MashMe Kickstarter Video – become an animated character

MashMe Kickstarter Video – become an animated character

Welcome to MashMe A place where you can bring your favourite characters to life. Here, you can create animated videos
just like just the one you are watching right now… …or chat with your friends on Skype or Hangouts. Hey guys!
Hi! So what can you do with it? Bring education closer to children with fun videos. Add an amazing presenter to your YouTube video reviews. Have fun with your kids making your
own bedtime stories and fairy tales. Connect MashMe to ChatRoulette, Twitch, Skype
or any other video chat application. Grow your YouTube audience with attractive videos. So, how does this even work? It’s really simple.
All you need is a webcam and a pinch of creativity. You stand in front of your webcam
and animate a character in real time using your body… …and face.
And in a matter of seconds you can become the next Walt Disney. To allow you more freedom in your body movement
we also support the Microsoft Kinect camera. With the Kinect you and your friends
can animate more characters at the same time. Or you can just sit back and with a click of a button
you can make your character do some super moves. It’s really simple to use.
You start MashMe, pick a character and that’s it. MashMe will handle all the complicated stuff
so you can focus on creating amazing content and have fun while doing it. Let’s meet the rest of the crew. There’s Taco Rex the piñata enthusiast. Kohaku Otori,
passionate collector of socks. Greg… …erm uh that was weird. Ares of the White Tiger Clan.
Who is a fearsome warrior by night… …but a lovable cat during the day. You will have many more choices in the future. There are many different worlds for you to explore… You can discover the secrets of the Dark City. Take a joyful ride through cartoon town. Fulfill your dreams on an exotic island. And many many more. Animation, storytelling, and chatting with your friends
has never been easier or more entertaining. Cool stuff right? Now, this is where you come in. The MashMe team needs your support to finalize
the development and make this a reality. Join us on our journey by backing and sharing our campaign
to open a world of creation to everyone. Hope to see you soon Bye!

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29 Replies to “MashMe Kickstarter Video – become an animated character”

  1. good job~!!
    i wish you gooood luck 🙂
    im really interested in that kind of stuff.

    //will it be possible to import custom models?

  2. This is genius!

    I want to create a horrifying creature from a demon dimension and a sexy female to have sex with myself

  3. Look at this all mighty Senpai Poods @PewDiePie !!!
    It's the kickstarter campaign from my hometown Zagreb,Croatia…

    Ne stvarno mislim ako ste u mogucnosti sklopiti nekav ugovor/dogovor s njim, i da mu posaljete alphu pa da vam on odradi odličnu promociju proizvoda!
    Svu srecu vam želim u ovom podhvatu (:

  4. Isn't that unity chan? As far as i know you're only allowed to use it for personal projects. did you ask for permission for this?

  5. Sorry about your Kickstarter. I wish you the best of luck.

    Just for future reference, maybe leave out "becoming the next Walt Disney" as a selling point.

  6. Would it be able to work with any webcam that is 1080p 60fps or will it only work with the connect? This would really be helpful for those who want to create some awesome rig animations instead of going full studio, so that people could use them in a game perhaps. If you guys ever thought that far ahead.

  7. This was made 2015, the web-site still use same video and I have not hear anything more about this, was it a scam as so many other kickstarter things?

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