Regular Show Muscle Mentor Best Cartoon For Kids & Children – Harry Willis

Regular Show Muscle Mentor Best Cartoon For Kids & Children – Harry Willis

finally could you close the door please yeah close the door just sit down as you guys may or may not know how about one of them jeff forge me grills that’s actually not a bad idea but pops has been watching his cholesterol Doctor’s orders what else how about we get him some new Gardening tool yeah but at least i didn’t say the same thing that we got him last year just a second okay you can come in now You want to know what to get me for my birthday Well that’s quite simple what is it pops a pair of fuzzy dice from the funny fun zone yeah, i mean either i can’t stand that place all those nasty kids yeah and talk about substandard pizza and what about that annoying animatronic band yeah all right all right oh, i can’t bend the rules for you sir because it just wouldn’t be a fun fun zone without fun funner rules okay May i help you yeah hi we’d like a pair of fuzzy dice please that’ll be 1 million tickets No, rex nice what’s that like ten bucks dude it’s not ten bucks it’s $10,000 wow really all right bad news everybody we’re gonna have to win alright guys i’ve got some bad news we’re 20 thousand this will have to be a team effort the faster we go the more chance is to throw the ball as we Get so i want everyone to line up and win two balls drop i’m sinking 1 million tickets what would you like we’ll take the fuzzy dice yeah for pops creep away well 10 years ago we knocked over bait city jewelers and made off with millions worth of uncut diamonds whose diamond jerk you clowns came along and ruined everything Can’t we just have the dice without the diamonds it’s too late and you know too much copy that bat manor we do we do what we will made it Dude it’s time to put muscle man in his place you got the fake lottery ticket Hey muscle man happy birthday and that’s gretchen nothin nobody wins these things come on scratch it dude? you could win a million dollars fine but i’m keeping this quarter big lottery ticket yeah why what’s the big deal The last guy you pranked him with money didn’t end up so well it all happened a couple of years ago during the pogrom huh the real winning number is three four five The break deserves an ending What happened to the guy he never walked again so i worked again i can’t remember Dude we gotta go tell us remodeling please now don’t eat it rub me again i’ll remodel your face So maybe now’s not a good Dude what are we gonna do maybe if we break it to him gently what’s only half of our bones are crushed No i mean if we get him in a good mood he won’t be so mad when we tell him cuz there’s no, way you can afford my appetite reeks oh thanks the mordecai and rigby for giving me that lottery ticket breaking things you got that right bro i love breaking things especially things that disappoint me things like these wings on me Worse he’s never gonna be able to pay for all the stuff he’s breaking No thanks to you backing out of telling him the truth i don’t see you telling Him the truth i’m not telling him ah rock paper scissors For who has to tell him muscle man wait what is it there’s something we need to tell you the lottery ticket It’s fake we wanted to get you back for pranking us it’s just me oh mordecai has something he wants to tell you how i just, wanted to tell you that i hope you don’t forget us when you’re rich this they’re trying to cheat me out of my money this machine’s not valid i have a winning ticket give me my money Disrupting and tampering with lottery machines is a federal offense if you do not stop we will use force force not, y’all bro i’m trying, to keep my money that i rightfully won from the lottery ticket you guys gave me We didn’t mean for it to go so far yeah you were just pranking us So much, we wanted to get you back look at the ticket You guys, and the park too right no sorry bree the contract you take care now nate you bros have health insurance right yeah why cuz you’re gonna need full coverage when i print you back thanks for sharing saudis yeah man thanks for sharing the tunes who’s comin atcha it’s nothing on the catwalk up at wh o z billboard Downtown but you gotta be in it to win it so come on down Tomorrow at noon for your chance to win a vintage muscle car just first yeah, we should Hey there radio listeners this is the night owl coming to you live from dude we are gonna look So cool all up in there yeah we will if there’s something on my face uh No, then quits we’re not leaving here today without that car so you know what we have to do yes and those other losers home in their cruddy card it’s over what contest can’t be over my ratings were just starting to get good bring in the isolation booth That’s funny because that’s not what mordecai said what did mordecai say well that he was gonna take the car for himself rigby said that well we did it yep yeah guess all that’s left to do now is step down and get the car that sounds about right Well know what you’re up to you know what i’m up to i know what you’re up to step1 working with you was a huge mistake and step two get off this billboard you smell like bully how long have we just hand out of my face i never said that that’s what rigby said what that’s what the night out told me but the night out told me that’s what hi five ghost that’s not good we gotta get out of here muscle man can you start that car yeah let’s blow this popsicle stop runners return to your display at once by order of the night owl no no, you must have built this museum around the people i don’t think attention museum patrons the time-machine exhibit will be closing in five minutes the way certain to what you are and what you always must be ice cubes in my drink of success now get back in your glass contest selection let’s see awesome idea for a cunt man i’m glad that’s over with yeah that contest blue lugs hey you don’t think we’re gonna run into our past selves do you know you can’t exist with yourself at any Go on dude Is being audited pop’s tried to pay the parks taxes with lollipops yes the government takes our stuff away Okay we only have till three to stop the audit does anyone know someone who can help us anybody hmm hey we know someone we do no, no, way what if you know somebody you through birthday bro Oh, sorry rigby i just wanted to give you some birthday sugar i don’t want your freaking sugar i’ll give you yeah don really made that party call your brother no call your brother no I hate him fine mordecai you call him you better not you guys are making a big mistake don’t ruin this for us rigby and such short notice i’m benson benson give me some sugar nice to meet ya hey this sugar shack come here guy i haven’t seen you in forever Yeah! I know Oh, it’s been forever rigby nothing So then i said you’re not an accountant you’re an accountant can’t But it don’t correct me i know what it is Whoa there i’m sensing some tension bro i think it’s time we all take a well-deserved break can you pass the ball rigby he’s not even doing the debit its audit ah rigby why don’t you just try being nice to your brother he’s actually pretty cool Rick bone how about a little pre saving the park sugar you, know for almost being done saving the park no, i’m sorry i just gotta get out of here Dude what are you doing he was almost done uh he’s not So cool i can finish this up myself hon we brought you a cake it’s almost 3:00 were you able to stop the audit uh almost done benson bone how i said this thing no dude What happened brittany blew it you wouldn’t give dawn sugar what go give him some sugar In this don’t tell me what to do you don’t know what it’s like To have a brother so you don’t know You’re right i don’t have a brother but i kind of know what it’s like with brothers you always got To make do and i think you should make do too now will you please get dawn to stop this audit look, i’m glad you guys stopped by but it was it just the birthday party it’s everything I’m always in your shadow you’re so much better than me everyone likes you better you i try to look like you and i don’t wear clothes just like you remember when you started walking around naked i thought you were so cool yeah dude that was I got it i just have to do one more thing braemore dough but an accountant’s work is never done thanks for everything don do come back soon Mm-hmm! well big brother

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