Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 3 Minutes! | Entire Series Animated Recap

Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 3 Minutes! | Entire Series Animated Recap

(dramatic music) (record scratching) – [Narrator] Wait a minute, this ain’t your daddy’s Star Wars. This is Clone Wars. The Star Wars galaxy is in peril. Too many movies in too little time. The only hope lies in
resurrecting a television show that’s been cut off more
times than a Skywalker’s arm. Filling in the spaces
between the beloved Episodes II and III, and finally
answering the questions of what the heck Obi-Wan was
talking about in A New Hope. This is Star Wars: The
Clone Wars in three minutes. Rebellious Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker faces off against old
tarantula-faced Admiral Trench. Using unorthodox tactics and
ignoring Obi-Wan’s orders as usual, Anakin defeats
Trench and gets praise from his secret wife,
Senator Padme Organa. Padme uses her political powers for good in the Senate, proving
to be the only effective politician in the universe. Anakin, yet to be granted
the rank of Jedi Master, takes on the impetuous
Ahsoka Tano as his Padawan. Anakin hates the idea at
first but she quickly proves to be a badass Jedi and Anakin
gives her the nickname Snips. Master Yoda wins a security bid, defeating Count Dooku and his apprentice,
Ventress in the process. Clone Trooper favorites Rex and Cody train a new group of pawns, I mean clones, to become key figures in the Clone Wars. Proving that they are loyal
servants who would never, ever turn their backs on the Jedi. R2-D2 is captured by
Grievous for information hidden in his memory bank. Hm, sensing a pattern here. Padme is captured while
on a diplomatic mission. C-3PO saves the day with
help from absolute legend Jar Jar Binks, yes, that Jar Jar Binks. Ahsoka and Master Luminara
escort the captured Viceroy. They’re betrayed by Captain Argyus. The Viceroy is rescued by Ventress, who immediately kills Argyus. Anakin and Obi-Wan are
captured alongside Count Dooku by a pirate led by Hondo. The Jedi and Sith worked
together to escape and are ultimately rescued by Jar Jar. Palpatine hires Cad Bane
to steal the knock list. A list of kids who could move
broomsticks with the Force. So Cad Bane kidnaps
those kids, taking them to Mustafar to be trained as Sith. Padme discovers the separatist traitor in the Senate, her ex-boyfriend, Clovis. Anakin gets jealous and
kills a bunch of sand people. Speaking of forbidden
love, Obi-Wan reunites with Duchess Satine of
Mandalore and helps her fight off a group of assassins
called the Death Watch. Obi-Wan faces off against General Grievous to save a kidnapped Jedi. Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan
work with bounty hunters to protect a group of
villagers from pirates. Young Boba Fett, with the
help of his bounty hunter buddies, vows revenge on
Mace Windu for cutting off his father’s head. Palpatine orders Dooku to
kill Ventress, but he fails. She turns to the Knight Sisters
for help seeking revenge. Dooku, in need of a new
apprentice, take on Savage Opress, brother of Darth Maul, who is secretly under the Knight Sisters’ control. After he has an existential
crisis that ends in neither Dooku or Ventress being killed, Savage Opress sets off to find his brother who might not be so dead after all. Anakin sees into the future revealing his turn to the Dark
Side, but like the droids at the end of Revenge of the Sith, his mind is completely erased. Ashoka escapes hunters with the help of younglings and Chewbacca. The clone troopers take down General Crell who betrays the Jedi and warns
the Dark Order on the way. Ashoka develops a crush
on the young separatist named Lux who uses the Death
Watch to capture Count Dooku but surprise, they have other plans, leaving Dooku uncaptured
and the Death Watch alive. Obi-Wan fakes his own
death and goes undercover to stop Cad Bane’s plot
to kidnap Palpatine. Savage Opress finds Darth
Maul on a junk planet. He gets Maul out of his weird funk and upgrades his robo legs. Darth Maul as master leads their mission of revenge against the Jedi. Later, Maul and Opress team
up with the Death Watch to capture Duchess Satine,
causing Obi-Wan to feel strictly forbidden anger. In a pissing contest over
which side of the Force is better, Maul kills Satine and Obi-Wan can’t overpower Maul and
Opress, so with the help of the angry Ventress, he escapes. Palpatine attacks Maul and
Oppress, killing Opress in the process of warning
Maul to get out of the way. The Jedi blame Ashoka for
a murder and she becomes a fugitive on the run. She proves her innocence,
but bitterly leaves the Jedi Order, never to be seen again. The clone trooper, Tup,
no longer a rookie, starts to get a weird, incurable headache. He sees a doctor who
discovers that the clones are under mind control to kill the Jedi. Clone trooper Fives
learns the clone might be under mind control and tries to help the right people, but dies. Clovis returns to help Padme,
only to make a move on her, leading Anakin to lay
the smackdown on him. Later, Clovis sacrifices himself
to save Padme and Anakin. Yoda gets in touch with Qui-Gon Jinn and goes to Dagobah, where he
sees a whole bunch of spoilers and that’s the story of
Star Wars: The Clone Wars in three minutes and that’s
two minutes more than I can sit through The Phantom Menace. Subscribe and like, you will. (menacing music)

