The Squad **Fortnite Animation** Compilation #3 | Battle Royale Compilation

The Squad **Fortnite Animation** Compilation #3 | Battle Royale Compilation

– [Narrator] In the battle
royale, no one ever really dies. They are simply eliminated. Well, except for this guy. We’re not even going to take
off his helmet to show you, but his face really got messed up after being run over by that ATK. Like closed-casket funeral and. Oh my god! No! Oh, that’s so disgusting! Anyways, there’s always
been a special beauty about new beginnings. And that’s precisely what this is. (man screams) – You’re really gonna start the royale with an ax in my face? – Don’t worry Tanner, have a strawberry! – What, who are you? – Well, I’m glad you asked! I’m a dragon from our
sponsor: Dragon City. – What the. – Dragon City is a cool,
free to play mobile game available on iOS and Android. Check out the link below! You can collect hundreds
of different dragons. So far I’ve been playing
and gotten over 300. And there’s tons more! You can also breed
different species of dragons to get completely new ones! Like this pure terror and
this pure flame dragon! Dragons create gold which helps you buy food and
makes your dragon stronger! My favorite food is humans! Feed your dragons to level them up! I leveled up my heavy-armored dragon. I’m gonna need him for battle. I’ve also trained him to
improve his attacking skills. There’s different PvP modes where you can fight in leagues and arenas
with your strongest dragons. My heavy armored dragon
is strong enough to win! You can also use Facebook connect and find all your friends
to fight against them. There are awesome new events every week! Like this puzzle island! Where I’ve unlocked
more than 250K of gold! There’s also a lot of food
you can unlock: 31K of food! Dragon City also has an auto-battle mode! This saves you time because
you can start a battle, and have their dragons fight on their own. I’ve also sent some
dragons on quest to unlock new buildings and give me
bonuses throughout the game. Download Dragon City today! The link is in our description below! Back to you, Tanner! (birds chirping) (grand orchestra music playing) – Thank you!
– You’re welcome. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. (speaking gibberish)
– You’re welcome. – Alright guys, here we go. Squad season three back
and ready for action! (chicken clucking) (Tanner screaming) – Wait, didn’t we have
a fourth squad member. – [Omega] Hey guys, uh, yeah,
sorry I didn’t drop with you. I’m at Tilted, but I really think I’m
gonna find some good gun. (gunshot) Oh my god, my face! They shot my (beep)-ing mouth off! Oh my god, my jaw! My jaw is literally hanging off my face! Oh my god, I’m in so much pain! Please guys. (gunshot)
(Omega screams) (gunshot)
– Oh my god, my kneecaps! Jesus. Oh my god, no! Is that, is that a chainsaw? That’s not even in the game! Oh, no, no, no, no, no! – Welp, looks like
we’re a three-man squad. – Excuse me? – Sorry, two-man, one-woman squad. (speaks gibberish) – Okay, sorry. A one-man, one-woman,
one-fish monster squad. Heads up, squad looting that motel. (fast footsteps)
(door opening) (chest opening) – Here, Calamity, you take this shotgun. – Alright! (gunshot)
– Oh god! Sorry Fishstick, just
hold on to his, for now. (gibberish) (sad music) – All right guys, we’re looted up. Let’s move south and get some mats. – I want a kill! Let’s find some defaults
and make them bleed! – Whoa! Chill Merry. That’s dark dude, real dark. – All right, on my mark
we’re gonna ambush them. 1. 2. (gibberish) (rock music) – Oh!
