Stoicism | The Power Of Indifference (animated)

Stoicism | The Power Of Indifference (animated)

Emperor Marcus Aurelius was the most powerful
man on earth. He commanded an army that was feared in all
corners of the known world. And if he wanted he could have sex with any
woman he desires and be drunk and partying for the rest of his life. It’s quite difficult to imagine absolute
power. Many powerful people in the past and the present
cannot handle power. They become corrupt. Slaves of their greed and
hunger for more. But Marcus Aurelius was different. He was the emperor of Rome and very conscious
of the fact that momentary pleasure was available to him without limits. As opposed to his son Commodus, he turned
away from orgies, excessive use of alcohol and the sadistic sick scences in the colosseum
where the Roman elite went for entertainment. He wrote about his determination and struggle
with himself in his memoirs that were never meant to be published, called Meditations. Meditations became a key work of a more than
2000 years old philosophical school called Stoicism. The Stoics observed that from the human perspective
two categories can be distinguished: things that we do not control and things we do control. The Stoic philosopher Epictetus starts his
work the Enchiridion with the fundamental tenet of Stoicism, which is that most things
are simply not up to us. Think about exterior things like our friends,
our colleagues, our intimate partners, the economy, the number of likes on Facebook,
things that politicians say or the deterioration of our bodies. Yes we can influence these matters. But even if we do everything right: the economy
can still collapse, our money can be taken from us and our intimate partners can cheat
or die. At the end of the day there is nothing we
can do to exclude misfortune. This sounds depressing and pessimistic, but
don’t worry: there are still aspects of our life that are up to us. According to Epictetus these aspects are:
our opinions, our own actions or, in other words, the position we take towards the world
around us. According to Epictetus, we should focus on the things
within our control and have a contempt for the things not in our control. Someone who is severely ill doesn’t have
control over his or her disease. We can mitigate the symptoms or use healing
techniques hoping that the patient recovers, but the results are not up to us. Nevertheless, this person can decide which position he or she takes in regards to the situation When the sickness is fully accepted, and the
possibility of death as well, a human being can reach a state of inner peace. (by the way, this is not medical advice. It’s philosophy) Also, a calm mind can act in a logical and
rational way and probably makes better life choices which might increase the chance of
recovery. Stoic ethics consist of different values. I haven’t discovered a solid formula which
contains these values like some kind of ten commandments, but I did discover that Stoicism
points to life in accordance with nature. Nature refers to the greater whole and our
role in it as human beings. From our innate potential we have to act for
the benefit of the whole. We shouldn’t act against the natural course
of things but embrace it. In opposition to what some believe, Stoics
are not beings without emotion. They see emotion as a human characteristic
that can be trumped by reason. Because it’s not the emotion itself that
decides our mood but the position we take towards that emotion. This way of thinking is quite therapeutic
because it doesn’t only make you more aware of your emotions, but you can see view them
as sensation that come and go like the waves of the ocean. This way you won’t get overwhelmed by them. Modern Stoics focus themselves on a number
of exercises to reach inner peace, like the praemeditatio malorum, or, the negative visualization. Marcus Aurelius was confronted daily with
all sorts of people who weren’t very nice to deal with. By starting the day with a negative visualization
he mentally prepared himself for these confrontations. He told himself: “Today I shall be meeting with interference,
ingratitude, insolence, disloyalty, ill-will, and selfishness – all of them due to the
offenders’ ignorance of what is good or evil.” A Stoic often reminds himself that life is
temporary which is called memento mori (remember that you will die), so he won’t waste time
on trivial things and, and that’s my own twist, don’t take life too serious either. Another exercise is called “the view from
above” that makes us see ourselves from a cosmic view point, so we realize how small
and unimportant we are compared to the vastness of the universe. That indifference is a power, the Stoics know
very well. Life is short and that’s why it’s important
to point our life energy towards essential and important things, and leave unimportant
things be. Especially in the current age Stoicism can
be a valuable instrument to give our lives guidance, so we don’t drown in a sea of
stimuli and distractions. Thank you for watching.

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  1. Hi! This was the opening video of a growing collection of Stoicism content. Check out the Stoicism playlist for more:

  2. My dad always remided me. "you can never control people or the situations you are in, but you can control how you react to it. "

  3. Meditations by Auerelius is a book everyone should read. We need to bring philosophy back to living the virtuous life too, not just academic arguments

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  5. Are presenting stoicism as depression.
    it's more of a separation from the evil around us and acceptance that it is not within our power to change it.
    It's not about being small or seeing ourselves as being incompetent.
    It's about seeing the strength within ourselves to resist it.
    You're turning a whole generation off that's too bad nice of you

  6. Ok so life is short , and from a cosmic view we are 0. Also u said we shall not the the life to serious. But also u said to focus on the things that "matter". I mean what the fuck? u can chose to care and still fear about shit , or u can chose to not care at all and do what you want. I wish my english was better , but you contradict yourself. No matter what we do , one day we will die , sooner or latter. So why bother with a stupid job , money , material things. If in the end all those things are nothing.

