Spinning Black Holes

Spinning Black Holes

Top 10 Controversial Moments In Teen Titans – Part 2

Top 10 Controversial Moments In Teen Titans – Part 2

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  1. how much time does it take for a black hole to eat a star .. and we have a technology of a hundred years or so . how can we observe it . in just 10 or a 100 years . i believe it will take thousand or a million years for a black hole to do its process .

  2. I'm not 100% agree with a black hole theory and also I don't have a batter explanation ether, just the feeling. In science, the feeling has no place but also have a place?

  3. Why is r-isco not the event horizon?

    Also, does the Earth have an r-isco (satellites orbiting too close get pulled in by gravity/atmosphere)? If so, we could tell Newtonian physics is wrong simply from objects orbiting too close to planets

  4. If the gravitational force of a black hole is so great that light can't escape, I wonder what the inside of one looks like.

  5. 3:16 – Oh so its not possible for matter to collapse perfectly and create a black hole without spin, but its possible for a "big bang" to line things up perfectly to form humans – extremely complicated organism…This is just outrageous and I call bs

  6. So black holes eat stars and that’s how galaxies are born…. looks like you guys kinda got this whole thing figured out. Pack up, the day is over.

  7. How much you wanna bet a black hole is dark matter and that black hole have you guys seen a white hole it's amazing

  8. 0:34
    I think it is not rare.
    Only for us with the limited sight.
    Our technology is not good enough to scan the whole univers at the same time.

  9. if dwarf star is rotating around black hole then intensity of light by the star should varying due to bending of light?

  10. I don't believe space is expanding.. or dark matter. Think about a firework going off or an explosion. The Big Bang was just an explosion and all matter is still moving in the direction it went to this day with almost nothing in space to stop it. When black holes get large.. so does their magnetic field. Eventually this magnetic field will encompass other stars and black holes and they will merge until there is one single black hole with all the matter in the universe. (Singularity).. Then it explodes again and does the same thing over and over for all of time.

  11. Wow, if there will be any possibility to this white dwarf to get free from gravitation of black hole, it would be a so deadly bullet… Just imagine a star core, that moves in space with 0.5 speed of light. It will rip a starts like a butter and just go forward.

  12. That "White" dwarf is about the size of Earths moon but weights a million times more than our Sun. According to this video, this dwarf is spinning around the black hole at half the speed of light😮😮😮😧

  13. 3:46 for Indian " you have to understand isko " mean " your have to understand this " isko ( इसको ) = This !! 😋

  14. 6:01 but i learned before that , redshift only tell how fast star moving away from us ! So what your mean ??

  15. you're going to explain how we "know" a spinning black hole ate a star? you're supposed to be veritasium … many elements of TRUTH! You're repeating a bunch of theory which is unproven. Does the math work? yes, according to those (who understand) the math. Does that mean we should call it truth? No, it's theory. … it's not just one theory, it's a stack of theory. for example, when "these scientists" discover a black hole (by an instrument with way too much signal to noise) which shouldn't exist… they scratch their heads and Make up sh1t (like e.g. Dark Matter) to explain how their stack of theories can be created! Wow, this isn't science. Science is a theory/model which Can be Falsified by Experiments… Anybody doing experiments to Falsify Black Hole theory???? Nope! they, like you, are all bought in! too stupid! … oh the other star wandered by making the black hole light up which is Why the black holes aren't dark… wow, too stupid! :-p

  16. A naked singularity… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA if a black hole was spinning fast enough to become naked it would be shooting out omg particles and gamma rays like mad, And it would be rather rare. Coughs, Thats what i would consider to be hawking radiation, Perhaps its a spin state.

  17. Oye…. you speak waaay to fast for me…. Me is a mortal my frend….. no understand astrofisics easy…. No, seriously, I know Americans have lead us to watch a lot faster movies and videos over the decades for some reason, but this is astrophysics man! please have mercy on us and try and explain as if we were some 6 year olds okay? Ok, I have some questions….. 1. If it is a black HOLE, why does it have a mass???? I mean, I know the outer "space" is no such a thing, it´s rather like a tissue of space-time…. that I understand…. But talking about black holes, Why? Why is there a mass in something that we call a "hole"? I mean, what is this mass made off? black matter?2… wait…. let me watch again…

  18. 2. R ISCO decreases by a factor of 6? 6 what? Where did that number come from? 3. They think a maximum spin in a black hole is equal to its event horizon? Can you please explain?

