Video Animation Effects 🎥 (Quick and Free) for Any Editing Software

Video Animation Effects 🎥 (Quick and Free) for Any Editing Software

– Hello! In this video
we are going to show you how to add some cool
animations and effects to your videos for free. – Some of them are quite realistic, too. Like this squirt gun effect. (squirt gun spraying) – Sorry Lester. – Oh that was real. (bell) – Hello guys! One of the
questions that we always get asked is how do we
do those fun animations that we have in all of of our videos, like Pete’s fireball hands
or the blood splatter or whatever this is meant to be. (space woosh) – The truth is, we have a video editor. Say hello Christina. She uses Final Cut Pro, which
is a professional editing tool for video and it has lots
of cool effects and video animations built in. But if you are just getting started and you are using something
like iMovie or HitFilm, then how do you actually go
about adding these cool effects? – Because, remember, these
animations and effects are super important for keeping
up retention, which we talked about in the infamous
Mankini video over there. – Treat yourself to that one. – And when it comes to
DIYing them, to be honest, we just didn’t have an
answer for you, did we? We didn’t have an answer for you. – It’s so wrong.
– We are going to be honest. Hands up. We did not know how to do this, but we got asked so much,
like a lot, we thought we need to do some digging
and we came across this awesome website called And there’s loads and loads
of cool stuff on this website for your video projects,
but one thing it has is video special effects that
you can actually download and add to your videos. Things like explosions and blood splatters and arrows pointing and cool stuff. Even really specific,
YouTube call to action animations, too. Super fast demo. Let’s jump
in and show you how it works. – [Andrew] So this is If you hover over the menu there are lots of different visual effects and other cool stuff here. For example, if you want to click on explosions, and then
what you fancying Pete? This one? It looks very hot. Now all the ones that are aren’t starred are free to download
once you have an account. And you can rollover to
preview what these are like. When you want to download
them, you just hit that download button. You can also search for
things, for example, let’s go for blood. There is a lot of blood to pick. – [Pete] Oh yes! – Some of these are for free,
but for just $69.99 a year you can get access to
absolutely everything. And you can even download
up to 50 items a day. Now that’s a lot of blood splatters. – All my dreams have come true. – Once you have downloaded
these, these are basically just video files with a
transparent background that you can lay over your actual video files in your editing software. – [Andrew] For example, in
iMovie you can just drag your visual effect onto your video and just place it where you want it. Like this. And if you want to move
these effects around, rather than being full-screen, if you
put it in picture-in-picture, if you put it over here and now the missile will be over there. Go check it out or put the
link in the description below and let us know if you found
any video animation effect websites that we don’t know about. – Also, please subscribe to this channel while you are down there
to get more of our faces in your faces every single week. – He’s been Andrew. – He’s been Pete. And if you
don’t want to use this tool, you are just going to have to
stick to the realistic ones. Aren’t you? See you next time. He is so mad at me now. Pete, are you okay? (upbeat music)

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  1. Oh brilliant! I was about to do some research on this myself. You've just saved me many hours Andrew and Pete. Thank you 😍

  2. Love it, thanks for the tips guys!! I'm always so encouraged by you to stretch myself in my own videos. I'm still so "talking head" boring I think.

  3. What are the chances this landed in my inbox just as I was about to start searching for something. Pete if you are going to dish it out you've got to be able to take it.

  4. Great hearing from you guys on the Motion Hatch podcast. Looking forward to watching all you have to share with us.

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