MAYA FEMALE HEAD MODELING for animation tutorial

I’m James Taylor, and this is female head
modeling for animation in Maya 2016 let’s start by taking a look at the
finished topology. when it comes to animating the head, we have two key areas,
the eyes and mouth. with the mouth we have the laugh line that encircles the entire
area, it determines a lot of the animation that happens there. the eye is a bunch of concentric rings, it’s a little bit simpler. the real
trick is getting these two areas to blend together. now to start off I’m
gonna import head specific image planes and with these head image planes, we need them to be
extremely high resolution so that we can make out what we’re doing so you’ll see
that I can important more than one set of image planes into each viewport and
I’m just gonna match my new head image planes with the existing body image
planes once my image planes are set up I’m ready to start creating the head. I
build a cylinder and I’ll set it so that it has eight subdivisions on the axis and
rotate it towards me, and then I’ll position that right on the center of the eye. I’ll create
another cylinder, this is gonna be the mouth, I’ll set it at 12 subdivision axes
and I’ll set this right on the middle of the lips so with those
cylinders I’ll grab all the faces that behind the front caps and I’ll just
delete those. you’ll see that I lined them up a little bit on the side view
reference. I also delete half of the mouth and then I’ll combine these two objects
together and duplicate special. and we start by editing it shrink the Ibert all
the way down and I’m gonna position this right along the edges of the whites of
the eyes and online that up in both the front and the side views do not delete
those interior edges and disconnect up two down that I have a bunch of vertical
rows and then I’ll just grab that outside row in extruded out a pool this
next row outwards and it’s going to be outer edge of the island so where the
island falls back into the head but on the bottom we don’t really have any
lines to go on so we’re just gonna keep it relatively close to a job in August
weeklies birds I do want to keep them in relatively vertical rows the same way
that I did with the eyeball itself now from the side view all of these efforts
will sit a little bit behind the verse that they correspond to you on the
eyeball area so this whole set of edges is basically you know come back a little
bit and I’ll grab that set of edges extrude that out and this row here is
going to be the orbit around the eye someplace in the upper edge of this rose
pretty easy we’re going to line up those top three very along the highbrow that’s
gonna sit along that brow ridge where you have to bring in outside versus here
the inside word on the corner sits on the bridge of the nose doesn’t meet in
the center can the verts below stick pretty close to the overall I and then
when I’m adjusting things in the side view I program provides a pretty clear
reference for what we need to do the rest of it we can’t have two guests and
a lot more of it clear as we work on the rest today and one last step here to
select all of the edges and soften those edges and then harden the edges around
the eye and above the island to have some clarity now turn my attention to
the mouth with the outer road this is the last line and the key to positioning
and is this right here wanna make sure that hooks above the
nostril that’s where the last night begins and then I’m gonna move the rest
of the shape around in Canada teardrop shape earlier face we should be able to
see the last line visible in our Image reference and then in the side you move
that around again we should be able to see the last line pretty clearly in the
side the reference up next I wanna have the lips so to do
that we’re gonna go to add mode and select all the edges on the interior of
the mouth and use my connect components shift right click and then find connect
components in there that’ll add a whole new ad row and I’m match those very
literally the edges of the let and similar to the I really these guidelines
note that on leaving the middle line president and I’m gonna use my multi cut
tool to connect up to down our use these new efforts to match up this center row
of the lips now I can tackle this side view so the
center to avert a really easy to place they go out to the edges the reference
these next two votes are critical almost as far forward is that center row
need to make sure that we get that curvature the corner of the mouth will
be pretty easy to place we can see very literally that’s third row is going to
be slightly difficult to place and typically I find myself placing that in
the three years so I look at it and I’ll pull it forward said I get some nice
curvature there you’ll see a boston soft and hard the edges on the lips the way
they did with the guys next time you had the chance to fill out the rest of the
face on edge mode select the bottom two edges on the mouth and Alex trudeau’s
straight down and then in the front view I’m match those up to the chin and
decide you will pull it black we won’t be able to get the curvature of the
chain yet we’re not gonna worry about that right now you know it’s true that
edged out in this is going to define the edge of our job line we really want this
nice straight diagonal line because we want our job like to be defined really
strongly along the jaw bone itself and then we’ll go to add mode and I’ll grab
the two edges for the job that I just added it is connected components to have
a subdivision in there just a little with a curvature that we can see on the
image reference cannot do the same thing with that second set of hurt on the job
just had another set of subdivisions there this time are used to insert and
delete all and Alex true the resulting it straight up those for its really easy
to match up on this side view on the front view their little bit obscured by
her hair so we’re gonna have to kind of gas had it now when I start filling in
the cheeks I’m gonna grab these three edges on the bottom of the eye and
extrude them straight down in these efforts we can place most easily in the
side view some pushing them back and away from the bottom of the eye then grab these two edges and bridge
them together so now connecting the job to YouTube cheek / I area and I can do
