Making of an 3D animation video, behind the pacman scenes

hello people I am Pacman and welcome to the making of hi guys how’s going? I hope you’re having
a fantastic day welcome to this a new video, this is gonna be a making of so we’re gonna go through all the process of an animation videos from the beginning to the end so we’re gonna go through the first part which is the modeling: the modeling part is very important because we start to design and to create our characters and we start with the primitive usually
so it’s kind of like a cube or a sphere and then modeling every polygon or in some case triangles we start to shape these model and some of the character are very simple like pac-man for example some others are more
complicated like Sonic or Super Mario which requires more time So now you know
how to create a character, sort of anyway after creating the character we have to create the environment in this case a with Pacman is not a big deal, the pac-man environment is not very hard to do there are just some spheres and some
boxes, another way is the sonic sonic environment is much harder to do
even the Super Mario environment is less hard then Sonic but still harder than
Pacman so after all the modeling is done we
start with the fun part, the ANIMATION at least for me the fun and most creative
part, where we start to move to create life inside the 3d program, in this case we can use a Pacman so as you can see now we are moving the controls of our character trying to shape it try to create a good pose using the keyframes, and also using all the animation principles we know, for example the squash and streatch for the jump and also for the landing now we can see the final
result of the bouncing ball very smooth and another example could be the run
cycle in this case we can use Bowser with the rig, a with the controllers so now we are just close to the end but
we can go a little deeper with our 3d animation process, we still have to do a
few things, for example the first one is once the modeling and the animation is
done we have to do the rendering the rendering is how we see all the
animation, how we see all the process how good will be the video how good will be the animation is the art to look good and it’s not enough to render just one
pass as you see now I’m rendering the ambient occlusion which is the shadow
pass were are present all the shadows in the scene and now it’s time to put
all we have together and we do this with one software which is
Adobe After Effects which allows us to play with the luminosity with the
contrast of every frame as you can see here even the saturation just as we want so once we are happy with our editing we can go on with the compositing with the
Premiere Pro which is one of the best software for compositing here we can see
an example of how it looks like this simple video with the Premiere Pro so guys thank you so much for watching this video I hope you understand a bit more the process of animation I hope you liked the video, and if you have any question please write down below here in the comment having any question if you have anything to say I’ll try to answer to everyone and if you want to know a
bit more how is the process I can do another video because there are soooo many things to say about animation about the process and there is no just
animation there is a whole world behind every single animation video, so let me
know if you’re interested in a more deeply way how is the animation world
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