– Uh! (gunshots) (gunshot)
– Ah! (gunshots)
– Ugh! (electronic music) – You know, it’s really
hard for me to gather my thoughts with this music blasting. Argh! – All right fish boy. Time to meet the deep
fryer mother-(beep)-er! – Argh. (screaming) (man swallows) – Roach, you saved us! – Of course. You know we go back to
playgrounds my dude! – Ah you guys knew each other as kids? – No, I mean playground mode. We used to play it all the time! – All I know is this is gonna be the best battle royale yet! Isn’t that right fish face? (smooching)
– Argh! (trap activating) – Woo hoo! See ya trees! – I love murdering nature! (shotgun shooting) – Hey guys, check out what I found. – Oh boy! Bottle rockets! (rocket firing) (gibberish) (laughing) – Protect me my snowman minions! – Careful making Fishstick
angry like that Roach. He’s got r-word strength. – R-word? What’s the r-word? – Ridiculous, he’s got
ridiculous strength. – Whatever, let’s just head north. I’ve got a feeling the storm
is gonna lead us that way. – Ha, women. Always basing their actions off of feelings am I right fish boy? – On the contradict
Tanner, I believe that was an improper statement based
upon a sexist stereotype. I mean, (gibberish). (walking) – Huh, you know, I don’t
remember this area being here. – Relax. It’s Stinky Swamp! And if I remember
correctly, there should be a chest right behind this
sports utility vehicle. (robot beeping) Whoa, oh god, oh my god! (robot breaking) Ha, that’s right! If we punch things they turn into guns! (man punching)
– Argh dammit! Wait a second, these don’t
look like Fortnite guns. – Agreed. No nine year old should
be playing with these! (piano music)
(walking) – Hmm footsteps. Two appear to be default. One is a size six shoe, small penis. One looks to be wearing cowboy boots. And the other is some web-toed freak. – There’s a thin line
between life, and death. And our enemies will
cross that line from life, into death. (robot stomping) – Okay friends, let’s go a killing. High five. – Agh. (robot grappling) (walking) – Oops, sorry. I was on auto run. – Let’s go inside this house. I don’t remember a fiery ring
ever burning our asses before. (walking) – We literally just watched
them go in there idiot. – Relax friends. Can’t we all just get along and brutally murder our adversaries? (drumming) (gunshots)
– Oh sh-(beep). (grapple) (groan) – Roach, quick build some walls. (electronic music) – Are those Tetris blocks? – Yeah. Its like they’re just butting
themselves into a space where they don’t even belong. – Enemies are aiming at. (gunshot) – All right, one down. Wait, where’d the rest of them go? Damn they’re fast. (walking) – Oh no! I forgot to hit the grab button! – Welp, he’s definitely dead now. – I found a respawn beacon. We can bring Fishstick back. – Awe but it’s all the way over there! (walking) – Hmm, should I pick up this helmet? – Oh my god yes. That would look great on you! (gunshots) – What the, what the hell was that? – It’s a knockdown shield, idiot. Good luck killing me now! – Welp, I think that
goes to show who really wins when it comes to this
battle royale game huh. – [Narrator] Airstrike
commencing in 3 seconds. (electronic music) – Oh my god! (walking) Hey, you guys ever notice
how every episode just starts with us running and finding something? – Hold that thought Tanner. I think I found something. – [Cowgirl] A cannon! – Well, get in big guy! What? Who put fishstick in
charge of the matches? (boom)
– Woo hoo! (rock music) (boom)
(screaming) – This is it guys. The treasure we’ve been
searching for all these years. – Oops, ouch, agh. Sorry. – Hey wow check it out skins! – Look at all this treasure! We just became the richest
people in the world! (gibberish) – Good idea Fishstick let’s keep moving. – Wow, this place is gorgeous. – Stop right there! – We mean no harm. We only dropped on this island
to kill everybody else on it. – Ha! Well today is not your day buddy. I’m going to execute each one of you with a different infantry. Oh my god! What is that? You guys must be kings! Gods! – Yeah that’s right. We’re gods! Now GTFO before I smite
thee pathetic human. – My apologies my lords. I will see to it that the
entire village of Sunny Steps, worships your holy, god like royalty. – Sunny Steps huh. – Yes. It is where myself and
the other hybrids live. We’ve been exiled here
because we’re dragon freaks. – Exiled? But it’s gorgeous here! – Yes, but there is a very dangerous volcano just behind you. I heard a loud noise earlier
and I thought perhaps, it had erupted. – Ohhhh. Ha, no. That was just me being
shot out of a cannon. – Well sorry. I’ve been a little on edge ever since all of our planes disappeared. – Ah this is the life! – Agreed this is great! We got all the money in
the world, we’re worshiped by every citizen, even big
YouTubers are reacting to us! – Hey Tanner! Looking good. – Hey Kwebbelkop! – I don’t care if we’re
near a deadly volcano. Nothing beats Lazy Lagoon. Loot Lake is nice but well,
there’s a lot of seaweed there. – I hate seaweed at loot lake.
