process for video scribe once you
sign in to video scribe the you will have a pooper scooper amount of help
these guys are awesome so you can definitely send them an instant
messaging they were answer any questions you have and I really loved those they
have this thing called the videos great community that has so much information
on it so whatever it is you’re working on if you have a question on something
or if you need some ideas this is the place you need to go and don’t be afraid
if this is something new tu and you’re an artist or you just like doing
creative things but it’s kinda nervous kinda nervous about your call not sure
if I can do it they have some great tutorial videos that you can look
through that is so much fun and very informative to help you get going now if
you’re a professional and if your business looking at my video right now
and you’re trying to decide for yourself should I news video scribe for my
marketing videos are for my training videos the answer to that is to you
absolutely should it’s a wonderful program that you can use if you’re
looking for that real best animation feature that is available through videos
grab and if you have a little time for some preparation as far as the learning
curve is concerned there is definitely a little bit of a learning curve
associated to this and it is a little bit of as far as time consuming is
concern to piece everything together I’ll show you guys in just a little bit
so why in the world did you ever use a professional to create a video for you
well big answer to that is time so if you’re a business looking into this and
you’re trying to decide what do you want to do it yourself or do you want to hire
professional the FCI question is totally dependent on whether or not you have a
budget if you have a budget then I say pay the professional his in the long run you’ll totally save on
the time and the headache and the learning curve right if this is not
something that is enjoyable for you you don’t want to learn a new skill
permanent hire that but if you’re like me in my last video on goAnimate I said
that I totally honored when it comes to stuff like this cuz I just love it I
love learning new things I love mastering new skills and I would like to
consider myself an artsy creative kind of personality so I just totally enjoy
doing this so if you have time and you want to learn than yet do it yourself
but if you don’t have time then I would strongly encourage you to hire it out
because by the time you’re done paying someone to do it raises putting the time
in yourself it’s it’s I don’t they know where that but if it’s not something
that you enjoy you might spend more of your time hitting your head against the
keyboard then getting productive work done and I hope that makes sense so
without further ado let’s go ahead and get into video skype once you have
logged into videos grab your screen it’s not going to look like this it’s
actually gonna be these two main buttons that are going to be available to you
this is for you to start a new project in this is for you to go into your
desktop if you will in the cloud so you have the ability to save your scribes
either on your desktop itself or to save your scribes in the cloud and I love the
fact that as of yet they’re not they’re not charging you for that service so i’m
waiting for you guys to save it in both places save it your scribe on your desktop as well as
in the cloud is always good to have a backup plan right so when you start on a
new scribe you just go on in here and click on that button right there and it
will bring you into a brick and new canvas for you to start a brand
new scribe k went here in the system itself is really nice and clean and
totally self explanatory this button obviously is for you to say right and
you can save your scribe as often as possible the system itself does have an
automatic safe for you but it’s not I don’t think it’s very time sensitive so
I’m gonna say better safe than sorry save often case save save save your
software because sometimes I have been kicked out before because of stuff
running on my computer my computer being weird or whatever my laptop being weird
and then I’ll get kicked out midway labig in there is a safety version but
it is not down to the fecond of my last work that makes sense I record you save
and save often this but here it is for you to put an image into your canvas
will go through the details of that just a little bit this but as for you to add
Intex this is where you add in charge bar graphs and all those things they
video skype has wonderful choice down tracks as well as sound effects already
in their library for you to use totally free to you there are that you can use
free of charge as well as gives you the licensing ability to use on a commercial
scale without having to worry about paying for it and you can add in your
voice over as well in an mp3 format I love the fact that you can change the
texture of your scribes that’s really need you can keep it at at the Plano
right to rate the Plano white background of the whiteboard or you can change the
paper if you will now if you don’t like changing the paper and you want
something that is more detailed you can go online and import in a picture and
use that picture as your campus so I’ll give you an example of what that would