the same thing vertically so I grabbed the bottom three edges and the top three
edges and a bridge across between all of those and the feeling in the cheek now I
do need another set of rows so use my insert edge loop tool to add a new row
and then that resulting for merge to the corner of them ok so we can see that we have a big gap
that looks like a triangle by multi cut tool and cut around them out like so and
I use my collapse edge function to get rid of that one triangle the bottom and
then I’m just gonna delete this face here and use my bridge again to connect
across now getting rid of those triangles one
by one and you’ll see that I pulled those votes on the chin up and get a
triangle down you just gonna selected to lead and then extrude the bottom two
edges on the chin down and emerged that the corner of work that we have there
and now I’ve got my squads at the bottom of the face and I’ve also got that extra
detail and I needed to start to actually represent the curvature of the chance
then next thing I would use feeling that central area by adding the nose costs
are bridging these two edges together my next step is to grab the two edges on
this center is here connected components are multi cut
connect them you’ll see and reposition them to kind of roughly match the shape
of the nose in the front pew in then I’m gonna grab the face that results from at
an extremely it straight out words I’ll grab the face on the top of that
extrusion extreme that straight up now in creating the bridge of the nose up
here I do have some faces behind the shapes I just created wanna make sure to
get rid of those before I go any further outgoing server text mode next and I
just the points on the bridge of the nose and the outermost point on the
bridge of the nose you’ll see that I’m matchup with that point on the outside
of the I there then I could use merger verse on those points and I’ll go and
look at these points in the side you in all Test match it up to the reference in
this idea and now I can work on the ball that knows how to pull these points
pretty far forward to match up to my reference also need to pull these points
in fairly closely to the centerline end up with a fairly narrow shape and that’s
what we want at this point in time now the next thing we’re gonna do is going
to seem a little counter productive when you go into face mode gonna grab these
faces here and to lead them so we’re left with only these faces at the bottom
and the bridge of the nose match that bottom phase to the bottom of the nose
and Alex Drude out from the tip of it so bridge from the bottom nose to the edge
of it and then I’m going to connect these two very tier and delete the
resulting triangle this is going to create some space for the last row I
start with this adds year of extruded up twice and I can occur around in both the
front and the side views next oldest bridge these two edges hear
from the front of them to the last row and then I’ll grab all these edges going
around and use Kinect components to add another set aside divisions and I’ll
just grab that set of edges on the nostril itself pull those backwards and
out a little bit and now we start to see the roundness of the nostril for me at
this point I’m gonna go in the actual holes to the last row I just go
interface mode and grab these faces on the bottom and extrude them in place and
drink and a little bit I’ll grab those same faces again just extreme words in
August read them up create actual depth from the nostril now
I’m gonna go back to the bridge of the nose and I’m gonna grab the two edges on
the bridge and extrude demonstrate back I use my skills taught of plans then ask
them into this space that already there are snapped at uppermost point to the
corner er away than I did before and I snapped at lower most point into the
corner of the nostril and just pull this middle point out a little bit now we are
gonna need to add some subdivisions in here once the middle of the nose is
positioned correctly I can grab these two edges and use bridge to closer and a
bridge the next set of edges below as well in that I just wanna collapse that
bottom edge on their bridges made some merging those two firsts together
thought leaders for the triangle resolving a second start doing that by
grabbing these two edges and connecting them together and then just moving that
up a little bit connect the next two edges enroll as well and I’ll snap the
bottom most versus those down to the nostrils were closing up to hold causes
merge all the birds in the area together now I can worry about that triangle
there merged those two votes at the top together and delete the Cross Edge and
now we’ve got a quad now we need to do with the opening next to last row which
is kind of triangular in shape technically we could feel it and it’s a
quiet but not really a little bit too sharp if I wanted to add subdivisions
here I can just continue line for the nostril outwards however I won’t keep
things as simple as possible so I’m gonna grab those edges around the edge
of the nostril and delete those edges so controlled to grab the East University
ranked connect those disparate emerged to the next to it and noticed the leak
that diagonal everything’s quiet it out now gonna take care of the triangle and
the outside and also grabbed the edge at the bottom of that triangle and then the
two next to easing my multi cut then I’ll grab this is right here and
collapse that together and we’ll see that we have talked wives and we still
have a nice flow that creates a laugh line right where we need it now hit 32
going to Smith proxy mode and I’m making changes to the anatomy of the face since
we did reduce some of the geometric complexity in this area you are going to
have to massage the verse in the corner than a stroke take it the proper kind of
overlapping shape we need pushing that edge back a little bit into the face to
create some of that crease with a laugh line sets now I do have these two
triangles are gonna take care of under the nose so I’ll grab these two edges
and connects them they’ll turn both of them and do a quad and it allows me to
create a little bit more shape under them nose and now going to switch over to the
lips so the first thing they’re gonna do here is a human on this age here and use