– Oh yeah the seaweed there is terrible. – My lords, Our village is
holding a sacrificial ceremony in your honor tonight. – What are you sacrificing? – Woodsy. We’re going to drop him into the volcano. Isn’t that right? Yes we are! Yes we are! You little cute little puppy you. – Ah what the hell is
wrong with these people? – You guys, we’ve got to save that dog. – We gather here today to sacrifice this extremely cute puppy in honor in welcoming of our new guards. – Okay Roach, before
anything goes down I need you to find a cannon and shoot
it, causing a distraction and spooking all these hybrids. – What? Am I supposed to pull a cannon
out of my ass or something? I did not put that in there. – After counting down to zero, I will launch this pup
into the molten rock. 25, 24, 23. – Why are they counting
all the way down from 25? – Shh shut up our
channel needs watch time. Three, two. (cannon firing) What the? What the hell was that? (volcano erupting) Oh my god, it’s erupting! (screaming) – Daddy, are we gonna die? – Yes son. Soon, very very soon. (volcano erupting) (intense music) – Bananas! (guns shooting) – Ugh! (groans) (gunshots) (fishstick groaning) – Calamity, lets get to the ship. – A drum gun? When did that come back? (gun shooting) (squeaky talking) – Ooh I think they like me! – You idiot they’re probably talking about how they’re gonna kill us! (slap) (crying) – Tanner, stay strong! Put on your bravery mask! (crying) (intense music) (screams) Who are you? – I’m Luxe. I’m getting you out of here. I’ve got a crew with me. They’re robotic animals and
they’re highly intelligent. – We founded the prisoners! – Hurray! – Roar. Angry kitty. – Ugh. (happy music) – So uh, explain to us
exactly why you’re saving us? – There’s evil a foot. A festival being held by the fire king. They’re calling it, fire festival. (rock music) – That’s right ladies and gentlemen. The fire festival by fire king. And not that stupid Ja Rule thing where all those rich kids died. – He’s getting some of Instagram’s biggest influencers to promote it. There will be dozens of people there. But then, he’s going to
turn the floor to lava. (gasp) – So, what we’re just going to go in, kill the fire kind and problem solved? – Ha, I wish it were that easy. With no ticket to the
festival, impossible to get in. That’s why I’ve got this. – Well that’s great for you
but how are we gonna get in? – Yeah! We wants to play in the lava too! – Roar. – Would you stop doing that. – Meow. – I think I have an idea. But we’re gonna need a lot of wood. – You got it boss! (electrocuting buzz) – Hello Marshmello. So nice to see you. (clears throat) – Thank you. Please accept this large wooden llama as decoration for the show. – This festival will for sure be, lit. (laughing) – This is great! We’ll hop out of the llama
when the music starts and we’ll kill the king before
he turns the floor to lava. – You think Travis Scott is performing? – Shut up you’re way too loud! – I’m excited to see Marshmello! – Ugh. (mic screeching) – What up Pleasant Park! (cheering) (upbeat music) – This one is for you fire king. Who is suspiciously
watching from a helicopter. (wind whirling) – Okay, I think the floor
can turn to lava any minute. Stay alert. – Copy that. – I wanna be the one that
shoots down the helicopter! – Hssk, no me! – Hey, watch it we’ve gotta stay focused. – Now, where should I
begin lavafying the ground? Aha! That’ll get rid of this
eye soar abomination. (fighting grunts) – What the? – Oh shoot oh shoot! (guns shooting) (screaming) – Don’t worry, I’ve got you! – Thank you kind man. Bless your soul.
(gun shooting) – Tanner, catch! (gun shooting) – We’re gonna run out of materials! – I’ve only got one
more panel of mats left! – You guys, destroy me. You can use my metal as materials. – We can’t thank you enough. (screaming) – Fuc-(beep) that. I’m trying to live! (gun shooting) – Oh no! (explosion) – We did it! – Thanks luxe. You really saved our butts back there. Sorry your mechanical squad got killed. – It’s cool, they were annoying anyways. Now I’m gonna get banned
for teaming unless I try to kill you so. (gun shooting) – Wow what a kind lady. (upbeat music) (country music) We made it to Fatal Fields! Let’s loot! – Riding on a tractor,
slurp juice in my bladder, (bricks crashing) (walking) – Sweet I found a heavy AR! – I’d just like to say
that I love the heavy AR! – Uh, okay. You don’t have any sponsorship to promote? Usually when you interrupt like
that that’s what that’s for. – Nope, we have nothing to promote. – Okay great. Then if there’s nothing to
promote let’s just continue on. – Okay. – Good. – I agree. – I’m glad. (happy music) – All right guys, successful looting. I think this is the best
hall we’ve ever gotten! – Watch out guys. Looks like there’s a squad below us. – [Roach] Uh oh, pirates! – Let’s get down there and take em out. – Tanner, but pirates! – I don’t care how many
butt pirates are down there, we’re knocking them. (rocket explosion) (screaming) – [Narrator] That was
it, it was the moment I knew I had to grow from