  7. Except that Marcus Aurelius could have his guards executing anyone who annoyed him while remaining stoic.
    We mere mortals today, cannot.

  8. How the HELL Marcus squared Stoicism with conquering the known world, I've never come to grips with and never will as it's the ultimate contradiction and hypocrisy. Which makes the fact that his principles, off of the corpse-strewn battlefield anyway, being so seemingly sound, all the more confounding.

  9. I like Marcus Aurelius, but I'm walking away from this channel. Stoics are forever struggling with their mood swings and blaming others for their lack of self-knowledge. They need a fourth pillar to stabilize their wobbling castle, but seem clueless as to what might constitute the fourth. So, walking away, I'll offer a clue: The fourth pillar is beyond logic.

    Thank you, thank you,
    thank you!!!! Sir I am very greatful to you for your
    With these teaching
    videos you are GIVING
    OTHERS. You are being of service as we all should be.
    And the FLOW of timing is
    PERFECT. Thanks again.
    I expect to watch ALL of your collection. KEEP THEM COMING!

  11. You can talk till the cows come home but the only fundamental thing wrong with humanity is that we are still fighting for the upper hand over each other for the management of the menial workers.
    Because let's be honest. For you to sit behind the microphone and pontificate it takes a few hundred thousand menial workers to support you.
    They start by doing the menial work in the fields of farming for your sustenance and then they do utterly bland repetitive work up the supply chains in factory and mining and cooking and waste disposal and maintenance and building buildings.
    I believe you are a good person
    The problem starts with the rich people who simply don't know when enough is enough and like the fox that has finally gotten his way through the fence and inside the hen house….. Simply cannot help himself and kills all the chicken and only needs one
    The other thing is that just because the business man or politicians are capable of making their opposition look stupid does not mean they are right in any determined decisions that will affect the hundreds of thousands of people who are going to be affected by the their decision

    This is why we have invented democracy. And this is why the British establishment have fucked up Britain and ditto for the Americans and Russian and Chinese people although they have the second class types of democracy
    I am getting old and slightly wiser
    Let's keep the swines on the straight and narrow.
    You are far wiser than me for your age and I salute you for your good work

  12. I rather like this way of thinking, life has a funny way of disappointing those with high expectations so it's better to not have any in the first place. I'd rather be constantly cynical and realistic than put my faith and good will in others just to have them be betrayed.

  13. According to the Law of Attraction or NLP (positive psychology) and stuff you should visualize positive outcomes in the morning which also should help you to get out of bed and act according to the positive outcomes. Whem you visualize the worst outcomes, its possible to act towards those negative outcomes, its like a selffullfilling prophecy, when you expect negative things to happen, they are more likley to happen. And its very hard to visualize negative outcomes in the morning without kind of expecting them.

  14. Wasn't he a bit of a hypocrite?! He wrote down what he thought was most important – to do the right thing according to his conscience – yet he did so many things that were just plain wrong – kept slaves, waged war, stole conquered lands and killed people who opposed him and his empire. He was just a bully who said one thing and did another. Maybe he was aware of this and his writings were just confessions that he did not practise what he preached (apparently his writings were just for himself – like modern 'journalling' and were meant to be burned after his death (maybe because he knew his words did not match his deeds) and were never meant to be published for others to read.

  15. I've been going through some shit lately. This stoic stuff is very pragmatic. I am extremely grateful for these videos. They've really helped me put things in perspective. TIL from one of your vids that CBT has roots in stoicism. Pretty cool!

  16. Excellent 👍 👍 presentation 👍 👍 enjoy ur videos. Learn a lot and remind myself of what I know but may have forgotten

  17. Bunch of people talking about being stoic and shit… the only way you become stoic is when go thru hell and mean real shit like war etc.. and still can go on. Then you are stoic.. life will make you one, if you resist you get destroyed.

  18. For some reason, I can't skip around using the progress bar for this video. Perhaps that's teaching me stoicism by showing me that I'm not in control?

  19. One of the most powerful King in the world after Jesus Christ was Alexander The Great, I mean historically significance.. And another one was Burebista King of dacians.. During his leadership, the roman empire were paying a lot of money to the dacians for not having any battle on the northern frontiers of the empire.. The same king had so much power that he got involved in the political battle between Cezar and Pompey, that is real power

  20. "Indifference" is a bad, misleading choice of concept for the title. I don't think Stoicists do not Care. Actually, I'd say they do Care so much that they make themselves Different, Differentiating themselves (like Marco Aurelius did) from the people that don't Care and who are the Indifferent people. Of course it's all about a Redistribution of Indifference/Care in the selves. But you didn't developed this issue very well.

  21. I've yet to walk around not caring about anything. That's psychotic to me. We have feelings they are normal why repress them?

  22. The Encheiridion is really not that good. Honestly it bored me. Negative visualization is negative in itself – not Stoic.

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