look like one of my favorite places to find pictures guys is pics obey and I
love pixel based simply because they give you a lot of free pictures
that are public domain that gives you the ability to change as you like and
you don’t have to worry about infringing on anyone else’s creative rights so love
it love it love it go two picks up a pic so they also gives you the option to
change all of the different sizes or download the different sizes that’s
available to you actually let me just go ahead and take you there here we go pics ok so you can go into
pics ok and search whatever picture you’re looking for and I like the fact
that they give you really professional looking sponsored links so these guys up
here are sponsored links if you click on those they’re getting want you to pay
but down here the most of them are free to you and I really like the fact that
you can sure pick the picture in question and then you can download the
size any size that you would like that’s available to you these are the different sizes that are
available to you go as big as you want to as little as you want to I normally
like to stay in the medium size range for videos grab simply because it’s a
great way for you to keep your file size as small as possible but the pixelation
and the picture quality is nice right at the medium-sized if you go any bigger
than that unless you’re making a couple sex video maybe a minute video you
should be fine but if you’re doing more than a five minute if you put down a lot
of pitchers guys that is going to make your file size ginormous which will in
turn make your rendering time for I threw a rendering I wanted to have a
twenty minute video that took like a day and a half that it was insane so one way
for you to keep your file size down is to just make sure you put down put in
small picture sizes right so you just click on that click on the download make
sure that the licenses domain public domain or free licensing two years and
you’re golden now the thing that I really like about
pixel Bay is this feature right here guys you guys you can sort by by vector graphics ok if you’re not
familiar with love that mean video scribe gives you the ability to import
in JPEG PNG GIF surge if those are all usable in videos great however if you
want that really pretty crisp clean driving up that then you want a vector
graphic file SVG those STDs are broken down into the drawing elements and that
is what gives it a really smooth beautiful rendition when it comes it
comes time for you to send their into an animation process so I hope that makes
sense of my favorite place to find pictures pics obey if you’re looking for
some new ideas I got a great trick for you guys I always go into Google rate
and you search out whatever picture it is that you’re looking for so you can search by image right and
then under here where it says more you actually apologized under search tools
is where you can change and filter it into the new citrate something you might
find it is awaiting you search for the ability to recuse urokinase see that you
are available pitchers go down dramatically so what I’ve actually been
doing instead is not giving it a filter at all searching for the pictures that I like
in thin kind of getting an idea as to what the picture looks like and then I
go back into pics ok and I give the description under the search engine and
find a picture that is similar to what I saw outside of pics obey that I really
like it hopefully finding something similar to it in a free usage license I
hope that makes sense and I hope that was helpful to you guys ok so I’ve
already downloaded all of the files so when I’m headed to use I’m going into
imported now from my desktop so once you have in the import you guys will see
this is how it goes in automatically as is these buttons down here gives you the
ability to zoom in or zoom out so essentially you might
originally think watches zoom in to where I want it and then I’ll step the
camera angle and this but here is where you would set the camera angle but
before we do that dies I would advise you not to do a zooming in and zooming
out I learned the hard way that you do not want to do that when you zoom in and
zoom out can you see how this picture now is that two hundred fourteen percent
zoom in or 230 so every time you zoom in it makes the software itself get
stressed out and it will lag your system you do not want to do that instead a
better way to work through your video skype is to keep your canvas at about
100 percent rate at any given point in time and instead of zooming in what you
want to do instead is to just make the picture bigger that will not stress out
your system as much as if you were to do the zooming in and zooming out my hope
that makes sense so once you’ve got your picture large enough you set it wherever
you want your candidates to be in the new click on this button here where it’s
it will set your camera position so whenever your camera comes in to frame
it will show up exactly as you see on this canvas point this but here is going
to give you the ability to really man whittle down on how you want the
animation to come in and I love that about about videos guy because they give
you the option to really be in control of what it is you’re doing that’s when
using this as an actual canvas itself we don’t want it to come in or out right so
