Maker Update: E-Paper Movie Player

Maker Update: E-Paper Movie Player

This week on Maker Update, the slowest video
player ever made, a 5-axis 3D printer, a flip-digit clock, an NFC music player for kids, an internet
controlled drawbot, NeoPixel octocouplers, gesture controlled LEDs, and the joys of gaffer
tape. Hey, I’m Donald Bell and welcome to another
Maker Update. I hope you’re all doing well. I’m feeling good and I have another fun
show for you, so let’s get started with the project of the week. Over on Medium, Bryan Boyer talks about his
Raspberry Pi-based e-paper movie player. He calls it the VSMP or Very Slow Movie Player. Instead of playing back a movie at 24 frames
per second, his project plays video at 24 frames per hour. For example, a 2 hour movie like 2001 A Space
Odyssey would play out over 8,000 hours — almost an entire year. It’s a crazy idea, but with the right movie,
there’s something kind of beautiful about it. Bryan’s piece on Medium goes over some of
the project’s hurdles, his artistic intention, and an overview of how different makers and
companies have put their unique spin on e-paper technology. If you’d like to give the project a shot,
he links over to his GitHub repository with all the code you’d need. In news this week, I was excited to see this
post on Makezine about the development of a 5-axis 3D printer. Developed by Q5D Technologies, the printer’s
extruder sits at the end of a robot arm, allowing it to lay down filament at angles that would
otherwise be impossible. It remains to be seen what the practical advantages
are for this technology, but it’s exciting to see new ideas being developed. More projects. Through the Tindie blog I learned about Coyt
Barringer’s flip display clock. Any kind of flip-display tech gets me every
time, and this one looks and sounds just like I’d want it to. Coyt goes over every aspect of the design
and shares every file and detail you’d need to make your own. As a shortcut you can also buy the assembled
board from him for $170. But my favorite practical bit here is learning
that you can score single 7-segment flip digits on ebay for around $11. I don’t know how I’d drive it just yet,
but I’m real tempted to pick one up and play around with it. On GitHub, this children’s MP3 player by
oxullo plays back songs based on RFID badges placed in its mouth. The project uses an Adafruit Feather M0 with
a Music Maker Featherwing, to handle control and music storage. An amplifier breakout board and small speaker
are used to get the sound out. An NFC reader from Seeed studio reads the
cards, signals the Feather, and brings joy to children. On, 8bits and a Byte shows off
how they made an Internet-controlled drawing robot that broadcasts its drawing in real-time. The plotter is based on the Let’s Robot platform,
typically used for little telepresence robots. Instead they’ve got their stepper motors mounted
to a wall, controlled by a Raspberry Pi and an Adafruit DC motor hat. A Pi camera broadcasts the drawing while people
control it over the Let’s Robot website. Also on Hackster, Pedro52 shows how to trigger
multiple relays using LED strip. By matching each LED with it’s own phototransistor,
you can set the pin high or low on an inexpensive relay breakout board. What’s useful about this technique is that
because LED strip only needs one data pin, you could use a tiny board, like a Trinket,
to sequence dozens of relays. There’s also a guide by Dan Ionescu on how
to easily add gesture control to LED projects. The trick is this Sparkfun gesture board and
Arduino library. With it, you can translate waving in different
directions into triggers for different LED animations. Maybe I’m crazy, but how cool would it be
to combine those last yep projects and make a motion controlled relay sequencer? I might do it just for a way to play with
the sound of those snapping relays. I have just a few tips to share with you this
week. I came across a site called It’s a dedicated web app for making laser
cut boxes or enclosures. It’s free and has a useful amount of options. On Thingiverse, Andrew Askedall posted his
design for a 3D printed Braille alphabet. The design is a hybrid of an english alphabet
with an overlay of Braille raised dots on top, matched to their corresponding letter
or number. Could be a useful option for any printed sign
project. OpenRndr is an open source creative coding
environment, similar to Processing, but with a few advanced features. It’s free to download and play around with. I’m still barely competent with Processing,
but if you’re ready to branch out, this could be a good fit. And for my Cool Tool of the week, if I could
pick one new year’s gift for you to give to yourself, give yourself the gift of Gaffer
tape. I’ve been using two different rolls of from
the Gaffer Power brand over the past year. It doesn’t leave a sticky mess, it tears
nicely in straight lines, and the matte backing is great for writing on. If I had to Kando my tape collection, this
would be the only stuff I’d keep. Maker Faires! Coming up, we’ve got Maker Faire Bangkok
on the 19th and 20th, and then Nurnberg Germany on the 26th. If one’s near you, go check it out. And that does it for this week’s show. Be sure to subscribe, leave a thumbs up or
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    with a gesture sensor and premade library….

    so you didn't actually do anything yourself? ok…

  2. I also love gaffer’s tape! I just wish it wasn’t $30-60 a roll! No fair teasing us with the Giaco Whatever Maker’s Knife in the thumbnail. How is it? Does it live up to the hype?

  3. I clicked for the Maker Knife but the E-paper movie player wowed me. I love the idea of looking at that at different moments of the day and just catching that moment of a favourite movie. Probably The Cannonball Run for me…

  4. The PATREON link is not working, i don't think that they read the comments, and there are not even have that many comments to read.

  5. WOW WOW the E paper player – It seems like it would be an AWESOME idea as a living painting. The ultimate geek display for your favorite movie.

  6. Who else clicked on this video because of the maker knife in the thumbnail? 🙂 awesome projects though , so it was worth the watch still. 👍🏼

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    0:28 E-Paper Movie Player
    1:13 5-Axis 3D Printer
    1:33 Flip Display Clock
    2:06 Children's MP3 Player
    2:30 Internet Controlled Drawing Robot
    2:55 NeoPixel Optocouplers
    3:56 3D Printed Braille
    4:12 OPENRNDR
    4:25 Gaffer Tape

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