Night of the Dripping Dead – Kings of Atlantis (Ep. 3)

♪ Brothers in adventure,
a chicken and a penguin ♪ Together we’ll he heroes,
save the people from evil ♪ ‘Cause we’re the kings,
we’re the Kings of Atlantis ♪ We’ll defend our destiny ♪ We were born to be kings ♪ We’re the Kings of Atlantis ♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa,
Kings of Atlantis (upbeat keyboard music) – I’ve never been so happy. – Come on, you guys,
it’s just pizza. – Pizza, game nights,
how great is this? – Joe, what if that’s it? – What’s what? – We keep clashing with Phaeton, but all the best parts
of Atlantis could be right here in the reef. – But what about– – Joe, listen, you might be
great at parties and pranks, but we both know I’m
the better planner. – I guess.
– Exactly. So trust me when I tell
you we’ve got everything we need right here. (sinister music) – Note to self. No more hiring anyone who
can’t clean as they go. Just a little dusting,
it’s not so hard. Alchemor, reveal yourself! – [Alchemor] Lord Phaeton? I’m in the back. – No, that’s okay. You come to me. – [Alchemor] Of course, my king. (grunting) – You have that which I desire? – A way to turn the
population to your will? To bend them to your desires? To force their meek minds
into quivering submission? I call it loyalty oil. – Okay, I’m liking this. There’s more? (laughing) Oh yes. I’m liking this very much. – Just something. Just a little
om-noms for Urchie. Please, oh please, just a
bite just a crunch just a– – [Storm Guard] Well
now, what’s this? – It looks like a
little freeloader. Too good to work, street urchin? – Work, is there work? Urchie will work,
Urchie love work. But no work to be found. Not under Phaeton,
no, no, no, no. – That’s enough out of you. Stealing from this
fine establishment and bad mouthing the King? – We got a place for your kind. – What was that? Show yourself. – Could it be? (metallic clanking) – Picking on innocent citizens? You guards are a disgrace. – The Sneaky Sisters are here
to put you back in your place. – Oh, thank clam, is
this a rap battle? – No. – It’s a battle battle. (shouting) Why! – Yes, it’s the Sisters! Urchie has heard of
legends, helping, saving! – Aw, it’s the least we can do. – So happy is this one, so truly so lucky
to be saved by– (coughing) – Are you all– (moaning) – Why, garbage food? Why you do this to Urchie? – I don’t think
this is your diet. (groaning) – And we can have a
soda place over there, and a sweet virtual
reality arcade over there, and then a better soda place. – Um, Cody, I think
you should see this. – Green cloud? Probably Phaeton
forgetting to shower. Big deal, not our problem. – [Joe] Maybe our problem. – Definitely our problem. No matter what your big
plans are for this place, that city is still your home. Our home. Are you just going
to let it become– – Stinky, Cody, I really
don’t want the city to become stinky, that’s
where I keep all my stuff. – Joe, this is our home now. (thunder rumbling) Fine, we’ll go
save the day again. – [Pikalus] Boys, the feeling
I’m having about this? Not good. – Whoa. What happened to everyone? – [Pikalus] Phaeton must’ve
put a curfew in place. But there’s something
else at play, boys. Look. – What is that, oil? – Not strictly speaking. I’ve never seen
anything like it. The properties are
strange, alchemical. – Oh no, alchermickel? – You don’t know
what that word means. – I know it sounds terrifying. Look, I know we’re
here to save the day, but should we call
the Sneaky Sisters? – Knowing them, they
already know we’re– – Here, we’re over here! – Coral, Anemone! It’s Joe and Cody,
What’s happening? We saw the oil and thought
something might be wrong. – Uh, Joe, I think
something might be wrong. – Are you okay, ladies? – Do you need help? – No, we’re here to help, you! (shouting) – Run, boys! (upbeat electronic music) Come on, we’ve got
zombies incoming! – [Joe] Cody, a little help! – Come on, Joe! – Whew, that was a close one. (shouting) – I’m sorry m’lady,
I hate to do this, but I must insist
that you buckle up. (growling) (intense electronic music) – We can’t outrun ’em. – Professor, there’s
thousands of them. – Millions! Whatever did this to Coral
and Anemone hit the whole city with some kind of oil. It’s infected them all. – Phaeton made everyone
in Atlantis a zombie? (hissing) – I don’t think she
likes that word. – I don’t think they do either! (yelling) – Ow! – Panic’s not gonna
get us anywhere, Joe. The Professor needs to
work up some sort of cure for this oil. – [Pikalus] No pressure! – And you need to help him. – What? But I’m no good at science. – I’m the better fighter,
and we can’t have both of us out there in case things go bad. Find a cure, Joe. (electrical zapping) (growling) Anemone, it’s me, Cody. I don’t want to hurt you. – Hurt you! – In your dreams. – No dreams, nightmares! (growling) – I should be out
there helping Cody. – We can’t lose both of you. (hissing) – Shouldn’t you be more careful? Don’t want to catch that. – It’s not contagious,
it’s infectious. The oil in the water,
that’s what did it. It’s essentially a virus. It makes you sick, but
instead of sneezing and becoming generally gross, you become completely
loyal to Phaeton. And also generally gross. Regardless, we need some
way of causing the cells to revert to their
original state, but without a clean sample, I have no
idea how this was made. – That’s it! Cody, can you hear me? – Little busy, Joe! – [Joe] We need more
time, keep them busy. – I don’t think
that’ll be a problem. Hey, that’s mine. (metallic clanking) Anemone, I’m sorry. When we cure you, you
can shock me back. – Easy, Coral. All good. I’m not gonna ice you, I’m
just going to boop your snoot. – Excellent Joe, The pure oil! – [Cody] I’m here,
day saving activate. – Actually, your brother
has the situation well under control. – The antidote! – [Pikalus] Give it
to Coral, quickly! – Where am I? – Yes, it works! – Well unless you have a plan
to make a million zombies drink from those
tubes one by one, I think we’re gonna
need a bigger boat. – I beg to disagree. What we need is a smarter boat. And the CephaloPod
is the smartest. (coughing) – How did you figure it out? – Just had an instinct. – Joetheus has the mind
of a young scientist. I’m quite proud of him. – I’m sorry I said you
were bad at planning. Clearly, you’re not bad at it. – Yeah, and you’re not
bad at saving a place you don’t even care about. – Atlantis is a
place of freedom. A place of free thought,
family, and ideals. So if this is what our
uncle’s rule is going to do to Atlantis, I’m not
sure there’s any way we could stop fighting now. And if we let Atlantis fall,
we’d be pretty bad kings. – But we’re gonna be good kings. Parties and pranks, yes, but
also planning and protection. – You think so? – I know so. – The very best. – The very best. (electrical zapping) – You said I could zap you back. (upbeat keyboard music)

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