we’re gonna change that animation value to 0 we gonna change the pause 20 and we
gonna change the transition time zero trans the pausing is really what the
camera position is gonna do so let’s say what’s the animation animation you can
say I want it to take five seconds to animate this picture that’s what the
animation is the pausing is saying what I want once the animation is done I want
the camera to pause on this deal picture for two or three seconds whatever your
paws time and then the transition is I want you to
transition from this picture to the next picture a second or two now it may not
it may seem confusing now because you guys don’t see what it is I’m talking
about but when you go into the system and you’re trying to move the transition
point to go along with say a voice-over this right here you guys is in the how
you able to guarantee how professional your presentation is gonna look down to
the point seconds of the transition is that not
cool down here this right here gives you the chance to replace this image let’s
say you put this picture in and you decide you sooo I don’t want a
blackboard I wanna green board or I don’t want the blackboard I want a
picture of cloth canvas so you can just click on this button here it’ll take you
back out to the search menu for you to import in another pitcher this button
allows you to change the filter it’s not relevant to a picture but in a little
bit when we do text you can go in here and change whether or not this the Texas
going to have a shadow how big of the shadow is it gonna have and what the
color of the shower gonna be really neat will go through that no little bit this
here is important in this example so I’m gonna go and use it this is where you’re
going to give it what hand you want the presentation to show in the original we
didn’t go this far but this hand right here is where you’re going to set the
hand for your entire presentation or you can go into the actual element itself
and change they have so I’m just gonna go ahead in this situation I don’t want
him to show up so I’m going to click know him click yes and yes again and get out of
the whole thing and this is what the scene is going to start out with now that we’re ready to add on the next
element which is going to click on the button and we’re gonna go ahead and pick
another element so something need about go about video Scribe is the fact that
you can put in your own picture or they have an entire library of elements that
you can put in so you can type in the key word for the element that in
question that you’re looking for and the system will search the database for you video scribe gives you a lot of of
pictures that you can use totally free to you and they also have pictures that
you can purchase which is nice thought so so you know so if you’re looking for
something even more special than what’s available to you you can see that they
are give you other options and of course you don’t a little stinkers the prettier
pictures cost you money rate which they’ve gotta make a living so i cant
play the one that when we all want to make a living rate for the prettier
light bulb is going to cost you $3.70 if that’s what you want to do if not you
can go back and use one of their free light bulbs so I’m gonna go ahead and
use one of their four you like books and click on that and the lightbulb comes on
now see the label is going to be drawn out in black and that’s not what I want
because it’s a black background right so I’m gonna go into the properties the
elements property in over here where it says full color change that to an
outline and change that outline color to whatever color you want in this example
I’m gonna choose white I’m gonna click Yes I think 3 minutes 3 seconds is
perfectly fine yes and now you have your element there and you can preview it can
see but that’s gonna look like me love it you guys might have noticed you guys
see how its parent out at the end when go ahead and click play again and you’ll
see right here with his room at the N one click that if that’s not what you
want to create for yourself so once you have that done click then you’re now see
that once you’re done with the animation or the whiteboard roaring it is a go
anywhere so I really like that feature that you can control that why would you
want to panned out for you guys have seen white board presentations before
where it looks like there’s a story line that starts from here and then it goes
over here then it goes over there and then by the time the whole story
line with around and it’s done you wanna show the big picture that’s what you
wanna do something you might notice also about this campus because it is just one
picture if you want to use it as a canvas again so let’s say for example
I’m gonna pan out into the next scene right you need to pass on to the next
scene so you can go either go down if that’s how you want your scribes you
look you can have it go down or you can have it go across or you can have it
moving up for you however you wanna do that you want to decide ahead of time
right so you could you don’t want to look for Frederick there should be a lot
of fun to use creative license seeing in your scribes but when advice I could
give you on this is make sure that you give yourself a direction at the