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100 Replies to “Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 3 Minutes! | Entire Series Animated Recap”

  1. This video is for non-fans before season 7. Since Star Wars the clone wars was removed from Netflix.

    Edit: I just watched this so I can just see if you actually put this in order in 3 MINUTES!!!

  2. It seems like there was a weird disproportion in how you summed it up. Almost half of the actual summary is about season 1, leaving very little for the consequential seasons.

  3. He forgot the part on Morris where Ahsoka dies and Anakin resurrects her and then hugs her FOR THE ONLY TIME IN THE SERISE

  4. 0:50 Ashoka may call him master but until the council grants him the rank young Skywalker has to take a seat. I know its outrageous and unfair!

  5. I can’t stop thinking about Fives death. He was so close to revealing the truth then dumb Commander Fox shot him. 😔

  6. 3:03 , yeah that didn't happen.

    Obi-Wan escaped from Mandalore with the help of Bo Katan, Satine's sister and Pre Viszla's former lackey.

    Ventress helping him escape from Maul happened in an entirely different story arc. Nit-picking, I know.

  7. I'm surprised that there wasn't a few seconds referring to the Night Sisters getting mowed down by Grievous (with his drawn model from 1:56 to 1:59 just casually walking straight as the Night Sisters run into his bored spinning).

  8. I think my favorite part was the Episode VII and VII titles,
    Episode VII – A New New Hope
    Episode VIII – Lose All Hope

    —> These describe these movies exactly in my mind…

  9. I didn’t like it because of everything he got wrong but what are you going to do in three minutes I guess


  11. I didn’t think it could be done but man you actually did it😂well done!! I’m seriously giggling right now because- how!!

  12. Obi Wan escapes from Mandalore with the help of Satine’s sister, not Ventress. The Ventress thing happens earlier, when Obi Wan is sent by the Jedi to kill Maul on Hondo’s planet, which was the reason that Maul teamed up with Death Watch in the first place.

  13. You missed several arcs and spliced several others together.
    Examples of missed:
    Youngling Arc
    D Team Arc (Colonel Meebur Gaascon)
    Etc.- this show’s just too long to fit into a 3 minute summary.

  14. The parody of the CW narrator cracks me up every time.

    And yet we still never saw why it took Yareal Poof fifteen years to get those pizzas.

  15. So much of this was wrong and I love it! I'm just glad Clone Wars is back! Also Darth Jar Jar I give a 10

  16. This video is not visible in my liked playlist. Youtube has been
    shadow-banning some videos. I have witnessed this kind of censorship on
    Youtube since before 2016. But it has gotten way worse.

  17. The animation was good, but the fact that he pronounced Ahsoka "Ashoka" through the entire video made me want to impale the screen with a lightsaber. Also, Padme ORGANA?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! HAVE SOME RESPECT!

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