My Mom Taught Me To Manipulate Men For Money

My Mom Taught Me To Manipulate Men For Money

Heyy, I’m Samantha. For years my Mom has been teaching me to hate
all guys and to just use them. And I did! Until recently, when everything changed. Not only for me…but for my Mom as well. You see, my Mom has always been an EXTREMELY
beautiful woman. But for some reason, she was always very unlucky
with men. They have always lied and used her, even my
Dad left as soon as he heard that she was pregnant. This lead to my Mom becoming very angry at
men. She continued to take care of herself, always
dressing up, and being super pretty. She used that to get back at men. She would go on dates with them to expensive
restaurants and make guys pay for everything, and then after a while she would dump them. She started to teach me the same things, and
I’m ashamed to admit that I followed her lead. For example, I acted like I liked this one
guy, and he took me to the movies and would pay for me in cafes. Once I told him that I wanted this beautiful
expensive dress for my birthday, and he spent all of his savings to buy it for me. Shortly after that, I told him it was over
and blocked him everywhere. I made another guy sing a song for me in front
of everyone and then made fun of him. Basically, I did that a lot and my Mom always
supported me. I realized I was wrong, though, when I met
Timothy. I planned to do the same thing to him, but
he was… different. We planned to meet at a cafe, and when we
did, he said, “Hey, let’s go to an art gallery instead.” I was interested because no one ever asked
me to go somewhere like an art gallery. We went there and we were staring at paintings
and also modern art stuff, and at first I was like, “This is so boring,” but then
he started asking me questions like how those paintings made me feel. Afterward we went to a cafe and I just couldn’t
stop talking with him, because he was listening to everything I would say and asking the most
interesting questions. By the end of the date he paid for me and
I felt that I wanted to be with him, but not like before, I wanted to really be with him. When I told my Mom about him, she said “oh,
okay,” but I could see in her eyes that she wasn’t happy about it. She was scared for me, I guess, but couldn’t
express it correctly. I continued to date Timothy, and sometimes
we would just hang out somewhere in the park and TALK. I was never tired of talking with him. My Mom started to act like she always did
when she was offended or upset. She would “forget” to make me breakfast
or suddenly comment that I had gained weight, but she would never say that she was upset
directly. Then she surprised me and asked me to invite
Timothy to have dinner with us. I was so happy! But of course, I forgot that it was all a
trap. We got to my house and there was no food,
and my Mom was like, “Ooh, I forgot about it, how about we order a pizza? Ooh, I forgot my credit card at work, Timothy,
can you pay for the pizza, darling?” I was FURIOUS. We left afterward and Timothy was super confused. I told him everything about my Mom and myself,
and he was surprised, because he had always seen me as this good, kind girl. After a while, my Mom was okay that I was
dating Timothy, but asked for his parents’ phone number so she could call in case of
an emergency. I was happy, but of coooourse this was another
trap. You see, Timothy’s Dad had been single for
many years. Sooo after a while Timothy called and asked
me what was the deal with his Father going on a date with my Mom? I confronted my Mom about it, but she said,
“Well, if you can do whatever you want, why can’t I?” Timothy said that we should keep out of it
because his Dad was a smart man and would figure out what was going on soon enough. So after their date my Mom came home and she
was… glowing with happiness. She was singing a song and also brought me
a delicious slice of cake. I was… suspicious, because usually she wasn’t
HAPPY after her dates. And then another date happened. And another. And many more. And every time she was happy and kind. It was weird, she even stopped dressing up
as much as she usually did, she was okay to go in just a simple pair of jeans. I asked her what was happening and she wouldn’t
look me in the eyes and would twirl her hair with her finger and say “nothing” in a
very sweet voice. She was DEFINITELY planning something bad. I told Timothy that he needed to alert his
Father as soon as possible, and Timothy reluctantly agreed. He would later say that his Dad was very sad,
but because he, the same as my Mom, had bad luck with women, he decided to call off the
date and honestly tell my Mom the reason. I was relieved… but not until I arrived
home and my Mom wasn’t there. I thought that maybe she was running late
at work or was doing something else, but she would usually call. I thought it wasn’t a big deal, so I waited. I tried to call her. No answer. Okay. I waited a bit more. It was getting late. I called again. No answer. I started to panic and went to her work and
asked people who were still there if my Mom was there. They said no and that she was very upset today
and was arguing with everyone. Mom would never argue, she would just be passive
aggressive, you know? What was HAPPENING!? I called all her friends and nobody knew where
she was. I had almost lost all hope so I decided to
call Timothy. He quietly listened to my panicky screaming
and said that he would ask his Father about it. Soon, Timothy and his Dad arrived with a car. His Dad said that maybe she might be in one
of the places they used to go on dates. I suddenly realized how similar Timothy and
his Dad were – he would also take my Mom to very cool and romantic places. She particularly enjoyed the observation deck,
so we drove there. When we arrived, Timothy’s Dad said that
I should go alone. I did and I was so nervous. I finally arrived at the top floor and my
Mom was sitting there, watching the city lights. She was sobbing and a little drunk. I went up to her and asked what happened. She was surprised that I found her. I told her that Timothy’s Father was there. She bit her lip and asked “He is… here?” I hesitated, because I was afraid that she
was still gonna hurt him and I was also selfish because I didn’t want her to date my boyfriend’s
Dad. But I got over myself and asked if she really
liked him, not like all those other times. She nodded and said, “He is different.” I answered “I know.” I called Timothy’s Dad and asked him to
come up and he did. I took a few steps back and let them talk. My Mom had this glowing look on her face again
that she had every time she met with Timothy’s Dad. Aaand then they kissed, so I went straight
back to the car because, ewww. So, now I date Timothy and my mom dates his
Father. It’s weird. If they got married they would technically
make me and Timothy half-siblings or something. But… my Mom found her happiness and it made
her change, in the same way that I changed. My Mom is not perfect and neither am I. I
guess we both learned to compromise and to listen to each other better. Do your parents sometimes act weird, like
they are teenagers and not adults? Please tell your story in the comments, and
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  1. This is my bfs account, but my story is very relatable. My ex bf came to my bday party 6 months after we started dating in freshman year, his mom didnt trust him going alone due to it being out of town a ways. My dad was the one who took me for my bday. And that's when our parents met. She was in a struggling relationship while my dad was single and couldnt afford our house alone. She moved in the next day.. my bf and I living one room apart. Living full time with my bf was a struggle for a year before leaving him. But 2 months into our parents relationship they got pregnant, and then married at 5 months of knowing and being together. Let's just say I'm glad I left him, but I'm grateful for my 2.5 year old brother

