Video Creation Software – Top 10 Free Tools

Video Creation Software – Top 10 Free Tools

Hi this video is about Video Creation Software…The
Top 10 Free Tools So you want to create a video but you don’t
know where to start. These days you don’t have to be on camera
or buy expensive software to create a video. You can simply shoot a video with your camera
like I’m doing now and edit it on your computer with free software.
Stay tuned for the top free video creation tools
Herman Drost Let’s take a look at 10 free video creation
tools On camera
After you’ve shot your movie using a smartphone or digital camera download it to your computer.
1. Windows Movie Maker This free software comes with your PC and
can be used for basic editing. You have to ability to import video clips,
edit them and make transitions. 2. IMovie
This is free software that is included with all MAC computers. It can do many things that
a professional video editor can do. For example you can edit video clips, make transitions,
add text etc. iMovie also has an free app that you can use
on your iPhone. This means you can edit your videos on the fly. I find this very useful
when I want to edit a video while I’m out and about.
Off camera You don’t have to be on camera to create
a professional looking video. For example you can demonstrate a product or create a
video tutorial using screen recording software. 3. Screencast-o-matic
This is screen recording software that you don’t even have to download to your computer.
You can just sign up for an account and then start recording your computer screen. If you
want more advanced features such as creating longer videos then you can upgrade for $15
a year. 4. Camstudio
This is screen recording software that you can download to your computer for free.
5. Ezvid This an easy screen recorder and editor that
is a free download. 6. QuickTime Player
For a quick, cost-free solution, Apple’s QuickTime application is great for screen
recordings from your Apple computer. After launching the application, just select File-New
Screen Recording. When the recording window appears, just select the drop-down to choose
your microphone. You can also record video beyond the desktop
by using Mac’s iSight camera or an external video camera. Just choose File-New Movie Recording.
7. WeVideo This is a cloud-based video creation platform.
The free version gives you 1GB of storage and 5 min/month of recording time. If you
want to create unlimited videos and have unlimited publish time you can upgrade for $59/year.
8. Shot Cut This is a free open source, cross-platform
video editor that can be used with Windows, Mac or Linux
The beauty of this video creation software is that it contains many of the features of
a professional video editor. For example you have webcam and audio capture capabilities
plus the ability to add video effects. Animation Software
9. Stupeflix This is free animation software where you
can make videos up to 20 minutes long. If you want to create unlimited videos you can
upgrade to the Pro version for only $29/month. 10. Biteable
They advertise this as the simplest world’s video maker where you can make animation videos
completely for free. The premium version allows you to make unlimited videos without the biteable
watermark for only $99 per year. That’s it!
If you’re a beginner video marketer or don’t want to spend a lot of money on video creation
tools, then I suggest you select one of these tools then try to perfect it. If you want
to create more video effects so you have more flexibility in the creation of your videos
then I suggest you purchase professional video editing software. Two great choices are Screenflow
for the MAC and Camtasia for PCs. Click this image to download my video upload
checklist. You’ll learn the 10 things that you need to do before going “live” with
your video on YouTube. Click this image to download it now or click the link in the description
below this video. Thanks for watching.

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  1. This is like THE most consistently relevant and helpful channel I've viewed on an almost daily basis. Subscribed.

  2. A good list, some of which I've never heard of before (I didn't think that was possible!).

    Just to add to that: Ashampoo Snap 2017 is a screen recorder and is currently free on a promo giveaway (search for it by name and 'sharewareonsale' for the link). Free video editors like ShotCut and OpenShot might need certain high-spec videocards. Likewise HitFilm Express also seemed to be too demanding for my system. Of course, they're pretty good if someone has the right PC. If just a standard PC, try the free VSDC video editor (a bit of a learning curve but easy after a few hours and very powerful). Some of the most successful creators and videos used only very basic tools or just YT's own editor. Take a look at I Hate Everything – he started off using YT's editor and the rest is history! OK, these days he uses an expensive editor that I won't even mention, but his success was assured long before that.
    Text edited to add: Ashampoo Snap 8 seems to be free at – I am guessing that it might have more features than Snap 2017. Usually sells at US$23 approx. Seems to be free if you Google it at for that .de site and can translate the German 🙂

  3. I have added this video to my Facebook page that I have created for a resource for making courses. Thanks for some great ideas!!!

  4. Excellent work!! Some tools I have never heard in my life! you know, I was looking for about a free tool to create training videos, a good one, with this list I am not sure which of them would be the most appropriated if there is any, could you give some guidance, I will appreciate a lot, thanks in advance!

  5. Very informative. It wasn't clear from your video, but can I use any of these tools to compile a video clip from thousands of sequential images at 30 frames per second? Thanks.

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