The Good Place – How Your Life Is Scored (Episode Highlight)

The Good Place – How Your Life Is Scored (Episode Highlight)

[chuckles] Hello, everyone. And welcome to your first day
in the afterlife. You were all,
simply put, good people. But how do we know
that you were good? How are we sure? During your time on Earth, every one of your actions had a positive
or a negative value, depending
on how much good or bad that action
put into the universe. Every sandwich you ate, every time
you bought a magazine, every single thing you did had an effect
that rippled out over time and ultimately created
some amount of good or bad. You know how some people
pull into the breakdown lane when there’s traffic? And they think to themselves, “Ah, who cares?
No one’s watching.” We were watching. Surprise. [laughter] Anyway, when your time
on Earth has ended, we calculate
the total value of your life using our perfectly accurate
measuring system. Only the people
with the very highest scores, the true cream of the crop, get to come here,
to the Good Place. What happens to everyone else,
you ask? Don’t worry about it. The point is, you are here
because you lived one of the very best lives that could be lived. And you won’t be alone. Your true soul mate
is here too. [crowd gasps and murmurs]
That’s right. Soul mates are real. One of the other people
in your neighborhood is your actual soul mate, and you will spend
eternity together. So welcome
to eternal happiness. Welcome to the Good Place. Sponsored by: otters holding hands
while they sleep. You know the way you feel
when you see a picture of two otters
holding hands? That’s how you’re gonna feel
every day. [applause]

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67 Replies to “The Good Place – How Your Life Is Scored (Episode Highlight)”

  1. So….
    Tell a woman to "smile": -53.86
    Harassment (sexual): -731.26
    Commissioner of Professional Football League (American) -824.55

    So all we have to do is replace Paul Goodell with Donald Trump!

  2. front gate in to the good place being black being gay being transgenderbeing nice to old people giving up your wealth to illegal alienscheck your white privilege ect real contribution to humanity albert Einstein gave the world a insight how life worked and atomic energy George Washington created the freest nation on earth Walt Disney set the American standard for modern culture to developed the wright brothers invented the airplane HG Well is the co founding father of modern scifiMonet is the greatest artest who ever lived leonardo da vinci made the mona lisaect are all in the bad place know they have made
    real contribution to humanity

  3. So being a Yankees fan has a bigger punishment than the reward for staying loyal to the Cleveland Browns? That's messed up.

  4. the absolute value of ending slavery is higher than that's of committing genocide. so does that mean that systematically killing all slaves is a good thing?

  5. “Began to compose social media post about David Bowie dying and then thought “the world doesn’t need to hear my thoughts on David Bowie” +214.85 points

  6. What about the basically good people who basically did nothing bad but didn't do the level of good that some others did because of the circumstances in their lives?

  7. I think this system is unfair, it should also give score for good intentions… that might have led to a catastrophy (story of my life). #theroadtohellispavedwithgoodintentions but at least i tried, better than to have bad intentions and accidentaly wind up doing something good.. and we're back to moral philosophy

  8. How many episodes of this before they figure out that we don't like having our eardrums forked over at the end of the video?

  9. I don't understand why the score has to be over 2 million no matter your age. Like, someone who does everything right and dies at 20 has no shot compared to someone who makes mistakes and dies at 80. Where's the logic in that? People who die young just can't get in because they didn't have enough time to rack up them points.

  10. but even if we were to entertain the notion that the concept of the soul mate is real, what would happen if your designated SM is still alive when you die or what if you get sent to the good place but your SM gets sent to the bad place or vice versa?

  11. If anyone thinks about it,The demons are actually karma bringers so basically their also angels,just not in the conventional way

  12. "Only the people with the very highest scores, the true cream of the crop, get to come here" it was all there from the beginning.

  13. 0:35 "Politely tolerate stranger recounting New Yorker article at cocktail party" Is that a Brooklyn 99 reference?

  14. remain loyal to cleveland browns + 53.83 Didn't the judge say that one of the consequences to Michael altering the timeline to save the humans was the Cleveland browns were now good?

  15. Looks like all you need to do get to the Good Place is keep letting people merge in traffic. She got over 12000 points for that.

  16. I wonder if the Good Place will ever be a book series. I only say that becuase every episode is called Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc

  17. I think it would make more sense if everyone that had a positive score went to the good place. Rather than people who are good but not quite good enough ending up in the bad place.

  18. One of the first signs that it isn't the good place being that it was mandatory for everyone to attend this when we all know mandatory meetings suck.

  19. It’s depressing how most of the good people are young. I know we find out they’re all demons but before that point it’s a bunch of dead young people.

  20. Otters holding hands, and baby pandas, and malamute puppies, all puppies, and tiny baby kittens with pink noses, and babies laughing, and old couples kissing on their 70th wedding anniversary…THAT'S how I want to feel everyday!

  21. You lose more points for being a football commissioner than committing sexual harassment? I guess the good place hates football.

  22. Actual good people being fine with people being tortured. I think that would be a disqualification for the good place

  23. Making a youtube clip about a great show while also making the outro music way louder than the rest of the video: -1.2 points

  24. You get points for saving a child from drowning but a priest saved 4 year old Hitler from drowning so who knows where is. The Good, Bad or medium place.

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