  19. Thank You for a great video, big fan of this channel. I do have a question though and I apologize for potential ridiculousness of it as astro-physics or or really any physics is very far from being my daily subjects of involvement but are much of personal curiosity. So if the massive star that got eaten by the black hole actually got consumed while passing by the black hole then wouldn't it's trajectory have to intersect with the actual event horizon of the black hole in order to be effected or is the animation just not correct? Also wouldn't the mass of the star that got eaten have to be smaller than that or the dwarf star that is apparently circling the black hole emitting those x-rays in order to experience effect of the gravity since the dwarf star manages to circle around without the experience of the same effect? and lastly how come there is any light or debris left circling the black hole? by my logic if the large massive start got engulfed while passing by then there really shouldn't be anything left from it and only hawking radiation would get emitted according to some earlier videos from this channel. Greatly appreciate any potential relative responses 🙂

  20. So if a small black hole (newly formed out of a collapsing sun) spins faster than a bigger one, isn´t thar just an indicator that we haven´t really reached a singularity on the inside of the black hole, because there is still stuff spinning around. Thus less spin should be an indicator for a "denser" black hole coming closer to a true singularity, while the shape tha we see becomes larger. This would provoce the question: Should something truely being infinite dense (so a singularity) should be not be spinning at all and be infintly large at the same time consuming everything/ the whole universe?
    Like relativly speaking.. the more it consumes and denser it becomes, it appears bigger because it has just consumed more mass.
    Like if you would blow up a ballon, fill it up with a little but of something floating around (e.g. dust) and let that represent suff floating around in our universe.
    Poke a hole in the ballon and stuff will be blown out. But if you were on the inside living on the "dust" it would appear as stuff was sucked in that hole. Stuff would be even spinning and twerling around that hole. But the hole wouldn´t really become bigger but seen from the inside it has sucked up so much of your observable space it relativly appears larger from your point of view. At the same time the more stuff it has sucked out the less stuff is of course on the inside and twerling around that hole. Until the point there is nothing more left in that ballon and it's totally empty ( a state you can't really achive with a ballon). At this point the hole would make up the whole abservable space as well as kinda not excisting at all.

  21. So is a Galaxy not just a giant accretion disk? Just instead of near by gravity affect, it attracted further and further out, allowing the close objects to attract some further away and so on till a galaxy is formed?

  22. Just want to have a cool conversation about the coolest topic of science right now… SPACE TRAVEL… but I'm not a Scientist…

    Have you guys considered that the negative energy needed in the warp drive could be the same energy that civilizations 3 tier from the KARDASHEV Scale would harvest from black holes? since planets and stars have mass and mass creates Positive Energy + Time and Gravity in the Plain Field right?
    the accretion disc is a + in the math of the black hole with the mass of the other…

    Again, sorry, I'm no scientist, but if black holes harvest energy from the positive universe it may transform in negative energy when it goes in, but with time it may let the negative energy out if they are like wormholes right? and that's what I'm thinking what if black holes do let this energy come out and there are like billions of black holes out there and they make the expansion slowly but getting faster because of the energy they pull in making them bigger… making the process of acceleration of the universe faster because of this energy that comes back…

    And if this would be possible to happen we would need some kind of harvest machine for it… something that doesn't get pulled inside the horizon of events but it's all around it to harvest that energy that comes out of it…

  23. i thought the faster you move, the closer circle you can make, so it wouldnt have anything to do with the black hole spinning, but how fast the stuff around it is moving

  24. what if a black hole is just some sort of advanced cloaking device by a very advanced alien race and they are out harvesting stars for power.

  25. No black holes have been seen. only very fast rotations of stars. AKA plazmoid. Universe is ELECTRIC period.. VERY out dated information.. but i like you. get up with walace thornhill.. You will do a lot better!

  26. Okay so, this sounds like a dumb set of questions. Is there a range within the orbit of a black hole where life can be sustainably formed and maintained? Like a Goldilocks zone present in stellar orbits for solar systems? Is there a point where the amount of radiation is such that life can exist without being heavily impacted by said radiation?

  27. When I was young, black holes were sc-fi …. then what happened? I ment by that when did it became so real??? Few years back when we captée a quantum wave??

  28. Not even light can escape a black hole, except when it does, and stuff can just float around it. Look at this picture we took. Such fiction.

  29. I have a question about how time behaves inside a black hole, reggarding the spin. If for a distant observer time seems to go slower the closer you are to the singularity, does this mean that at the singularity there's no time for any observer outside the event horizon? If so, how can the accretion disk's r isco be affected by a spin that is not actually happening outside the zero dimensional singularity because of the infinitely slow time? In simple words, how can a singularity spin if there is no time?

  30. Note to viewers: This is all nonsense, I'm brainwashed and socially inept so I still believe in the "space" deception. I do this of course for views and to keep the satanic lies dispelling the truth alive. I am an minion and even realize there are no pics of Earth from "space" but I'm to hardened to use logic. Burn in hell!

  31. i would be interested in time scales for cosmic events, obviously animation runs at a speed that lets us see the action, real time could take weeks or be gone in a flash, but it's hard to get a grasp of cosmic events, some do take seconds, some take days and others take years, but black holes, galaxies, exploding stars, all these things are a bit hazy to me time-scale wise, stuff might be flying off a star near the speed of light, but it could still be years before a jet of gas, or a cloud of dust can be detected. i'll look, but are there any vids that talk about how long different cosmic events take? thanks.

  32. I would like to know on what timescales those events take place, like the shredding of a star by a black hole. Is it hundreds of years of millions of years? Or even just a few years?

  33. Sorry mate, been loving your videos and find your very insightful. But black holes are fiction. A theoretical result of an equation. Not observable and not provable. What is provable is that they are not possible and the maths will prove that Einstein manipulates figures and reality to serve his purpose. As a lot of mathemagicians like to do. Watch this brilliant mathematician and decide for yourself if what you thought is right, is still right. 🙂



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