The Fall of Sunset Shimmer: Animated Film

The Fall of Sunset Shimmer: Animated Film

I know … What are you doing here? Well …you left the door open … and … the sunrise is getting late So what’s so special about this mirror? It’s magic? Don’t touch please, that’s meant for very highly skilled students And I’m not a highly skilled student? That’s not what I mean Can I try lifting the sun? Can I, can I? You’re … not quite there yet Sunset And that’s how Clover the Clever perfected her protection spell We’ll be working on similar spells today So please take out your notes and find a partner! You should try to make some friends But why? Because … friends bring happiness But … I’m happy when I do magic But why do you do magic? To do good things? But for who? You need to make some friends Sunset Right … How can I make myself some friends? Well… you talk to them You make jokes You have fun You do things together You just become friends with them Friendship is not easy Sunset But why? You want to see me fail again? I don’t think anypony would be incapable of making friends But what am I doing wrong? I’m acting nice I try to be friendly and nothing works. You’re telling me you can figure out the fundamentals of magic But simple friendship is too hard for you? I’m sure you will figure it out Is … is this an order? Yes And until you figure it out I don’t want you in the library Will you be my friend, Moondancer? I don’t see why you couldn’t become friends With the princess’ favourite student I can get you some books or spells You wouldn’t get anywhere else Why not? You don’t have friends either “As I continued my researches I found that this mirror is not just an ordinary one But in fact a door to a new world that looks entirely different from ours It also seems the mirror … What are you doing here? Princess Celestia? I made it clear you were not allowed here and you have disobeyed me I told you I couldn’t make friends You didn’t even try Try what? I’ve tried everything you told me Did you? YOU’RE A HYPOCRITE YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE FRIENDS What have I done? I … I’m … I’m sorry. I don’t know what got to me I should have understood you better I thought I was helping, but I was not I don’t know anything about friendship Maybe Maybe we can get a second ARGHHHH… We didn’t stand a chance

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100 Replies to “The Fall of Sunset Shimmer: Animated Film”

  1. Celestia cometio dos errores al hacer lo que creia correcto
    Perdio a su alumna y desterro a su hermana
    Obviamente no cometeria el mismo error con twilight

  2. I gotta say the animation is really BEAUTIFUL! It’s smooth and free flowing, the lighting is amazing.
    The story is really interesting as well! The only flaw I have with the animation however is they lack expression when played with the voice actor and dialogue. Yea I see expression on their faces and body but they’re not really that strong. You can HEAR how the ponies feel but you don’t SEE how they feel. Their actions with their emotions and dialogue feels a bit stiff and slow. Because of the lack of expression, I don’t really ‘feel’ the emotions given in this emotional story but I can hear the emotion.
    Again your animation is amazing and smooth, you just need to work on the visual expressions.

    That’s my constructive criticism

  3. The background visuals, the relaxing music and the smooth animation are top notch.
    All I have to say is congratulations to the fans who made it!

  4. She is right ! Lelestia dont have frinds ! Even twilight see her as a mother figur and teacher ! The frindship she has is littlerey a student teacher on ! Celestias only frind is on the moon as this point !

  5. For som on hu can see the future and littlerey controlled everey aspeckt of twilight life ! Littlerey to the point of spying of main 5 as kids to see if they can be used to promote twilight later on ! Celestia is a controll freak ! So how did she not see this happening ? Or maby it was her idear from day on ! Sins she know she will bring magic back to the human world ! Rember see future tru dreams !

  6. Still think celestia ackt like a cunt when starlight did came back in the cross over episode ! And my god ! They apendt only few sec together after 4 years apart ! No fan servic at all !

  7. This was so good! I cannot express how much i enjoyed this film. The animation was beautiful. I did want to see Celestia give Sunset the book, but other than that I loved it. I relate to Sunset in this film. Okay, that's me rambling.

  8. The lighting, settings, and magic were spectacular while the giraffe necked Celestia and Sunset Shimmer walk to nowhere look like a child drew them and so the character animation and setting just doesn’t mix well. I wanted the characters to go away so I could just look at the backgrounds.
    The script was poor as well. While the voice actors weren’t awful I felt like everyone was portrayed as really childish and the ending made little sense

  9. I only just realized how weird it is that Twilight never met Sunset, since she was Celestias student since she was a filly
    That means Sunset is much older than Twilight
    But unless she was wandering years prior, which is unlikely considering where the portal led, the school pictures show she was only there for four years. There’s no way Twilight was only four years away from Sunset as a filly right? Surely Twilight would’ve known about Celestias other “number one student” before Sunset ran if they were the same age no? I’m confused about the timeline
    Maybe I’m overthinking this
    Edit: actually it’s even more confusing in this animation considering Moondancer seems to be the same age as Sunset and we know Moondancer is the same age as Twilight but this is an animation, not canon lol

    Anyway, great animation, beautiful effects, solid voices. 9/10, my only gripe with it being that the movements are a bit too slow sometimes

  10. Who here is over ten but still watches my little pony and is embarrassed to talk about it but still really enjoys it?

    Just me?


  11. Oh..My..Sweet..Celestia THIS WAS SO AMAZING!! NEW SUBSCRIBER I WANNA SEE MORE YOUR SO GOOD AT ANIMATING AND LIKE, THE SPECIAL EFFECTS, THE EMOTION, JUST..EVERYTHIGN WAS SOO COOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is actually better than thw actual movies, like seriously. SO COOL!!

  12. The water affect on the Portal is amazing, Sunset's voice is so similar to cannon, it's unreal, and the animation is amazing. You got one new subscriber.
    Ps: Sunset's my most favorite aside from Rainbow Dash, and Starlight is a close third

  13. Wow this animation is beautiful! I wish they used this style for the mlp movie, and I love how it shows just how tragic of a character Celestia is. The voice acting and sound effects are also beautifully on sync ❤️❤️❤️love this so much!!!

  14. Wow this animation is beautiful! I wish they used this style for the mlp movie, and I love how it shows just how tragic of a character Celestia is. The voice acting and sound effects are also beautifully on sync ❤️❤️❤️love this so much!!!

  15. Nice animation but you forgot that in the comic Sunset didn't WANTED to make friends. She thought herself better than everypony else and only wanted to be the best. She didn't even tried to act nice towards them, she was just rude.

  16. Wow this is very amazing! I can take this video for make the fandub into my channel in spanish version? I promise give your credits for the creation this video and put the link of your channel.

  17. анимация, конечно, не супер, но сюжет заставляет смотреть дальше.
    (да, я знаю, что автор не русский)

  18. Did you know sunset shimmer is the new sun princess
    And Twilight sparkles the new princess of the night
    Because Luna and celestial die

  19. i can't find the exact music tracks for this on the accounts of the people credited for the music in the description…. does anybody have the links for the instrumental songs used in this?

  20. you can see the realization in Celestia's eyes when Spike runs after Twilight 'oh, thats what i should have done when sunset went through'

  21. 이렇게 보면 트와일라잇은 그저 운이 좋았다고 밖에 말하지 못하겠다ㅠㅠ 아이고 얘들아ㅠㅠ

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