fish boy, to fish man. I needed to head out west. I needed to find, the van. (gibberish) – He knows he could have
just rezed us right? (country music) (walking) (happy music) (gunshot) (gibberish) (happy music) (walking) – Do you guys smell that? – Sorry. – No, something smells, fishy. (intense music) Fish freak! (gunshot) – Ouch! (gunshots) – Argh! Fish rake! (walking) (gunshot) (scream) (walking) (happy music) (door open) – Fishstick you idiot. Get in here and rez us! (happy music) (charging buzz) – Okay Fishstick I hope you
had fun with the whole charade. – Guys we’re still in good shape. We got that great haul of
loot at Fatal fields earlier. – Funny, the only thing I can
access is this gray pistol. (running) – Dammit fish boy! – I’m gonna turn you into sushi! (happy music) (charging buzz) (gunshot)
– Got you! (happy music) – Come on guys. The storm is gonna reach us
if we don’t pick up the pace! It says there’s just one more
squad left in the royale. – Oh my gosh. Look at this! – So this is what Loot
Lake has become now huh. – What’s with all the FBI lookin vehicles? (gibberish) – No, we don’t need to kill them. (engine roaring) There we go. Let’s follow him. (water splashing) (groans) – What the heck? There hasn’t been real water in this lake since like season five! – Don’t worry guys. I hid a quad crasher over here. We’ll catch up to him. (walking) What the? I swear I put it right here! – Huh. This is weird. Loot Lake refilling with water,
quad crashers disappearing. – And don’t forget when
that hybrid told us his planes all went away. It’s almost like time is moving backwards. (happy music) Guys, the truck went this way! – Um guys? Wasn’t Paradise Palms here before? – [Tanner] Okay, what is going on? – Everything’s been destroyed! Like a game of playground mode and kids with too much time on their hands! – Hey, look at that! – I’ll use my bolt action sniper to get a better look at him. (gibberish) – Nah Fishstick is right
that gun’s been vaulted. (gun cocking) – Don’t move. (engine roaring) (walking) – Where the hell are we? – Flush factory. It’s off the map. Literally. – What exactly are you guys doing? – We’re about to execute
you season eighters. Now get on the ground! – Just one question
before you guys kill us, do you have a toilet I can use? (laughing) I bet all the loot you guys
find here is pretty crappy. (laughing) For real though, dying here
is really going to stink. (laughing) – Laugh you idiots. But soon you will be off the Earth, and order will restore
to this epic universe. The way it is destined to be. – What are you talking about? – We’re restoring the
world to how it used to be. Re crafting vaulted items, destroying newly discovered vehicles, tearing recently added
cities to the ground. We used to be the cool skins. We were the bad asses. Now it’s Sunny Steps this,
and shopping cart that. Shopping carts are stupid! They’re slower than walking! – You’re slower than walking! – Look, I understand. – Things were great in season 2, that’s why we all fell in
love with the battle royale. But just because things change,
doesn’t mean they’re worse. If we stay in the past we’re never gonna experience new and exciting things. Things that could lead
to the battle royale being even better! (upbeat music)
– I can’t hear you! – Guys, I see a jet pack
I think I can get to. Roach, can you distract them? – Oh my gosh! Look, its one of those
annoying ass hamster balls that people grapple all over the map with! – Oh I hate those
– I’m a statue! (walking) – Hey, revert rejects, think fast! (explosion) – My last words, make
Fortnite great again. Agh. – All right get down from there and I won’t kill your friends. – You kill them and
I’ll use a re spawn van. I don’t live in the past
like you do grandpa. – Yes, I hate the re spawn van. With every bone in my skeletal body. But you see, we actually do use them. And once I upload these
Dusty Depot blueprints, the map will be restored to how it was. And my mission will be complete. And your friends will still be dead. (gun shooting)
(screaming) And now to summon Dusty Depot! Ah, it’s dropping now. (intense music) – Come on there has to be a vaulted item I picked up on that toilet! Aha! – Actually Tanner, those
were unvaulted in season 8. They were originally vaulted in patch 6.0. – Who the hell are you? – I’m Brian. I make Fortnite list videos on YouTube. Can I shout out my channel? – Um, (screaming) Oh we’re turning this around. All right Dusty Depot, I’ll
see you at Flush Factory. (explosion) – Looks like your friend abandoned you. I’ll make this quick. (crash) – We did it! We defeated that last squad! – Come on Tanner hurry up and rez us! – I got you I got you. I wouldn’t let my squad die. (Fishstick dying) Welp that’s a wrap on this season. I wanna thank everybody for watching. Leave a like and subscribe. I wanna thank my family,
thanks to everybody at Risky Reels productions, John Wick for executive producing. Thank you Durr Burger for catering. We love you, good night! – [Narrator] Don’t forget to
download Dragon City today! Link in the description! (happy music)

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