Top 10 Controversial Moments In Teen Titans – Part 2

Top 10 Controversial Moments In Teen Titans – Part 2

Hormones, drama, and poor choices. Those three things pretty much sum ups a lot of teenagers, but it also sumsRead More Top 10 Controversial Moments In Teen Titans – Part 2

100 Replies to “The Entire Life of Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter Explained)”

  1. Any one else who only watched the movies then at like 2 am they start watching these

    Just me???

    Congrats you made it to the end yay!!

  2. Thumbs down for supporting Jack Conte (the Dolores Umbridge of the Internet) and his censorship machine (i.e., Patreon).

  3. …Wait… On the first day that Teddy Lupin was born, his hair changed color? His hair changed color? A newborn baby’s HAIR changed color. Alright.

  4. Tonks was still a student when Fred and George started at Hogwarts. There's a chance Tonks taught them some pranks.

  5. Tonks, other than Siruis, is my favorite member of the Order, and after finding out about her, I started to wish she was my big sister.

    Me (after coming home from school): Hey, Tonks.
    Tonks: Wotcher, Shauna!

  6. When he said that Tonks was clumsy and all the places she crashed into during flying lessons I’m like “if that’s not me idk what is” I’m very clumsy

  7. Easily my favorite character in the whole series. Incredibly under appreciated and under rated. She’s so badass and funny and while the movies definitely didn’t do her justice, the actress did a fantastic job with the little screen time she got. She’s what made me proud to be a hufflepuff

  8. Remus is win if my favorite characters but he really pissed me off like just accept her love but I understand his worry and concerns

  9. Wait… Tonks and Sirius aren't cousins. Because Sirius is Andromeda's cousin, which would make Sirius Tonk's uncle, right??

  10. Even though everybody calls her Tonks, sometimes she can be called Dora. I remember reading Deathly Hollows when Remus mentioned Tonks by calling her Dora.

  11. Greta was 20 years old when she risked her life sleeping with an Obersturmbannfuhrer in the SD to get Viktor her beloved boyfriend papers to leave Germany for his own safety she loved Viktor enough to sacrifice their happiness to save his life and that is why I hated Tonks so much in HBP if Greta who was in her early twenties gave up Viktor to protect him Tonks had no excuse to whine over Remus and Greta would be pissed off at her because she gave up Viktor to save him and Tonks who is a couple years older than her is whining that Remus didn't love her back

  12. Why did they have to kill all the cool characters. Tonks, remus, fred, hedwig, mad eye, sirius like why, they should have killed the people no one cared about, j.k. rowling is a monster for seperating the twins 🙁

  13. Is it just in my country or did Luna Lovegood save Harry when Draco paralysed (made him get a broken nose) him in the train?????

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