IT’S A ME! | Super Mario Maker #1

IT’S A ME! | Super Mario Maker #1

Top 10 Controversial Moments In Teen Titans – Part 2

Top 10 Controversial Moments In Teen Titans – Part 2

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100 Replies to “IT’S A ME! | Super Mario Maker #1”

  1. Plays original Mario level: now we’re back to old school Mario.
    Plays Mario 3 level: This is really old school Mario!

  2. Jack:*plays the first mario game ever*this is old-school mario play the third (technically fourth mario game this is really old-school mario

  3. Jack – (Plays SMB1) Now we're back to old school mario
    Jack – (Plays SMB3) Now we're in REALLY old school mario!
    Me – 1 is lower than 3……Do you realise that?

  4. Ok yes I’m late like extremely fucking late but for some reason to day at school I started yelling out the Mario theme song then everyone started doing it

  5. Jacksepticeye:
    (Sees super Mario bros) wow this is old school Mario

    Also Jacksepticeye:
    (Sees super Mario bros 3) wow this is really old school Mario


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  7. 2:16 “why does this seem really easy?”

    I don’t know maybe because you’re on E A S Y M O D E

  8. Dude you do realize that now that you did Mario Maker, you have to buy a Nintendo Switch and play Smash Ultimate

  9. She always gets captured because their are hardly any girls in this world and she is the only girl that can't or won't fight back. Lmao

  10. Peach gets kidnapped!

    Mario saves peace.

    2 seconds later peace gets kidnapped again

    Mario left the chat!

    Srry if I spelled anything wrong, I am a terrible spelr

  11. 7:29 that's not "really old school Mario" that's Super Mario Bros 3. The previous one was Super Mario Bros so it came first and is technically "old school Mario".

  12. If in the last level he is supposed to be Bowser does that mean the level is about child abuse?

    (I know Bowser turns up later, but whatever.)

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