The Animated History of Brazil

The Animated History of Brazil

this episode is brought to you by Squarespace use the offer code Sweeny to get 10% off your brand new website in 1493 genoa sailor Christopher Columbus returned to Spain with news of undiscovered Islands later recognized to be the new world five years later Portuguese sailor Vasco da Gama successfully rounded the Cape of Good Hope and found a southern route to India the Age of Exploration had begun the two rival kingdoms met together and drew two lines on the globe dividing the world into two spheres with monopolies granted to a Portuguese half and the Spanish half while the Spanish said about conquering the new world and the Portuguese established a trade empire in the Indian and South Atlantic oceans neither side were aware of the small piece of the American continent which lay in Portugal’s half of the globe [Music] [Music] before European discovery South America was inhabited by numerous Native Americans who had migrated from the north either by land or by shallow coastal sailing we aren’t entirely sure these early migrants lived in harsh conditions in the most diverse bio ecosystem in the world these native groups subsisted mostly on agriculture but there were some hunter-gatherer communities as well and before you ask in the comments yes there were some cannibals most of these tribes lived on the coast and were broadly categorized into two pianned Tupperware although the diversity did not make too much of an impression on the Europeans here to help me out with early brazil is joe from the channel jabbsi pond Vasco da Gama’s successful returned from rounding the African continent in 1499 the Portuguese decided to begin trade in the Indian Ocean pedro álvares cabral left the following EF at India yet he blown wildly off course juniors southward voyage he sighted land on the 22nd of April 1500 and a few days later landed at port of Segura the name the locals they met as Indians just like the inhabitants of the West Indies but although nearly 95 times its size Brazil’s population was just short of Portugal’s at just under 3 million this land was east of the tordesillas line and so was declared for Portugal the locals traded with the Portuguese for power Brazil a word with the red dye used in Europe but the trade post was seen as largely inferior to the colonies in Africa and India however when the French began importing Brazil would themselves Portugal made a more concerted effort to settle in the area and for the second part of this collaboration visit my channel at jazzy with the link on screen or in the description box below early Brazil was divided into 15 colonies and granted to wealthy Portuguese elites there any successful one however was south incensed Island which made a moderate profit by native slaves so the failing colonies were returned to the Portuguese crown in 1549 and a governor was appointed merchants and missionaries were the first to settle they built a capital city Salvador and began trading in the todos santos bay mostly in the new cash crop sugar to help promote the economy a group called Bundy ranch s was sent to explore the land for minerals and slaves which increased settlement for the export economy slaves became more valuable as natives died from European diseases in large numbers missionaries were also very active at this time mostly Catholic Jesuits who founded the city of Sao Paulo as a missionary school just a few kilometers inland for himself and Cinch another bay port January was established as a French colony called fill Canyon Island before the Portuguese kicked them out and we named it San Sebastiano hyo-jin yarrow when Portugal got busy during a succession crisis in Europe the newly independent Dutch Republic very briefly swooped in and took over large parts of the colony it didn’t last long but it did inspire them to put more resources into settling Dutch Guiana the Atlantic slave trade was kicked off by the Portuguese buying them on the coast of Africa and importing them to Brazil where they were sold to plantation owners more than 40% of all African slaves were imported to Brazil for comparison just under 5% were imported to the United States Brazil grew rapidly during the 1600s creating new export markets for native plants as well as new plantation commodities like tobacco the system was held together by the Royal fifth when 20% of all minerals crops and other products went directly to the Portuguese crown accelerating the establishing of public offices like tax collectors accountants and governors when gold was discovered in the 1700s the slavery economy boomed an exploration of the interior was accelerated to look for new minerals they opened up new markets to trade with the Spanish Empire in the he–oh de la Plata but when this area became overrun with pirates and smugglers the Spanish and the Portuguese met to establish a shared border control in 1750 brazilian culture was becoming increasingly more diverse Europeans Indians and slaves met to form mixed-race groups called Pardo’s such as the mulatos Cavazos and mestizos with countless numbers of Creoles and ethnic identities Brazil was to become much more important to the Portuguese crown in the 1800s thanks in large part to Napoleon when the Iberian Peninsula was invaded and occupied the royal family leg did to Rio where they set up the government during the war after returning to Lisbon the king’s son Prince Regent all declared Brazil independent and crowned himself Emperor a brief independence war ensued where the Portuguese found themselves battling not only the Brazilian army but also thousands of civilian militia sounding familiar the Empire of Brazil however failed to enact the changes that the wealthy landowners and the liberal elites had overthrown the Portuguese for in the first place and so the nation was plagued by socialist insurgencies slave rebellions and even a republican movement in the Rio Grande do Sul supported by the Italian nationalists Giuseppe Garibaldi they spent thousands on wars with the newly independent South American nations as well investment in Brazil showed no signs of slowing down coffee which grew extremely well in the Brazilian climate became the new cash crop as well as markets in timber in rabaa eventually the rate of immigration to Brazil was so high that it obviated the need for slaves and the practice was ended in 1888 the Empire came to an end inspired by the ideals of republicanism and the Enlightenment and soon a military coup replaced the adora da fonseca as the country’s first president the United States of Brazil Jeb’s II whom I collaborated with on this project covered over on his channel the Vargas era as well as the military dictatorship that followed which led brazil into the 21st century so check that out when you’re done here Brazil is not a simple nation is full of social struggles an amazing triumph of nationalism a complex political structure and a nation at the top of the ladder of the world’s most popular game football your website need not be complicated Squarespace makes building a website immensely easy with easy-to-use tools simple design layouts and creative domains how about a website for your wedding in Rio at our rear dot wedding or document your vacation at my holiday there are so many possibilities you can build your website in less than a day and if you visit slash Sweeney and use the offer code Sweeney at checkout you can save 10% on your website and show your support for the channel while doing sir Squarespace also offers other great services such as integrated online stores for your business personal blogs and custom email servers all at the click of a button at slash we need to get building today vote for the next country over at patreon check out Jeb Z’s video and if you’d like to watch more check out the playlist on my channel for all the episodes until next time

