[Sub][Remind 7] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – Capital Revived!!

[Sub][Remind 7] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – Capital Revived!!

To be honest, I didn’t expect you
to stop even Uranus’s attack! But it was just a waste of time… Not at all! You mean to beat Esuka someday, right? Wha…?! I doubt you’d hang out here otherwise. And I respect Master Rive! That’s why I wanna beat him someday! You don’t know when to give up, either! Huh? What?! Did I do something wrong?! I aspire to be like him! A manager, just like him! You’re not qualified
to call yourself a manager yet. You’ve never even reopened the shop. Excuse me… It’s the shopping district chairman! Do you have a few minutes? Halloween Festival Halloween Festival?
Halloween Festival It’s an annual celebration. We put up decorations all around the
shopping district and hold special events. Card Capital has always gotten
into the spirit of the occasion. Now that you mention it… Our customers dressed up
in costumes for that every year. But this year, after what happened… I suppose it’s too much to ask. After all, the shop is still closed. Sorry to bother you. Please, wait! Card Capital will participate
in the Halloween festival, too! But who is the manager? I’m the manager! I swear that I’ll open the shop! The strength of imagination! That’s the strength of Vanguard! Don’t get dominated by
your opponent’s imagination! Rewrite that imagination! Remind 7
Capital Revived!! Card Capital: Defend It to the End
Oppose the Evil Esuka Group’s Oppression!
No Foreclosures
Down With Corporate Acquisitions!! You Conceited Cinnamon!
Card Capital: Defend It to the End
Oppose the Evil Esuka Group’s Oppression!
No Foreclosures
Down With Corporate Acquisitions!! What makes you think you can
open the shop in this condition?! Well, up to now, it took everything he had
just to defend it against Esuka Hibino. I’ll bring it back to how it used to be! Let’s put up Halloween decorations
and wear costumes, too! It’s vital that I open the store again! To protect Capital and
keep it out of Esuka’s clutches… …I need to prove that I can be the manager! Shinemon… All right, fine. I’ll help with that. A grand reopening, huh? Beyond just costumes,
I’d like to have some kind of big event. Nothing says “big event”… Tuna Slicing Show …like a tuna slicing show!
Tuna Slicing Show All the tuna you can eat…
Tuna Slicing Show And who’s going to provide the tuna? No, you idiot!
A big event calls for pro wrestling! I won’t give up! I can’t give up! Like I’d ever do that! Um, maybe you should just have
a normal Vanguard tournament. Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?! It was in my blind spot! Now that you mention it, they held
a Vanguard tournament last year, too! Why didn’t you remember that sooner?! Is reopening the shop right now
really such a good idea? All right! Card Capital is going to host the
annual Halloween Vanguard Tournament! Everyone on board with that?! Yeah! Now this is Card Capital! All right, Shinemon. How ’bout we do a fight? Yes, Master! Oh! I was hoping you’d suggest that! Not until after preparations! Card Capital’s Halloween Cardfight Tournament!
Costumes Required! A Halloween festival?
Card Capital’s Halloween Cardfight Tournament!