direction is a great way to keep your audience engaged there is something
about the human brain we really do have a small attention span that’s why I
wanted these these videos are just so wonderful for presentations in education
however our brain also likes order though I’ll great way that you can give
your audience order is to decide ahead of time how you want your elements to be
banned from scene to scene so you guys might notice that this element the next
scene that we’re gonna go to is going to have a dark it’s not gonna have that
dark background rights gonna have that white background the next thing I want
to show you is just what to do when you want to just use the plane over white
background and adding in item that is more detailed didn’t this label break so
I picked a really neat picture online then I found that originally was
actually a JPEG that I turned into an SVG now why what does that mean what
does that even mean so I’m gonna go ahead and pick my element this is the
element that I found and I was able to change this jpg into an SVG file now
giese jpegs and STDs are completely different right we talked about that we
talked about how the jpegs of the PNG these are really just one picture as opposed to a four broken down aspect of that picture that CDs so I’ll
give you an example of what it’s going to look like the difference between an
SVG and a JPEG this is the JPEG here and you can probably already see the
difference between the two with AJ with a JPEG what’s going to
happen is when you put it in its not going to render in its tiny little
elements is actually going to show itself just like that it’s gonna show it
like a sweeping effect as opposed to the broken-down aspects of being drawn down
yes he does that different feature now you can actually put in a jpg into video
scribing what video describes gonna do is there gonna try to break your picture
down for you if you want them to however you’ll notice that would we do that give
you an example it’s turned let’s put in that jpg again I’m gonna put it in from
scratch from my desktop this added image Window menu is awesome because it gives
you the ability to go search online directly if you want to you or you can
go into the SVG studio there sweetie studio is video describes a version of
the prepaid option of all the pictures they have in he collection of different
artists is that are available to you so you want to check that out if you want
something that doesn’t look like this but you still wanna cartoon with a
completely different feel to it you should go to that as we do studio and
you can find all of the different kinds of pictures that are available to you
it’s really need or you can go online and search of yourself and download I
personally like to go search first save it onto my computer and then imported
off of my desktop and the reasoning behind that is it doesn’t stress the
system because you don’t want your software to take for a ever to find what it is you’re looking
for because it may seem like no big deal however this is such a robust system and
it is totally doing a lot of work and you don’t want it to be bogged down so
on my desktop you can see I have an SEC version this clock picture and I have a
jpeg version now when i download or import in the desktop the jpeg version
what video skype is going into is doing this downloading process for this important
process it’s gonna try to figure out what features it and it’s gonna give you
different options on how to imported into the software itself so you see how
here videos tribe try to break it down for you so you can choose these
breakdowns but the breakdowns are not that great so depending on the breakdown
that you put into the system it’s gonna look ok but the hand is gonna come out
and try it just like this it’s not gonna be as detailed as you would like so I’m
gonna go ahead pick this one here and give you guys an example of what it’s
going to look like you see that so when you hit play to see what it’s going to
look like it’s gonna come out looking like that and that is not pretty so how
can you get the look of this element here how can you get it to look so
creamy and clean and crisp like that without having to pay an arm and a leg
for it right how do you do that will first and
foremost you gotta find a picture that is public domain picture that allows you to change it and
to use it free of charge right and then from there you need a converted into an
SVG file how in the world do you that if you’re not familiar and you don’t have
the Adobe suite and you want something that’s free right I’m all about giving
you guys options to save money and do things for free though a great software
that you can look up it’s called Inc Cape it’s a totally free platform that
you can use this Google Inc gate and then there are some YouTube videos
online that will show you how to do a picture tracing or a bitmap tracing of
the picture itself you save the trace portion of the picture that you import
into Inkscape as an SVG file and you end up with a wonderful rendition
opportunity so I love that I hope that makes sense and if you guys are
interested in me putting together a video as to how I turned this clock from
a jpg into an SVG just go ahead and scroll down to the comments section
below and put in the comments that that is something that is of interest to you