a division to edge to put a single point in there now convert the two triangles
at the corner of mouth into acquired give us a better lip shape and in order
to hold a sheet metal it’s a little bit better and can use my creased all here
so captivated I thought like the lips the center line there in a middle mouse
drag to activate increasing and decreasing will do little hold the
position these edges inverts better in smooth and once I start creasing will
see that I can adjust the positions of birds because the shape of the object is
gonna change so crease that center line and then increase this center two edges
on both the top and the bottom lip do one last third of creases on the
inside corner of the lips and then that’ll take care of the shape of the
lips are much more natural effect now and I’m gonna turn my attention to eyes
and use decreased all there are creased the eye itself and then decreased these
edges that’s about the I these represent eyelid where it falls back into that now
we can also use decreased who are very it’s so when you get a nice sharp corner
on the inside and the outside of the I so grab those verdicts activate crease
increase as usual and now see that those words hold their positions fairly
strongly and now we end up with a nice almond shaped I so when morley send
before I start building the forehead gonna grab this said year and is
extruded straight up and then I’ll grab the Vern on the outside and snap it to
the corresponding Island area and then next grab all the edges along the top of
the face in extreme them straight out so both the front and the side views on
line this up in the front you’ll see that I can spread it out a little bit so
fans out in the side view I have to move them any significantly to match up with
the corresponding spot so I found on the phone then next step is to grab all the
edges in the forehead and use my answer has lead to lower my connect components
to add another row of hedges and I can’t grab that row pull it around and move it
to match my front you reference to give just a little bit more curvature to the
forehead in that area and then I’ll grab these edges here and extrude those back
and this is gonna fill out a side of the for a year so I can just snap that were
to the back extends with the IRA’s and I can subdivide this set of rows in a
moment have to reposition it based on my front
and my side-view reference next wanna fill in the skull so I’m going to create
peace spear and put in place and then I’ll rotated so that its cap is facing
towards the ear canal just a little little bit in the front side view kinda
to match that had what’s really important here is the number of
subdivisions I’m just gonna reduce this subdivisions until I get something that
feels like it agrees with the number of rows that I have on my head in this case
of 212 on the access and eight subdivisions on the height once I get
that set on going to go into your face mode and how grab some faces along the
front here just words overlapping with that had the lead that men want to
reshape the skull sell and use my saw select all to make the skull a little
bit bigger and the side you will see that they had tapers towards the face
and the back is much wider peninsula taxis to pull the rover on this cold
it’s gonna meet the air back a little bit just to be clear the face to face
mode and delete half of the skull and I can just mess combine find the head with the face and I can
start matching verts consider is a mismatch in the number of routes between
the head and ask I just need to have some red rose on the skull to fix that
since you’re next good look at the side of the head and just create a little bit
of an indentation right behind the face to face the ear the IRA’s really easy
locator reference and it’s going to basically extrude out from three years
three edges here but we’re not going to extrude from the edges themselves we’re
gonna go to face mode and grab these faces and extrude those out and this
will be a block that sticks out all the way from the head and this will work on
the back of the ear I just grabbed efforts on the back there and push and
pull them how to create the shape of the year but on the front I need to merge
these birds back into the head there is no ridge between here and the face
there’s a smooth flow from the face up into the ear that we want to make sure
that we capture and we’re working extremely low res here the advantage
here is that everything is gonna be quiet it out very nicely the downside is
that it’s gonna be a little bit more difficult to catch the shape of the year
using so few points in since we do have some triangles right up at the top to
solve that i’m gonna grab these edges and connect them then get rid of both
the triangle that we have at the top and the bottom of the year this will all
also allow me create a little bit more sheep towards the front of the year
which will be very helpful another reminder though we don’t want to
have a range at the Fermi year like you’re seeing there were pulled these
back in to create a smooth flow from the cheek our way to the back part of the
year and while I’ve been working primarily in the side view 81 @ take a
look at the year in the front view and make sure that I match up there tends to
stick out and away from that a little bit more than people think it does so we
just want to make sure that the top of the year is pulled out a little bit more
and at the bottom of the years takes a little bit closer to the school so the
extended cut takes this one step further showtitle attached to head in the neck
together create a probably and with the body and also reveals some
retail apology tricks for getting rid of triangles in tricky places and most
importantly I go in depth and create improper anatomy which is extremely
important when trying to create an attractive female character to go to my
site and check out the extended cut great way to support this channel can be
making more videos so the end result is a totally quite a mesh which will be
great for animation and it’s also a perfect starting point for creating any
other characters in the future another looking for ideas for new
tutorials just something you really want to see drop a comment on James Taylor
thanks for watching

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