Kyoto Animation | Anime Academy

Kyoto Animation | Anime Academy

Hello everyone! Welcome back to anime academy. I’m Reina Scully this semester we’ll be going
through anime studios and today’s class is on Kyoto Animation. Like many of the biggest studios in anime
today, Kyoto Animation or KyoAni was founded by passionate animators who went out on their
own to make something different. The origin of KyoAni is similar to the Sunrise
trio that started Studio Bones and the Gainax trio that started TRIGGER, EXCEPT…, KyoAni
was founded by a married couple Hideaki and Yoko Hatta. When KyoAni was first organized they worked
closely with Kadokawa producing light novel adaptations. After its first OVA Munto, KyoAni inherited
the popular IP Full Metal Panic! From Studio Gonzo, producing its sequel “Fumoffu”
and later “The Second Raid”. Their first series to get major international
attention was The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi in 2004. They then continued to make iconic, charming,
high-school comedies with Lucky Star in 2007, and Nichijou in 2011. During this period KyoAni also worked with
TBS producing a number of adaptations from visual novel series such as Air, Kanon, and
Clannad before jointly producing the megahit K-On! and its sequel K-On!! (with TWO exclamation
points!) This series not only shattered blu-ray sales
records, it also and sent music singles from the series straight to platinum, solidifying
itself as a cultural icon in Japan to this day. After two major hits it would be safe to say
KyoAni was a success, but just around the time K-On! Was making its mark, KyoAni was also innovating
how anime studios do business. In 2009, KyoAni launched the annual Kyoto
Animation Awards, where creators can submit original manga and light novel concepts for
a chance to not only have their works published but also have the potential to be adapted
into an anime. The Kyoto Animation Awards have allowed them
to curate material which they own to adapt, giving them complete control over their own
work and ensuring a constant supply of material. This project has lead to a host of beloved
anime such as Beyond the Boundary (hold), Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions (which
you should check out the q review of), Free! As in Iwatobi Swim Club, and the upcoming
grand prize winner Violet Evergarden. Besides having full control over their own
source material, KyoAni has also made a name for itself with their ability to keep all
labors in-house. They are almost alone in the industry for
never sourcing work outside of their own studio except for a few notable collaborations. This has given their studio a distinct style
because everyone is directly communicating with one another in the same building, ensuring
that there is a unity of vision in every aspect of the production. KyoAni has even developed their own school
to train new animators to work specifically within their in-house style. The raw quality and sense of polish in KyoAni’s
work has also become legendary in the industry. In 36 years, they have averaged only about
one anime series or feature film a year. Focusing on a single anime at a time and working
only on their own projects allows the studio to direct all its efforts toward creating
quality products. They often begin production during the gaps
between their series, completing much of the work well before it airs and completely sidestepping
the grueling hours and broadcasting delays that have become associated with the anime
industry. Among the many visual trademarks of KyoAni,
the two things they’re most well-known for are expressive animation and physical comedy. KyoAni series put a microscope on characters
and use everything from facial expressions to posture, even character’s hands and feet
to further connect you with every emotion While body language and facial expressions
are carefully sculpted, their humor is more like a confetti cannon, where KyoAni animators
play fast and loose with character outlines to sell every joke with over the top reactions. What’s your favorite KyoAni project? Let us know in the comment section below or
tweet your answers to us @crunchyroll with the #animeacademy And let us know what studio
you’d be interested in learning about next! Thank you so much for watching, if you liked
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100 Replies to “Kyoto Animation | Anime Academy”

  1. I learned of KyoAni through Hibike! Euphonium (I was a tuba player in high school, and now I want a tuba-kun plush).

  2. Nichijou is probably my favorite, it made me laugh more than any other anime that ive watched, and that saying something. Nichijou is closely followed by miss kobayashi's dragon maid, i'm really hoping for a second season on that one!

  3. I like to see Madhouse! 😁😁
    and from KyoAni I like Kyoukai no Kanata, Free!, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon….. I think i like all of them!!! 😆😆😆

  4. I LOVE FREE IWATOBI SWIM CLUB AND KOE NO KATACHI FILM OMG I READ THE MANGA BECAUSE I SAW THE TRAILER FOR IT// koe no katachi is the reason i started to want to learn sign language and know barely some signs// but whats cooler is that today at karate a family with a deaf son came in to check out karate and i was so excited to see his sign language and he himself has seen the movie koe no katachi which was so awesome!!

