OVER? [Student Animation]

OVER? [Student Animation]

Haha, it doesn’t take much to get you scared, huh? What’s that for? Hello, hello, come in? There’s no cell phone signal down in the basement, and it’s easy to get lost. So when you get to scared that you run away screaming, and you lose your way, we can at least find each other again with these. Well? Are you coming or what? What are we even doing down here? Come-on, you’ve heard the stories, haven’t you? The mysterious screams and scary sounds that people have been talking about– Don’t you think it’s exciting!? “Something’s” down here… S-stop it! You promised you’d come along. If you back out now I’ll have to post that picture of you on Facebook! I know, I know! I’ll come along. L-listen, can’t we just turn around? There’s nothing down here – and I don’t even think we’re allowed to be here! Hello? Helena? Helena? What the hell? Don’t do that! Screw this, I’m outta here! Come-on Tiffy! Seriously. Can’t you take a joke? Tiffy? Tiffany? Hey, come-on… over? Tiff? Tiffany? Where are you? Tiff? Answer if you can hear me. O-over? Tiffa? OH SHIT!! Ahaha! Did I scare you? What the– No, of course not! You just surprised me a bit! Come, let’s just go home, okay? Yeah… There’s nothing down here anyways.

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  1. reminds me of many other horror stories where the friend brings the other along only as bait or to be used. What comes to mind is hunting school mermaids story and dolls incased in the flesh of the deceased.

  2. Nice job. I'm actually finishing up a Halloween cartoon of my own in that same cut-out style, what are the odds? Cool character designs, and nice interpretation of the theme!

  3. I love your animations! They are always so cool and unique! The voice acting is a bit off… but im sure you'll get the hang of it! Dont be afraid to ask friends or family to help voice… it just adds to the fun of making it! :3

  4. It was some friends of mine who voice acted in this short. They did their best with the given 48 hour time contraint that we had to make the entire thing 🙂

  5. That's a creepy short! And really cool visuals too! Good work for a 48 hour work time. (I assume you didn't even get 48 hours to animate, since some time went to storyboarding and planning)

  6. I really like the visuals of the film, and the sparse sound design. Its sort of let down by some distracting voice acting tho. Aside from that I really enjoyed it.

  7. Haha, don't blame Sif for the bad voice acting. I did the voice for the girl with the black hair and one from my class did the other. We know that it's horrible, but the lack of time and equipment had a lot to do with the quality. Sif is an amazing director and editor 🙂

  8. Great great job I would love to learn more about animation but unfortunately I don't have the money to buy a tablet or an animation program let alone a drawing program plus my laptop broke a few months ago

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