Poland space adventures – Countryball animation

Poland space adventures – Countryball animation

What are you doing Poland I’m watching I’m watching New, no ideas videos Wait what he has not released anything new Yes. He did It’s on the second channel he said that he will leave this channel only for animations and he will do reddit gameplays and Streams on on the second YouTube channel, you will find a link to his second channel in the description. Wow. Oh, I’ll be sure to subscribe to this channel now go back to work But but I want to see one more video go back to work or I’m not paying you. What do you mean? You don’t pay me anyways Ohh Well, anyways, go back to work Shut up. I’ll just use this space weapon to destroy you pew *explosion noises* God dammit he’s too powerful. I’ll have to comply this time until I become stronger *flying noises* Wrom Wrom Polska is a rocket. I go inside the space I go into more space Wrom *flying noise* Here we have Europe the moon of Jupiter hello, Europe Poland We are not in space. No Space is Everywhere Poland. Is there an existential crisis you postponing by running away? *flying noise* Maybe’s do you have one? Wram Can can can moon into spaceship of yes follow me. Next stop is Mars

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100 Replies to “Poland space adventures – Countryball animation”

  1. Like the video if you think that Poland is cute.

    Also check out this awesome channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBTuQUdG1mXMt87JEOd4mcA

  2. There's something Britain doesn't know about, but it's a scary weapon that doesn't kill you right away, but it's short-lived.

  3. Wtf We have bigos 4 rocket and We had meteor rocket and polish man are be on orbit Mirosław Harmaszewski so why Poland can not to space 😡

  4. Plz make a vidio where polan actuly into space, for real cause it is kinda depressing to see polan like this
    Reply if you agree people plz) anyways good vid i liked it

  5. Anyone else get the joke. That Europe is the moon of Jupiter but the actually name of one of Jupiter’s moons is Europa

  6. Poland actually had an astronaut, Mirosław Hermaszewski. And there are Poles in the Elon Musk’s Mars citizen program, if I recall correctly. So we CAN into spejs.

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