Costumes Required! Card Capital will apparently
be reopening in conjunction with it. Does that child seriously think
he can pull off being the manager? What’s wrong? It feels like something’s lacking here… Well, you’re certainly lacking, Shinemon! In looks, grades, and so much more… Hey! You mean the decorations, right? Yeah… Our regular customers would come either way, but since we’re going to the trouble, I’d like
to make it fun for first-time customers, too. For that… We need something that
would make customers happy… Something simple and eye-catching… Something they’d want to snap
a photo of and put on social media… That’s it! Making Sub Manager a mascot character
with stuffed animal versions is sure to work! I like it! Good idea! Stuffed animals aren’t a bad idea… But this is a card shop. Instead of a stuffed animal,
we’ll use a Vanguard unit! I see! Which will we use? Glyme? Flogal? Isn’t it obvious? It’ll be… Valkerion! Is this okay? It’s more like Li’l Valkerion than Valkerion. You’re a good artist, Tatsuya! N-Nah, not really… Even customers who don’t know
about Vanguard will get a kick out of this! By the way, who’s going to make them? Well… Don’t look at me! I don’t do crafts! Have no fear! I know someone who’s great
at making things like that. Shall I ask? Really?! You can count on me! Cheese! It’s pitch dark out! Mark, walk these two home. Leave it to me! See you tomorrow, Shinemon. Yep. See you then. Capital’s comeback is just days away! Welcome to Card Capital! What kinda place is this? It’s a card shop. You can enjoy playing any card games here. Card games…? Huh. Sounds like fun. Then this oughta make your teeth rattle! Mark! Call the police! Yes, sir! Wait a minute! Don’t be so hasty! Take a good look at him first. It’s a deck case… Th-Then… I think he’s a Cardfighter
who just likes to talk tough. He only came here to play. There’s no need to call the police. That’s right. But do we really have to take
customer service training this far? It’s safest if we try imagining
every possible situation… …or so I hope. By the way, what’s the format
gonna be for the Vanguard event? Last year’s was a regular tournament. We’re doing a “free fight” this year. A “free fight”? Customers can fight whomever they like, and the fighter with the most wins within
a designated time limit will be the winner. A casual event allows everyone to participate
without requiring tournament brackets. Besides, we don’t have the time
to prepare for a real tournament. A “free fight” is fine, but who’s
gonna keep track of the wins? Sh-Shindou and I can make
a list of all the participants. You’re gonna match all the names to faces? They might not fight
in the same spot each time, either. Well, um… “Trick or Treat”! We could just give sweets to the winners! How about homemade cookies? I see! That’s a great idea! A perfect fit for Halloween! Then… Mikuru–you, uh, probably couldn’t… Tatsuya! Would you bake cookies for us?! I-I’ll do my best! I’ll bake them! So long as they’re edible! I’m not letting you have any, Bro! We should receive the Li’l Valkerions
sometime tomorrow afternoon. Just in the nick of time! And we have the fliers ready,
which means it’s almost showtime! Card Capital’s Halloween Cardfight Tournament!
Costumes Required!
And we have the fliers ready,
which means it’s almost showtime! Let’s have everything all ready for
our reopening the day after tomorrow! Yeah! Please, take a flyer! Please join us! Here you go! Sh-Shinemon Nitta! Oh, Nanami! What’s this? We’re opening Card Capital
for Halloween tomorrow. You will come, won’t you? I-If I feel like it… L-Let’s go, Tonori! A’ight. It says you gotta wear a costume, yo. What kind of costume you gonna wear? Don’t worry about it. Just make sure you wear one. Sure, a’ight. We finally got them all handed out! Nice job. Thanks for your patience. I baked some cookies! Thanks, Mikuru! Let’s sample them! Good timing. I’m starving! You don’t get any, Bro! Special delivery! That must be the stuffed Li’l Valkerions! Great! They’re here at last! Isn’t this package kinda big? These are stuffed mascots, right? Maybe Mark’s friend just made a lot? Th-That’s… …a mascot character costume! What the heck happened? I’m pretty sure we asked for stuffed mascots… I’ll check. For now… …I’ll try one of these! I said you can’t have any! Hey! What kind of reaction is that?! How rude! Then you try one! I think it’s detergent… Detergent smells sweet,
so she probably mistook it for sugar. Sheesh! I’m sorry! Thank goodness it’s the day before the event. Oh. No. Oh my god! It’s huge… What should we do? There’s nothing to worry about! You could just ride the thing! Master… I ride! Li’l Valkerion! I bet everybody’ll get
charged up with this guy around! It’ll have a much bigger impact
