Tomato & Burger Drop at Retail Row (Original Fortnite Animation)

Tomato & Burger Drop at Retail Row (Original Fortnite Animation)

– Let’s land here at Retail Row. – Yeah, we’ve already landed,
no point in saying that. – I’m just glad us two best
friend are hanging out. – We did random duos. Why oh why did I do random duos? – This looks like a sketchy neighborhood. Good thing we’ve got each other. – Relax, let’s just start looting. (crashes) – We’re much safer up here. – Okay, let’s just search for some guns. (crash) – Hey Tomato, do you hear something? – Only the winds of regret. (smash) – Oh boy, a chest. Shield potions. Drink up. – No, no, no, drink the
small ones, damn it. – There’s also wood and
bricks to build a fort with. – Ah damn it, you, why did you do that? – Tomato? – What are you doing? – Tomato, where’d you go? – I’m right, I’m right here. – Where are you? – Okay, just. (upbeat music) – Hey Tomato, Check it out, canoes. I’ve never been in a canoe before. – Okay, well maybe we can
go to Loot Lake sometime. – I did it. (crash) It’s a great as I’d imagined. (laughs) Hey Tomato, how cute is this? (chuckle) – Wow, that actually is kinda cute. (screaming in pain) – Oh boy, what are you gonna order Tomato? Hm, I wonder where our waiter is? (rustling) Wow, a dartboard. – Okay, I think I’ve seen enough. – [Burger] Heads up (upbeat music) Wee hehehe – Hm, you know, I really could
go for some fish for lunch. (loud sigh) – Wait, I’ve got an idea, we’ll go fishing, just like
you said, at Loot Lake. We’ll use these fish as bait. – Look, we don’t need to have fish. We can just get something from those trucks with our faces on them. – C’mon. – Where’d you get that? (Groans) (knocking) – Wow, what a gorgeous day huh pal? – You’re kidding, right? There’s a storm coming
for us right this second. – All right, I got all
the bait in this cooler. (water moving) (splashes) (beeps) I can’t do anything right! Gah! Ah! – Oh dude, it’s cool. Don’t beat your meat, man. We’ll just paddle back to
shore and get something. We’ve passed a few empty Long
John Silvers on the way here. (sobs) – No, we can’t go back. There’s a bunch of duos waiting
for us to reach the shore. I saw them building
forts and aiming at us. – What? – Yeah. We’re totally screwed. – Are you serious? You’ve got to be kidding me! You’ve killed us both! I can’t believe I agreed
to come out here to fish. Gah! – Don’t worry tomato, I’ll revive you! I just need to build a wall to shield us. Whoops. Okay, hold on. Hmm. (gunshots) – Hurry, man! – Okay, I’m going to hop
off the boat and swim around to your side. – Ahhh! – Wait! Here we go! (splash) Oh, okay. I’ll see you in the lobby. (upbeat music)

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  1. comparison of the squad and this
    animation: squad:ehh the same but in a south park ish feel d&t hd and smooth
    comedy: PERFECTION 4 BOTH
    how much more i want: squad infinite D&b Infinte

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