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Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Pilot
Animation studio of Alexander Tatarskiy Present «Piglet»
Part 1 – «Babysitter» I don’t know about you, …but I live in the most beautiful place on earth. Our trees are the highest, …fences are the straightest. Everything is in order. Even the sun rises every morning. I make sure of it, so I know. As soon as the sun rises the neighbors wake up… and say good morning to each other. And after this everything just… …goes on very well, of course. My favorite thing to do in the morning… …is to help my uncle Petya. I really don’t know how… …he would manage without me. When our Mum and Dad go out to the exhibition… …in the morning they never worry about us, …they know we always have someone to babysit us. Every nanny should remember: …the most important thing is playing outside. …The more games you know… …the more children love you. I love all kinds of games. “Lost and lost”, …for example, or “looking for the baddy”. Our grandpa comes to play with us once in
a while, but the game never goes very well. Daddy says it is because he once
played “A ghost in the graveyard”. I still don’t understand what it means… …did he win or lose? Of course, the most fun is
when we all play together. …Especially if the game has some goal. Our nanny is great, …she always invents something new. She never gets tired… can draw very well. She always remembers that after playing games… …you need to feed the children well. And put them to sleep. When our Mum and Dad get home, …they feel very pleased that everything here is ok. The day was just perfect. …Why, what could have happened?… …It is pure pleasure to babysit children like us. Scriptwriter
Natalya Rumyantseva Director
Natalya Berezovaya Art director
Maxim Polyakov
Artist of backgrounds
Maria Yakushina Composer
Timur Vedernikov
Sound director
Alena Nikolaeva Role was sounded by
Larisa Brokhman Animators:
O.Antonenkova V.Bayramgulov A.Bobrova Animators:
E.Volkova P.Genender
N.Scriabina E.Chernyavskaya assistant to the director
Oksana Fomushkina
O.Fomushkina M.Yakushina Production manager
L.Bubnenkov General producer of the project
Igor Gelashvili The End

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