Introduction to Synfig Studio

Introduction to Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is a powerful,
open-source animation software. Synfig might not be as user-friendly
as its commercial rivals… but it gives you control over every
single element of your animation. Once you learn – you can do a great job with it! To help you get started, we’ve created a video course. With this course, you can learn
Synfig in the shortest time…. Starting from the very basic concepts…. …to advanced techniques. You will learn: How to use bones to animate your character, ….how to create face animation, – Hello there!
How are you doing? …how to export your work
for YouTube or a website, …and much more. Join the course,
and start learning Synfig today!

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  1. Как можно связаться с разработчиками????? их сайт не работает, а я давно хочу связаться, рассказать о возможных модернизациях проги и могу переделать дизайн на более удобный для программы, если правда они захотят.

  2. Hello everyone, i imported a .sifz vector to the principal animation, but when i try to edit a path of the vector, the programs displays:

    The value you are trying to edit in a composition it seems that it is not open. Open that composition and you can edit this value normally.

    I don't understand why i can't, i would be grateful if someone could help me

  3. Hi, I upload the file SynfigStudio-1.2.1-64bit.exe to scan for virus and found Malware.Heuristic!ET#99% (rdm+)
    Should I be concern about it?

  4. Hello! It turned out i wanted a free but good animating software, so i searched up yours and it said free but when you go to download it it asks for a decent price

  5. You say in my language, but you only list five languages. Not only is my language not listed, most languages of the world are not listed. I am not expecting you to support my language with “only” five million native speakers, but I do wish you did not outright lie that you have the course in “my” language.

  6. I started using this software in 2011, 2012, and on my low³ end PC, it was a crash fest, so much such that once on launching a preview of an animation, it froze my computer. After force rebooting it, I discovered that my 6+ hrs work was corrupt. But Synfig was among the only ways for me to be creative without pirating, and I stuck to it. I tried the 1.2.1 yesterday, good but boy, rendering was such a chore. And then 1.2.2. I say Alleluia to this. It is way, I mean way more stable than the previous versions.I am extremely grateful for all you have done. Hope audio rendering will be a thing soon.

  7. This video should be on PeerTube and Synfig would get a lot more users from the fediverse. I mean, have you seen the instance alone? Amazing amateur talent over there.

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