Maximize Your Channel – Week 1 Trailer (Animated)

Maximize Your Channel – Week 1 Trailer (Animated)

Hey it’s Matt and this is the YouTube Creator
Academy. Welcome to the first week of the course, Maximize your Channel. This week we’ll
dive into the new YouTube One Channels design and see how it benefits you as a creator,
as well as your audience. In just a week, you’re gonna be able to set up the
new YouTube One Channel design so you can better attract more subscribers and viewers.
But the design is only one way to attract them. Do you know how all the different parts of
your channel work together? If not, stay with me for the next lesson and we’ll look at different
parts of your channel to understand how each can increase that very important, watch time. And in the last lesson, we’ll look at how
to create a brand that will work across all viewing platforms – computers, TVs, tablets,
mobile devices, and gaming consoles. * It’s actually going to be pretty cool.
________________ So why does watch time matter? It matters because it’s a vital measure of
your channel’s performance. Success on YouTube isn’t just about the number
of views anymore – but rather how long viewers are watching videos. It’s what we call watch
time. You want to optimize your channel so your viewers will come back for more. The
longer they watch, the more subscribers, recommendations, and engagement you’ll likely see. Longer watch
times also improve the search and discovery of your videos. Alright, I’m curious – How do you find YouTube
videos? Click the link at the end of this video to tell me your thoughts and see what
others think!

AGARiO with ANGRY BIRDS ♫ 3D animated game mashup ☺ FunVideoTV – Style ;-))

AGARiO with ANGRY BIRDS  ♫  3D animated game mashup  ☺ FunVideoTV – Style ;-))

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99 Replies to “Maximize Your Channel – Week 1 Trailer (Animated)”

  1. Can't wait this is gonna be awesome fellow upcoming youtubers. Remember this is a community and youtube wants all of us to succed. That's how we all make money if we have tons of subs! So I know I am going to be paying close attention so my channel will improve drastically. See ya'll in the course!

  2. im just starting out so i need all the help i can get! I hope that this really does help me get my beauty channel out there for others to see and hopefully enjoy. cant wait! <3

  3. I hope this can help me out with my gaming channel. I know my videos haven't been hugely frequent, but it's hard to be hugely motivated with very few people actually watching the videos, let alone watching a significant part of the videos in total.

  4. I hope too! I want to be able to have fans and people that will come back for my videos! I got a few subs but no dedicated fans 🙁 I would love to see that one day 😉

  5. I already took the coarse back in June.
    I took a look at your channel. You could just set up your Channels Home screen.
    Check out my channel setup for an example.

  6. I look forward to this as there is always something to learn no matter how small, it may make the difference to improving channel presentation and appeal.

  7. I took this already earlier in the year and have my letter of completion already. Decided to take it again to refresh my memory. Got to say it does work my subscriber count as grown which is awesome.

  8. Even if we know a lot there is always the possibility that some small but effective things are overlooked. So I look forward to find this bits during the course.

  9. I'm ready to learn. I just started making videos again and I'm excited to make more. Thanks for this free course. Can't wait to get started.

  10. To answer the question in the video, I find videos by using the main search box and sometimes I'll click one of the links to the right, sometimes youtube recommends a video to me that I'll watch because it's something I'm into – I personally don't ever check for trends or "being watched now" or anything like that. I have very specific things I want to watch. I guess this is true for most people.

  11. Last time this course thing happened, it shoved the YouTube One channel design down my throat like some sadistic vertical integration forced fellatio at the end of the course and told me "Thanks for playing".

    I shudder to think what this course will bring.

  12. I am looking forward to this course! I hope it does something or talks about the whole "Under Review" glitch at least.

  13. I just want to make sure… is this a legit deal? I'm just making sure since I had to enter in my password, and its asking for a bunch of personal information. If it is legit then I cannot wait to see how this program can assist me with improving!

  14. My audience retention (watch time) is awful low subs and views at the moment are in free fall… all I aspire to right now is "ok" if this course gets me to "ok" I will be extremely happy!

  15. Hey fellow Newtubers! We should subscribe to each other to start building bigger audiences! I post new videos every Monday and Friday. On Monday, or "Ramanday," I make Ramen noodles in weird but delicious ways. And on Fridays, or "Friend Fridays," I post random challenges, tags, rants, and other vlog ideas. Hope to learn more about your channels soon!

  16. Appreciate that these courses are made available and look forward to participating and applying some new knowledge, thanks!

  17. Hopefully this course can get us some subscribers! Help us out if you have the time to read this and look at our channel! 😀

  18. Watch times? Pretty sure YT prioritizes recommending videos/determines trending videos by hits vs. watch time. After all, your income's front loaded at the start of most (99%) videos…

  19. I earned my letter of completion when this course was offered in an early limited invitation. It was great fun! I learned alot. I'm taking it again to help new people and pick up some tips I may have missed. Happy learning, everyone!

  20. I find videos through other social media platforms, as well as personal interest searches on YouTube itself.

  21. This has just come at the right time as I finally have my blog (JuggleMum) where I want it and am now turning my attention to getting my YouTube channel up to speed. I have so many Slimming World recipes and hacks to share! This course will help me position my content better. Thanks YouTube!

  22. I'm in the US in NYC. I like going to Youtube space to get the latest monetizing methods. This will be a great addition

  23. Thank you for the Introduction. I have been working in Video & Fine Art for quite a few years so lets see what else I can learn.

  24. Restore YouTube and take your dream. Smash the troll, break their slanders, and bury
    every one of them. Down with the corrupted CEO Susan!

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