Making a custom animation for Second Life or OpenSim using DAZ Studio (part 1 of 2)

Making a custom animation for Second Life or OpenSim using DAZ Studio (part 1 of 2)

Okay, I’m going to show you
how to make a simple animation for Second Life for
OpenSim using DAZ Studio. DAZ Studio is free software
which you can download from It’s very powerful and complicated software but we don’t need all
the features for this. It’s actually fairly
easy to make an animation. So, when it first starts up you’ll
see something similar to this. And you may actually have
a default figure in here. It may be one of
the really nice models that comes with DAZ studio. Unfortunately,
those won’t work. So if there is one in
here you need to, delete that. And you need to
load in the custom files that are
used for Second Life. You can download those
from the Second Life site. And to do that I do File Import and I’m going to use the
Second Life male here, there’s also a female. So open that. And it may not be able
to find the OBJ file, unless your folders
are set up just so. But that’s okay. It’s in the same folder
as the other file. So click on locate,
and the OBJ file. You may remember those
from Art of Illusion. Okay, that’s importing. And here we have it. It sort of looks like a crash
test dummy or something. Don’t worry about that. When you import the
animation in Second life, it will use your normal
avatar appearance. What we’re doing
here is actually the motion of the figure, not its appearance. So to start animating
I need to make sure that I have a couple of
tabs visible here I want Parameters and Timeline. And if you don’t
have those visible, you go to View, and then Tabs, and make sure you have both
Parameters and Timeline checked. The next thing you need
to do is to decide how long your animation
is going to be. And down here we
have some numbers that we can use to do that. I’ve actually changed
the frame rate to 20 frames per second
from the default 30. ‘Cause that’s really fast
enough for Second Life. And I also have a
range of frames here, 0 to 20 for a total of 21, so my animation will
last for 1 second, or pretty close. And you can make this
as long as you want. I think Second Life or
OpenSim will allow you to upload an animation up
to 30 seconds in length. If you need more than that you need to do it in more than one file. The first thing that
I’m going to do is memorize the starting
position of my avatar so I can so I can
store that later. So I go up here to
this little triangle. And I check Memorize and
Memorize Figure Pose. And that will
remember where my avatar
was when I started. Now I’m going to go out about half way through the
animation and move something. So you may see these
little circles. They’re very
similar to the ones that are in Second
Life or OpenSIM. I’m just gonna, twist the avatar a little
bit around its waist. And now I’m going to go
out to the final frame of the animation. And I’m going to click
this triangle again and restore figure pose. And that puts it
back where it was at the beginning. Now the reason that I do
that is so that I can use this animation in a
loop so it comes back to where it started and it does
the action over and over again. That may or may not be
appropriate depending on what your action is. But very often,
for things like walking, swimming, riding a bicycle,
that kind of thing, the figure will
need to do the same motions over and over again. Now you can play it
down here to preview it. And see how it looks. And that looks okay. It’s very obviously
very simple. So, we’re ready to actually
save this as a BVH file. So I’m going to do File Export. And I’m going to call it- actually I’m going to
put in on my desktop. And call it twist .bvh And in the next video I’ll show you how to get
it into Second Life.

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