Subway Surfers The Animated Series – Episode 7 – Surveillance

Know what’s funny? When we were noobs we actually thought
this place was scary. I still have nightmares about trashing
my first pair of Jordans here. Well I still have nightmares about those nasty elbow pads
Jake used to wear. The ones he never washed. Not funny. I miss those pads. -If you ask me this place isn’t scary.
-Well we didn’t ask you, King. Come on Jake, don’t bag on King.
Poor kid’s got no filter. I didn’t bag on him. I said we didn’t ask
his opinion on what’s scary. I’ll tell you what’s scary: UFOs. And I should know.
I was abducted. See what I mean? You can’t take anything he says
too seriously. I dunno… would explain things. My parents say
that’s why I’m brilliant. Because I have alien DNA.
Just like Yutani. Speaking of Tani,
she wants us to meet her at the Yard. She’s got something to show us… Says it’s “out of this world”…
with like 12 alien emojis. Okay. I’m creeped. What? Help. Whoa! No way! Welcome to the future of skateboarding. -How did you…?
-That turbine we found? It’s some kind
of anti-gravity technology. I’m still figuring out how to neutralize
the magnetic properties. Okay.
This has to stay secret or- First! Jake, wait!
It’s really hard to… …steer. I got this! I got this! I don’t got this! Can’t you reel him
back in with that remote? It only works up to 10 feet away. Eh, he’ll be fine. So like I was saying, if anyone finds out
you invented a hoverboard – a real hoverboard – every tech company in the world
will send guys on steroids to steal it. I can see it now… We all get taken
into some cheap motel room – you know, the kind
with really gross wallpaper – and they interrogate us
until one of us breaks. No way I’d break.
‘Less they messed with Boomy. Maybe I should make
the technology open source? You know… free.
It’s not like I invented it. I don’t even think
it’s from this planet… Man, this would make a great game! But you’re right, Tricky. For now we should keep this secret.
I mean, what if somebody got hurt? Oops. Worth it.

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