Komal Rani – কোমল রানী | Vikram Betal | Animation for Kids

Komal Rani – কোমল রানী | Vikram Betal | Animation for Kids

Bongdesh was a prosperous kingdom. Dharmabhram was
the King of this kingdom. He had three wives.
Chaya, Maya and Rekha. Chief Minister, how are things going on
in my kingdom? Good. Very good. Your Majesty, we didn’t go for
a vacation for a long time. Let’s go for an outing. Where do you wish to go?
Hills or sea? No, Your Majesty. I don’t wish to visit the
hills or the sea. I wish to go to a forest.
– Forest? But there are wild animals there.
– So what? I want to visit a forest. Your Majesty, there’s a forest
to the north of our kingdom. It’s not a deep forest. There aren’t wild animals there. You can go there. Will you join us?
– Of course. We’ll go.
– We’ll go. Okay. Make arrangements for our trip.
– As you order, Your Majesty. The chief Minister made
all the arrangements for the trip. The chariots were decked up. The King went out with
his three wives for an outing. Your Majesty, look there.
What a beautiful butterfly! Such beautiful colours. So many different varieties
of beautiful flowers. You’re busy looking
at the butterflies and flowers. Did you hear the birds? Can’t you hear them? Why won’t we hear the birds? The chirpings of cuckoo and robin
are going to make us go deaf. You’re going deaf? That’s really funny. Their melodious voice has won my heart. And you think their voice is
making you go deaf? Charioteer, stop the chariot. Why do you want him to stop here? Your Majesty, please get that
beautiful flower for me. I’ll get it for you right now. Beautiful! Very beautiful! Oh no! My legs are hurting a lot. Oh no! Charioteer, turn around the chariot. Oh no! The queen has broken her leg. What should she do now? Rest. Three months of
complete bed rest. Your Majesty,
a renowned singer is here. He’s a renowned
exponent of classical music. Let’s go and enjoy his concert. Yes, Your majesty. Let’s go.
Will you come? Your Majesty, please don’t refuse. Let’s go.
– Okay. Since you insist let’s go. Start your performance.
– Okay. What happened? What happened to the second queen? How is she?
– The injury is serious. Injury?
What has happened to our queen? Loud noise has injured her ears. That’s why she lost her consciousness. What? Loud noise? But we were enjoying music
when the mishap happened. This is bound to happen. My queen is very delicate and frail. That’s why music made
her lose consciousness. No. My queen is very delicate. A flower injured her. Our youngest queen is not
so delicate and fragile. Isn’t it, maid?
– I don’t know. I’ve lot of work. I can’t waste my time talking to you. I’ll leave now. Your Majesty, what are you thinking of? I’m thinking of many things. I’m thinking about my
kingdom and about my subjects. What about us? Don’t you think about us? Do you think I don’t think
about you all? Of course, I do. Look at the beautiful moonlit night. Let’s go to the garden.
– Okay, Your majesty. Let’s go. What a beautiful moonlit night! It’s so beautiful. Oh no! It’s burning. It’s burning a lot. What happened? The queen’s body has got burnt
when she came in contact… …with something hot. Something hot? Is moonlight hot? Oh God! This is so strange. My queen is the most delicate one. No, my queen is the most delicate one. No, no, my queen is
the most delicate one. King, who is the most delicate queen? The queen who got burnt
by the moonlight. Rekha is the most delicate queen. According to our terms agreed upon
I’ll go away. Betal! Vikram! Betal! Vikram! Betal! Subscribe to www.youtube.com/angelkids

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