Things You Didn’t Know About Ragdolls! – Simon’s Cat | BREEDS

Things You Didn’t Know About Ragdolls! – Simon’s Cat | BREEDS

Hello, I’m Simon and welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic. Today, we’re going to be finding out about
one of my favourite cat breeds – the big fluffy Ragdoll. Well these cats are called Ragdolls, because
when you pick them up they go all limp and floppy just like a real Ragdoll. Another trait of Ragdolls is that they follow
you around the house, a bit like a little dog. And so they’ve earned the name puppy cats. [Ragdoll Factfile] Well Ragdolls are big cats, I mean they are, really BIG cats. Some of them get three times the size of a regular cat. And another lovely thing about them is they
have intense blue eyes. When they’re born, as little tiny fluffy kittens,
they’re completely white. And they get their lovely markings as they
grow. And they don’t actually reach maturity until
3 years. Another thing that Ragdolls are famous for
is their lovely soft fur, which many people say is kind of like a rabbits fur. Really, really soft to touch! Ragdolls also come in a whole variety of different
colours. [Ragdoll Care] Even though these cats have got fur that’s
described as ‘non-matting’ the hair can still get quite long. Especially under those big fluffy pantaloons. So regular grooming is advised. And if they’re not groomed enough, of course,
this can lead to fur balls. Well Ragdolls are seen as being indoor cats
really, they’re very friendly and trusting cats. They haven’t really got a natural sense of
suspicion. Which could lead to them being quite vulnerable when they go outside on their
own. Because Ragdolls get to be such big cats you
have to make sure you get the litter tray the right size for them. Otherwise..this can lead to a few problems. [Simon Draws: A Ragdoll] Okay, so let’s draw the big fluffy Ragdoll. Can’t forget the big beautiful blue eyes. There you are, there’s my big fluffy fat Ragdoll. Now it’s time to have a look at some of yours! And there they all are. Thanks for watching!

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76 Replies to “Things You Didn’t Know About Ragdolls! – Simon’s Cat | BREEDS”

  1. I always find it odd to look at the normal white, gray, and black with blue eyes because mine is yellow, orange, and has yellow-ish eyes.

  2. If its fur length "gets out of hand" and they end up looking like a large scruffy puffball, give it a "lion cut". It is amazing!

  3. I would love one of these… I have a 1/4 Maine coon cross, I think the other 3/4 of her generis is squirrel lol but j would love a Rag Doll xxx

  4. I have a tortie rag doll. (I looked it up several years ago; they are rare) She fits the description perfectly. She lays on us immediately as we sit or lay down. She does need daily grooming and she does get hair balls. I just love her purring!!😻😻

  5. We own a ragdoll (and ohmigod, those beautiful blue eyes), but I never knew why they were called that. He looks constantly grumpy for some reason, but is the biggest sweetheart.

  6. I have a Blue Colour point Ragdoll and a Tabby RagaMuffin. They are both exactly as described. They have such gentle natures but both enjoy a rough and tumble with each other. They sleep together and groom each other. Since I have had Raggies, I have never ever been able to use the bathroom on my own or call my bed my own. They enjoy me throwing balls for them and both are able to retrieve. My only warning is to be aware of head bumps, as the size of my larger Raggy. 7.6k, makes a head bump feel like a Glaswegian Kiss.

  7. I'm almost certain my cat is part ragdoll bc she has the exact personality of a typical ragdoll, and the soft fur that rarely gets tangles, but she's really small and her coat is tortoiseshell

  8. Oooh so that's why he's been following me everywhere and crying everytime he couldn't go with me to a room, noice. Thanks youtube (outdated) recommendations and of course, Simon!

  9. In my neighbourhood there's a female Ragdoll.
    I can tell she's pretty big for a female cat😅😅
    She is white and has grey-brown stripes, and her eyes are just so beautiful 😍😍😘😘
    She's really friendly for a street cat so I can confirm that they haven't got a sense of suspicion.

  10. I have a two year old Ragdoll named George Frederick. He appeared on my porch two summers past, as a kitten. He was white with the typical Siamese black markings and beautiful blue eyes. In these two years George has turned almost a solid blackish-brown, or if you would have it a brownish-black! Except for his head, neck and the inside of his forearms. That is all a mix of tawny white and black. His tail is not fluffy, but that of a typical Siamese. He has gotten somewhat portly. He is so beautiful and he is so very Ragdoll-ish! George is my shadow, even in the bathroom. He gets along famously with my orange-ginger cat, Barnabas Patrick. I love them both so very much. And I love to see Simon's Cats!

  11. They don't always have blue eyes… mine has green and has more the look of a main coon with his stripes, but he's radoll in personality through and through so there's no doubt what he is… total limp noodle when picked up. lol

  12. Do u think it's responsible to talk about 'favourite breeds' when all rescues and sancturies are beyond capacity because of unwanted cats? I think we should be discouraging breeders especially for financial gain, animals are not objects to be bought and sold. Also there is so little knowledge about the conditions at puppy farms, for example, where most pet shops obtain their animals from. You have a position of power, please use it more wisely. Thank you x

  13. I agree with you, Simon. I love Ragdoll's the best as well as Russian cats. But with that said I won't trade in our cats, Mickey and Lily.

  14. 1:42 My nephew left the front door open. My pointed Ragdoll got out and never came home. We know someone took her. Giant, fluffy, cuddly cat with big blue eyes?…yep…

  15. Breed? My cat guests are "black" and "as pictured". Two just got in the house, the other was found wandering lost in the streets.
    I wouldn't say no to a Ragdoll, though… Just need a bigger house.

  16. Im sure I used to watch your show 30 years ago.. but you're too young..

    simons cat.. what has happened.. mandela has taken me back in time, to a place where everything is now, but then?

    snorch save me…

  17. Ah Ha~ So THAT'S WHO SIMON (In HUMAN Form) IS… He's Cute! Quite The Catch, Really… Gainfully Employed AND LOVES CATS~ What More Could Anyone Ask For!? UNLESS He's already Attached to Someone.😣😢😦😤😕😆

  18. Once there was a cat that had neurological damage and it got random limpy strokes. Humans though it was the best thing ever and started to cultivate this phenomenon = ragdolls.

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