that you’d like to see media and I’ll be happy to do that for you otherwise just
go ahead and search YouTube for how to turn how to use Inkscape to turn a picture a
JPG or PNG into an SVG so I hope that makes sense that’s where you can put in
a picture in that awesome there’s different lots of different pictures
that you can choose when I’m gonna do now as I’m just gonna go ahead and click
on the elements that I don’t want and just take them out so you can
double-click on it if you’re on a Mac and delete it from there or you can use
this little these buttons down there to take it out so you guys might notice I
have not given an amp camera angle so every time I double click on it just
takes me to the middle what I’m gonna do now as I’m gonna move this over here
because that’s where I want it to appear on my screen and I’m gonna go ahead and
give it a camera angle and that’s where it’s going to be I’m also going to
change the element from thirty seconds of the animation down to say ten just
for to make this video little bit shorter for you guys are you can see the
end product the hand all I forgot to mention to you
guys the hand is really neat I love the fact that you can actually changed hands
so you can change it male or female to national different
nationalities 28 is as well so you can have a young again here or you can also
change the pin the elements of the pins if you want the Pinner crayon or brush
scripter or however it is the the options are just that we let you
guys look through that on your own and if you don’t want to hand you can use it
or you could use a good is this this is a sewing machine you can also use just
the pins by themselves if you prefer as well so at this point what you can do if
you want to add in text this but it gives you the ability to added tech I
love the fact that video scribe does give you a lot of flexibility on this
aspect in and of itself there are other software systems that do not give you
the ability to upload your own font and I love that video scribing will let you
do that so this button here will allow you the ability to go in and import in
your own font that you can find on either Google fonts are any funds that
you created yourself if you’re super crate creative person I create their own
find you can actually put your own find in there how he does that you can change
the color of the fun today I’m going to you go ahead and use the funds that are
already have in the system and put in my text at this point how you can give this text
some job shadowing this is option they’re just click on that button and it
will give you the ability to add on a drop shadow onto your text and you can
change the color as well if you’d like showing up very well so you can
manipulate this and change the angle make it bigger make it smaller or you
can even add on a glow effect simulate you guys play you can play around in
this and completely change the system as much or as little as you would like at this point if you’re wanting to set
the camera angle for multiple elements you can totally to that likely selecting
all the elements that you want to have him play click the Set camera angle and
you are going to get ready to rock and roll there then go ahead and take these
guys out since we don’t need it anymore for the example ok so let’s take a look
this big play button here will play the entire thing in full screen for you or
you can click this play button down here and it displays in this screen levels on
a click this up here so you can see what that looks like creating me now let’s say you don’t want
the hand there we can go in and remove the hand right so something else I’ve
noticed that’s been really helpful to me is if you’re starting a project and you
know that within that project that the majority of the project is something you
want that does not have that camera the the hand at play you can click on this
button here and this is the one that gives the universal settings for the
entire project as opposed to just the element at this point let’s add on some
sound effects shall we you can add on sound effects
specifically to each element or you can put in the music for the entire project
you change the volume down here and you can turn this music onto a loop for it
to play for the entire thing as well if you would prefer need right it’s a lot
of fun the opportunities are endless you can do so much and I know many of you
guys out there so creative and I think that’s probably when one of the reasons
why these platforms are just so popular right now accused everyday normal people
the ability to news and flex their creative muscle to have a lot of fun
with it you’ll notice here is a button for you to also add in a voiceover even
you can record your voice over directly from the good the video scribe platform
or you can upload it mp3 file from your desktop or from a cloud-based source so
it’s really neat there’s just so many things that you can do for this product now we talked about how you can open up
video scribe I talk to you little bit about the voiceover we talked about
music and sound effect I talk to you about how to import in pictures and what
the differences are and what they described to you for a JPG PNG versus a
gift and I don’t even talk to you guys about the gifts but when you import in
your picture here you can browse through all of the different gifts are gifts that video skype has available for you
