Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Animation Effect in PowerPoint 2019 – Tutorial

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Animation Effect in PowerPoint 2019 – Tutorial

Did you know if I type Thanos on google search
bar and hit enter and then I hit my mouse cursor on this infinity gauntlet, this is
what happens. Wow! Lets try to create this effect in powerpoint. Hello everyone welcome to my channel best
of powerpoint and in this video I ll be showing you how to create Thanos infinity gauntlet
Animation Effect in powerpoint 2019. Ahh! That was a long title. Lets have a look what
we will be creating today. As I start my slideshow, the infinity gauntlet
appears in the center of the slide. There are infinity stones attached to this infinity
gauntlet. As I click the mouse button, some infographic element and text appears corresponding
to the soul infinity stone. Then as I click further, the same thing appears for the reality
stone and then one by one for all the infinity stones. And here comes the climax scene. Lets
snap the fingers. Haha. Awesome. So now the question is how to use this effect professionally
in your school or corporate presentations. See this is a very versatile animation effect
and the text corresponding to all the six infinity stones is completely editable and
it all depends upon you and your creative mind to edit this text and compare any six
points of your presentation with these six infinity stones. For example any six qualities
of your company. Anything which you find appropriate. My job is to teach you latest and cool animation
effects and rest it all depends upon you how you use that effect creatively in your slideshow.
Alright lets quickly jump into the tutorial and create this amazing Thanos infinity gauntlet
animation effect. First of all we need to download the infinity
gauntlet. This is a gif image and I ll be giving the download lik for the same in the
youtube shownotes below. Insert the image in powerpoint. You can see that the image
is continuously moving and snapping its fingers. However we need a stationary image so that
we can add text to our slide as we had seen in the beginning. So for that what I will
be doing is I will take a screenshot of this image and insert that screenshot in my slide.
To take a screenshot press Windows + Print Screen button on your keyboard and the screenshot
will get saved in your system. Go to pictures, screenshots and here is the image. Create
a new slide and insert the screenshot. So now the image is stationary, its not moving,
I can stay on this slide for as long as I want and only when I go to the next slide
the fingers begin to snap. Ok. Now go to the insert tab and insert a line
shape in the slide. You can see that I am duplicating the lines to create this kind
of shape. I ll change the outline color to black and insert the desired text. In a similar
way I ll draw the shapes for the other infinity stones. Now I need to copy all these shapes to my
second slide. So I select all the elements of the slide using CTRL+A and then while holding
the CTRL key, I click on the infinity gauntlet and deselect it since I don�t want to copy
it again to my other slide. I want to duplicate only rest of the items. Lets play the slideshow
and see what we have achieved so far. So in my first slide the infinity gauntlet is stationary,
it does not move and I can stay on this slide for as long as I want and as I move on to
my next slide, there is no visible change as I change the slide but the fingers start
snapping. Alright so we have placed and positioned all the elements and now its time to get the
animations done. First I ll animate the line shape and what
I will do is I ll add wipe entrance effect to every line shape and change the direction
of the effect in harmony with the direct of the line. Let me practically show this to
you. Like here I add the wipe entrance effect. Open the animations pane and open the effect
options. And I change the direction from bottom to from right, since my line is point towards
the left direction so the animation should move from right to left. And for the duration
of the animation you need to set it fast, anything between .15 to .25 seconds. Similarly
I select this second line, add wipe entrance effect to it and change the direction from
bottom to from top. For this one I ll select start after previous and set the speed to
.15 seconds. I am varying the speeds in accordance with the length of the line shapes. Since
this is a very short line I ll keep the duration time short. However like for this line, it�s
a long line shape and I ll keep its duration of animation to about .25 seconds. So this
is how it looks. Also add any random animation effect to your text. Repeat the process for
the other line shapes as well. For the last shape corresponding to the mind stone, I am
adding wedge entrance effect to the shape, and split entrance effect to the textbox.
I ll change the properties of the effect as shown. Alright we are done with the entrance effects
for all the shapes and now its time to add exit effect to the shapes as soon as thanos
snaps his fingers. So I ll select all the elements of my second slide, deselect the
infinity gauntlet and add dissolve out animation effect. Increase the duration time to 1 second
and select start with previous for all the effects. And now here come the most crucial
part of this tutorial. We know that we have inserted a gif image in the slide and it begins
to snap fingers after some delay of about 2 seconds. And I want to disappear the element
after snapping the fingers. So I ll add a delay of 2 or 2.25 seconds to all the exit
effects. Perfect. Now I ll insert another rectangle box and
fill whole the slide. Change its color to white and add fade entrance effect to it.
Change the duration to 1 second and add a delay of 2.75 seconds. In this way the infinity
gauntlet also disappears and now you can display any title text as per the theme of your presentation. So this was all about creating the Thanos
Infinity Gauntlet Animation Effect and I hope that you enjoyed the tutorial. Please like
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some more cool tutorials like this very soon al related to powerpoint. So please subscribe
my channel and stay tuned for my upcoming videos. Thanks for watching and see you in
my next video.

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  1. So very clever and delightful! I love that you share ways to tease and playfully engage the minds of our clients and audience.

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