The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 41: Vista Animations] better spatial mix

The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 41: Vista Animations] better spatial mix

DRAX: And here it is – the first Drax Files in full 360, thanks for all your hard work Phil. PHIL: Yeah it’s my pleasure. Maybe we should shut up now and roll the show? DRAX: My thoughts exactly! My name in Second Life is Vista Barnes. I’m the owner of Vista Animations. My name is Vista Mesh. I do the clothing. My name is Vista Design. I design the HUD. My name in Second Life is Vista Animations. Motion capture technical. We have a motion capture studio, dedicated to sell animations from AO movements to dances and couple interactions. We have 12 Vicon Bonita cameras, we use the Vicon software, then I use the Motion Builder and Second Life. DRAX: So there are over fifty markers right? 56 markers or something? VISTA BARNES: 56 ! DRAX: Amazing… VISTA BARNES: 56 plus the hand system. VISTA ANIMATIONS: Calibrate the cameras, calibrate the system,
calibrate the skeleton, the actor, the props. Then capture the animation. VISTA BARNES: We normally add some dances to our AOs. DRAX: Wait a minute: did we do any walking? VISTA BARNES: Well we can do those too! DRAX: Right! VISTA BARNES: Or do you prefer to do first the dance? DRAX: Yeah, I don’t walk, I just stand and talk
and I don’t dance, all I do is talk and talk and talk and talk some more and then there
is not even an audience, there is just sort of like cutouts like cardboard and I just
talk… VISTA BARNES: Motion capture – it’s evolving really fast. We started in 2008 with one suit, it was something
like U$ 45000. Last year we have purchased like a Chinese
version of it. It costs something like US$ 2000, it is crazy. KIANA WRITER: … we do absolutely everything these days in Second
Life. DRAX: Wait a minute I have to interrupt you. KIANA WRITER: No! You can’t start it like that. DRAX: What do you mean ‘no’? Of course I can. VISTA MESH: We have actors that come here or dancers. VISTA ANIMATIONS: And more people act with the face, not with the body. VISTA MESH: And they are not used to wearing the suit. VISTA DESIGN: Do you want to play with this? DRAX: Yes! A guitar! That’s the best guitar I ever owned. Well, I don’t own it… VISTA BARNES: Your avatar becomes you. Animations and clothing and everything could
be really different but at the end it is you. SINGING ALONG: ‘Run to the hills, run for your life…’ VISTA BARNES: At the beginning I was the actor for the male AOs. So I went to the disco and I see people
dancing with my movements. It was a little bit strange to see so many
clones around. We opened the office in Arenys de Mar because
it was where I live. It allows me to spend lots of time with my
family. Second Life has changed my life, I think in
many ways. DRAX: Does your family think you are crazy? VISTA ANIMATIONS: It is true that my family don’t understand what I do. My mother say ‘the people who buy this animation,
they have it?’ ‘No, they have it for their avatar!’ DRAX: Do you ever do the female animation? VISTA MESH: No I don’t do anything with mocap suit. DRAX: Why not? VISTA MESH: It’s a little embarrassing. See it’s like be naked and it’s strange. VISTA DESIGN: Other people, they can see something of you. Your personality. It is no more cold, freeze. It’s like you put a bit soul from you in there. DRAX: As the local mocap meister Andreu is there like a pickup line you use…. VISTA ANIMATIONS: In the disco? DRAX: Yeah! VISTA ANIMATIONS: Do you want to I capture you? DRAX: Oh boy… Ok ok t-pose! [clapping…]

AGARiO with ANGRY BIRDS ♫ 3D animated game mashup ☺ FunVideoTV – Style ;-))

AGARiO with ANGRY BIRDS  ♫  3D animated game mashup  ☺ FunVideoTV – Style ;-))

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  1. Wow! I logged into SL about 3 days ago after a very long absence and it was dead AF! Every sim was vacant and void of avatars and most of the clubs and stores were gone out of business.

    Is this Vista Animations the only company still making money in SL? I'm sorry for the silly questions but back in the day, SL was jumping off with fun and excitement. There were so many great stores to shop and unique things to buy, clubs were full to the brim with cool people and great music, where did all this go @Draxtor Despres?

    Now there's nothing but vacant dead land and closed sims. Smh

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