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AGARiO with ANGRY BIRDS  ♫  3D animated game mashup  ☺ FunVideoTV – Style ;-))

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  1. Check out Jabzy's channel and tell him Suibhne sent you:

    Lets join Brazil and ring in the new year!

  2. look before I thought the Americans did not even know what Brazil was or only knew about soccer (even though Brazil is in South America and the country with the best army)It was bad for my bad English done.

  3. You miss José Bonifácio, was the tutor of dom Pedro 1 and 2 , also forgot about the Imperatriz Leopoldina she was very important, and of course where the hell is dom pedro the second?

  4. Actually, the story about being blown out of course has been debunked as myth. They already knew there was land there.

  5. As a Brazilian, I tell you that the mixture of cultures and races has transformed our country without culture. We have the worst education in the world, we are very hedonistic, we are very ignorant in politics and economics, we are the country that reverence heroes without character, we have a worse HDI than Sri Lanka, and other social problems.

  6. Faltou Várias partes. O Brasil é colonizado por Alemães, Holandeses, Italianos e Portugueses no Sul

  7. "Before you ask… yes, there were some cannibals." Really? Is there no less stereotypical way to present the native people of Brazil?

    LÁ VAI
    ARROZ E FEIJÃO!!!!!!*

  9. 7 minutes on Brazil….
    I think a simple, hey go to Jabzy to Actually learn about Brazil would have been more effective.

  10. Your description of Africans as just slaves in this video is disrespectful, racist and dehumanising. Calling them just slaves reduces them to a mass with no origin, history or culture which is completely false! Do better! Enslaved Africans is the correct term. They are people not property

  11. I don’t know if you’re biased but the part of Imperial Brazil is more than that: Industrialization, more Brazilian cultural aspects evolving, more rights to the slaves, Imperial Brasil was one of the top military powers of the time but of course you didn’t mention it because its not a traditional western country who helped during world wars as the other powers were involved: france britain usa (duh)
    Its very important to note that why the (the real reason) Brazil became a republic: its because Empress Isabella wished to ended slavery while her Husband: Dom Pedro II was visiting Europe around 1889. She did it, Pedro II said "Boa Gente" (good people) and then slavery was abolished, the last in Western Hemisphere. But the political parties who were beneficing from slavery didn't like it, make a coup and after realized that reintroducing slavery was no more possible, da fonseca even sent a bag of money to the Emperor Pedro, which the latter refused.
    I can't believe i know more than you in something you suppose to know, everything for you is a copy paste of other nations you know, you know only of the nations you see in your history books: all have to do with american or british stupid politics

  12. y'all know the tilde above the A actually changes the sound it makes, right? it's not Sao Paulo ("S-ow P-ow-lo") it's São Paulo ("S-uh-ooh P-ah-ooh-lo").

  13. Actually Pardos are people who appear mostly Caucasian but have significant native/black admixture as well. The people you called pardos in the video were mulattos and morenas, basically half/half or the exact reverse of pardo

  14. Mais alguem veio aqui ver oq os gringos pensavam da gnt pq temos um mega complexo de inferioridade e precisamos da aprovação dos gringos? 😀

  15. Eu estou querendo descobrir quanto tempo youtube vai demorar as spawnar esse vídeo pros Brasileiros e.e

  16. Before Brazil was an empire, Brazil was an imperial united kingdom ruled by Dom Joao VI, before being a united kingdom, Brazil was a tranzitory kingdom, before being a tranzitory kingdom, Brazil was a Vice Kingdom, before from being a Vice Kingdom, Brazil was a Principality, and before being a Principality, Brazil was a General Government. Does anyone still believe that Brazil was a mere colony of Portugal? Brazil was formed with the purpose of being a future kingdom or a successor empire of Portugal since its discovery!

  17. Porque esses vermes Brostilheiros são tão Imbecis? Venho para ver comentários de (gringos) ai quando eu desço… só tem Brostilheiros idiotas! Brostilheiros MACAC0S misoginados de bosta!
    E o pior de tudo é que esses analfabetos acham que os Gringos vão perder tempo traduzindo o relincho deles.

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