  2. So now my mom dates my boyfriends dad
    And i date my boyfriend
    (Idk how to spell his name)

    Me: that sound like Alabama but with extra steps

  3. If they break up theyโ€™d still be forced to see eachother everyday , because they LIVE together ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ง๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  4. Do you see that I don't feel cool thing right there teen life add 730 K views oh my God I feel cool a lot of times this is weird anyways he he he๐Ÿ™€ anyways I'm just eight years old in two months it's my birthday my name is Zoey if you don't know OK well I got I got 40 likes actually 44 likes so I'm telling my last name here I go games there you got it I know you're making fun of me

  5. Does anyone notice that she is dating her stepbrother?!



  6. Ok I study quantum mechanics right now which is far less complicated than this Jerry Springer family situation going on here. Geeesh buncha desperate people.

  7. The ad I got talked about in 208 years the oldest alive person would be great x7 child like no it would be great great great maybe great grand child

  8. you wouldn't be half siblings you would be step siblings and there wouldn't be anything wrong with you dating him or or even having sex since your only step siblings your not blood related at all

  9. Her mom and Timothy's dad kissing
    Her : ewwww!!
    She and Timothy gonna be half siblings , yet she still dates him
    Me : is this normal . Well I guess it's my turn to go all ewwww (because it makes sense)

  10. The mom and Timothyโ€™s dad are probably going to have this big debate about getting married, but eventually decide not to do their kids can still date and everyone can be happy. Eat toast if you agree ๐Ÿ˜›

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