and those are just moving art let’s say concerned you can give it an option to
play continuously for the entire scene or you can give it a time rate so this example we don’t have it
play continuously and now here’s an example of how you could change the
vantage point even though carpe diem was part of the original bigger seen we can
make it and turn it into part of the smaller scenes at this point you will
leave your carpe diem camera setting alone and just change this the wheels
camera city here so now we’ll go ahead and play it from here so you can see the
transition many lovelovelove ok so whenever you guys are done we’ve talked
about the font how to put in your fine we talked about saving so let’s go ahead
and talk about saving on either the desktop or the clouds so we’re getting
click this button and if you click here then you’re gonna be saving your scribe
into your desktop if you click this button here you’re going to be exporting
and saving it into the sparkle cloud and sparkle is the company that created
video skype or you can click here to take a snapshot of a PDF document for
this this crap that you’re creating so I’m going to just save it into my
desktop for now since this is just an example video so there’s the saving let’s talk about
exporting this but here is where you’re going to be able to render or export
your wonderful scribe you can export it into a video file that you save I would
encourage you to do that however if you prefer if you’re doing something fun
it’s a big deal to you want to send it right to your to YouTube channel you can
totally do that you can send it to rate your face but while you do that as well
look at how many can actually turn this into a PowerPoint presentation so the
opportunities for you to be creative really is unlimited in this software
system Sony in this example I’m gonna show you what it’s gonna look like when
you actually click the Save as a movie you can change the format from a
QuickTime movie screen FLV or an image sequence in PNG or JPG format or you
consented even as a window WMV how cool is that I normally like that QuickTime
movie under the QuickTime movie look at the site saying how awesome you can make
the size as small or as large as you need it to be all the way up to the 1084
HDD and I love love love love the fact that you can change the frame rate on
your rendering so very very neat system k whenever you’re ready to rock and roll
use click that button right there and you’ll start to render your file for you
and and it will send it to wherever you designate that file should go to I loved
it since this is an example we’re not gonna do that so crisis is premature
videos guy tutorial in a nutshell it’s really very simple thing that’s time
consuming about it is the different elements right finding your pieces of
the pitchers putting the pieces of the pictures together moving from screen to
screen there’s some elements of it that is just really need I understand why
they have the platform the way it is I believe because of the controllability of it I surely believe
that video skype is a role but this time there is available for professionals who
are seriously putting together a big whiteboard detailed presentation so I
love the fact that it is very very detail it gives you a lot of control
however it is slow so wouldn’t you are working we’re we’re only working on a
couple second presentation here but when you get into the hourlong presentation
it will log bog down your system if you’re not working with a super powerful
computer so I strongly encourage you to make sure that you do not use lots of
big pictures and also the rendering aspect of it once you get into the
process that aspect of rendering out a video that is an hour on her
presentation that’s an hour long it could take a little time so that’s what
I meant when I save your business and you’re looking for a way to put together
a scribe for your company depending on what it is that you’re doing if you do a
couple seconds you possibly could have a fun learning curve but if you’re doing
our half an hour long training video this is probably an opportunity where
you probably should go ahead and hire out some help but I just love the fact
that it is really need it it’s a beautiful beautiful system that you can
work out and I love the fact that everything is still very detailed for
you so neat neat software system so we went through it all guys hopefully this
was absolutely helpful to you please to make sure you hit the like and share
button if it was if you have any questions or requests for me on this
software system or any other software animation system please put it into your
the comments below and if you have questions on how to find pictures and
save pictures and manipulate pictures let me know in the comments below and
I’ll be happy to help you out if I am able to if not I will point you in the
right direction I promise and guys don’t be afraid of being able to do this this
is something that you can totally do it super simple it’s fun to learn earn and it just takes a little time to
go through learning curve so I hope this was helpful for it to you and don’t be
afraid to try anything new you can totally do it pay for faith you could do

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