  5. I have many favorites from KyoAni like K-ON, Sound!! Euphonium, Kobayashi's Maid Dragon and Hyouka. Thank you for making a feature about KyoAni!!

    Can you do either MADHOUSE / A-1 Pictures / Shaft next?

  6. Great overview of KyoAni. I'm going old-school and requesting the legendary Tatsunoko Pro as the next topic in class, please.

  7. Wow I didn't recognize that so many greats came from one studio. I have a soft spot for the Love, Chunibyo one. It was just so charming and Rikka was so adorable with her Tyrant Eye.

  8. Sunrise please, cause I'm curious to see the difference bet. gundam series' and non gundam series'.

  9. KyoAni is my favorite studio out there and Kyokai no Kanata is my favorite, though I love so many of them. Still need to watch K-on 😛

  10. I can't choose a favourite anime by them, but I have a slight bias towards Hibike! Euphonium simply because it's set in Uji, which is also where you can find Kyoto Animations Studio, which is also where I lived 2 years ago. (I lived at 15 min walking distance away from the studio) so watching it makes me feel nostalgic XD

  11. I sometimes find articles online saying that anime has no future or it's doomed. I hope Kyoto animation can survive this sort of anime apocalypse, if it happens at all, because of the business practices that Reina just mentioned here. In fact if all anime studios work like KyoAni does, there would be no need to write articles like that at all (though I'm pretty sure there are some that do work like them).

    BTW Reina, you forgot to mention that KyoAni pays its animators by salary rather than by the page.

  12. Haruhi, Euphonium, MaidDragon, K-ON!… probably in that order. It's so hard to not call them all favorites though.

  13. LOVED THIS EPISODE!!!! KyoAni is definitely one of if not my favourite anime studios and by far my favourite series from them is K-On! (Both Seasons) since it's my all time favourite anime

  14. AAAHH I love KyoAni!!
    A Silent Voice has been their magnum opus so far, closely followed by Hyouka as their best (and criminally under-appreciated) series.
    Honourable mentions go to
    -Free! for great sports action and ahem plot… can't wait for the upcoming Season 3!
    -Nichijou, one of the funniest anime that needs a sequel
    -Sound! Euphonium for having some of the nicest animation I've ever seen

  15. I enjoyed this one a lot – i attended a KyoAni panel at Anime North and they said some similar things

    also – Trigger and Shaft would be awesome 🙂

  16. This is probably my fav anime studio if only because it's one I grew up with. FMP was one of the first anime I ever watched and I found myself drawn to Key's visual novel adaptations soon afterward. Clannad is still one of my favorite anime of all time. I always loved the art style they used as well since it allows for their shows to serve as excellent escapism material. Convenient after a stressful day for sure.

  17. Kyoto animation has never made anything good.All it makes is bubbly bullshit aka trash. Madhouse is infinitely superior.

  18. My first view of KyoAni anime? Random MADs from Youtube. I don't know what exactly anime it is but it was most likely Haruhi. I've watched Haruhi, Lucky Star and Nichijou. I'm planning to watch the rest in the future.
    All KyoAni anime are my favorites but Nichijou stands out because it's too hilarious and over the top. I just can't stop watching that anime. Amagi Brilliant Park too since it balances reality of working hard and silliness.

  19. Isn't another thing about KyoAni that instead of paying their workers per key frame they pay them on salary?

  20. KyoAni made Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid? Then that's the one I pick to answer Reina Scully's question at the end of the video. I don't know what series I would pick if I had to look at their whole catalog (haven't seen it all) but that's the one I like most in recent memory.

  21. Koe no katachi, going into the movie I've known about kyoani and how freaking crisp and detailed their animation is but this movie changed alot of my mind set, I've connected to this movie, the music, the work put into it, the art…wow, I just hate that the movie came out into the "your name" hype, it would've been way more popular but I'm glad it become as popular as it is now

  22. Dang, I'm just hurt realizing that they lost half of their talent that are responsible for all these great animations. This studio is top tier compared to the others, I hope other Studios pay homage to them, and Inspire themselves to make great quality animations like kyoto.

  23. 1:56 I don't really have words….
    Just wanted to point out another reason why this recent tragedy is such a big deal.

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