than stuffed animals! But I’m the manager… Then why don’t you wear it, Bro? Wait, why me?! You’re the one who suggested it! Okay. Roger that. It looks like we had a
miscommunication on both sides. To make a long story short… Where’s Li’l Valkerion? Well? Does it look good on me?! Oh! No! Please take that off! What?! This was a huge pain to put on… Oh my god! It seems that since the drawing
had a person next to Li’l Valkerion, my friend thought that
we wanted a character costume. Oh, it’s true. It’s Valkerion. I sketched the original as a reference
for drawing the super-deformed version. Both sides should’ve confirmed it beforehand,
but we just came to an agreement where if we could send the suit back as-is,
we’d only be charged a nominal fee for labor. Now I guess all we can do is pay for it. In that case, this is the price. I could manage that with some part-time work. This is in dollars, not yen. Dollars?! Meaning, that amount times 100 or so… Hey, is that Valkerion? Yes, that’s right. That’s so cute! Aw, I wish I could have that… Here you go. Yay! Thank you! Thank you so much. My son loves Vanguard. While it’s not much of a show of gratitude… I got a bunch of persimmons. Maybe Shinemon will like them. Hey, kid! Those are the highly sought-after
Montmouth persimmons! Please, let me have them! You can have anything you want
from my shop in trade! These flowers seem expensive, but… Can I see those flowers?! An autographed T-shirt… An ammonite?! This painting looks expensive… Well then, in exchange for that painting… It’s no use. I’ve racked my brain, but I can’t
come up with any good ideas. Shinemon… What should I do, Valkerion? At this rate, I’ll never be
worthy of becoming the manager. U-Um… A tuna?! How did you get that?! It’s a long story, but I traded my drawing,
and then after several more trades… Like the Straw Millionaire folk tale… Shinemon, this is nothing less
than a divine message! Tuna Slicing Show The heavens are ordering us
to do a tuna slicing show!
Tuna Slicing Show R-Really? Yes! So let’s get ready! Not so fast! C-Can we help you? Please let me have that tuna! No, no! We’re going to use it for a tuna slicing show! Of course, I don’t expect to get it for free. Name your price! Give our price a name? It means he’ll pay what we ask for! Mark! Your phone! Okay! Then how about this much?! And to be clear, we’re talking dollars! Okay! I’ll pay you in cash! All right! We did it! We did it! Hey, cut it out! Calm down! What’s all the fuss? We did it!
What’s all the fuss? We safely resolved the Li’l Valkerion issue! Oh, good. About that issue… They managed to solve it. Yeah. Sorry to make you worry, Tokimi. It looks much better now. Thank you, Mikuru! You’re very welcome. And you’re wearing it tomorrow! Yes, I know! Oh, that’s right! Since the customers will be wearing costumes,
it’d look weird if we’re not also in costume. Tatsuya and I are working on that right now. Right! But you’ll just have to wait and see! Verily, I shall be clad in the usual. What should I wear? I will prepare your costume, Shinemon! Really?! That’ll be a big help! Leave it to me! I’ll bring a disguise worthy of a manager! To be honest, I’m still not sure myself
if I’m worthy of being the manager. But I know I love this shop more than anyone! Whatever the cost, let’s see to it
that Card Capital makes a comeback! Yeah! We’re not gonna let Esuka Hibino take it! Yeah! We’re gonna make this
Halloween festival a success! Yeah! Vanguard forever! Yeah! The 30-second card intro segment! Today’s featured card
is Tatsuya’s new ace in the hole, Cosmo Healer, Ergodiel
Cosmo Healer, Ergodiel! You can choose up to two from all rear-guards to go to the Damage Zone,
and you’ll heal that amount. You’ll also gain an extra critical. On top of that, for every face-up card in your
opponent’s Damage Zone, you get +5000 power! This aggressive card is powerful enough
to back your opponent into a corner! With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”! Ride The Vanguard!
With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”! Ride The Vanguard! It’s the moment you’ve all been
waiting for: next episode’s preview! Who’s going to do it this time…? Hey, who’s in charge of this week’s preview?! Rive! But he’s not here yet! And I can’t get through to him! Master, while it’s normal for you,
being late at a time like this?! All right, we’ll just do it ourselves! Roger that! But we’re already out of time… Don’t tell me this preview is hinting
about a possible plot twist next week?! Remind 8
Welcome to Capital!!
Don’t tell me this preview is hinting
about a possible plot twist next week?! You mean it’s a real preview?!
Remind 8
Welcome to Capital!!



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