If Overwatch Voice Lines were Animated #3

If Overwatch Voice Lines were Animated #3

Humph, Enjoying the exhibit? Sorry it’s such a mess in here. I wasn’t expecting company. Hey! Fuck you Winston, let me out of this thing right now! -Hmm, now you are the endangered species! -Hey I’ll endanger YOUR species ok? Cash me outside? How bout that? – Is this because I called you Bi-Curious George?
– I don’t hold grudges. -Great while there’s still no way i’m gonna be able to climb out of here. -That’s one small step. -Yeah, well for me it’s a giant leap. -Y’know i should have known you were a different kind of monkey when you started doing quantum physics. -Ahh, natural selection. -Yeah whatever I’m gonna get out of here. -Ooh, I sense a pattern developing. -Hey Fuck you man, you better not be posting this on Facebook or anything. -That’s a great idea,what was my password again? -Winston, you gotta let me out of here man. -If you let me free we can talk science or something would you like that that -That would be great -What’s your opinion on the total stage gravitational models -I could get you tacos?
-I would kill for some Tacos. -Oh fuck, I ate all those tacos -You want a banana? -No, I do not want a banana -Come on, who wants a banana? -For the last time, NO MORE BANANAS!. -Okay well do you have any weakness? -Other than a crippling addiction to Peanut Butter. -Oh look at all this old peanut butter jars. -Don’t touch that, you’re making a mess! -All organized and everything. -Get out of there!
-Oh all these jars are all empty. -Stop that! I have everything arranged just the way I like it! -Alright man let me out or i’m gonna kick your ass! -I don’t even think children are afraid of YOU. -Shut the fuck up i kill kids all the time, you little – -Ow, Ouch Hey! -Oh wait look I did find some peanut butter. -Did someone say, Peanut Butter? -Oh excuse me -Oh my god! -I uh-appear to have lost control. -Did you actually just piss yourself right now? -How embarrassing -Alright Winston, i’m about to do it. -No
-I’m gonna make a Harambe Joke. -Don’t get me angry.
-Oh Winston my dicks out my dicks out. -Oh my dicks out Winston,wh-who’s my dick out for Winston? -Oh it’s a little banana hanging out -Wh-who’s my dick out for – -OH GOD OH FUCK, OH MY GOD OH FUCK -Oh hey.
-Hi. -What’s your name?
-I am the Reaper. -Edgy i like it hey I’ve never seen you before,you must be new here. -I work the graveyard shift -Ohhh that explains it -Okay lets get started.
-What’s in the box? -This is Oliver, his owner just wanted a bath and – -Too easy. -Holy Shit! -You’re the one responsible for this. -Wha -YOU JUST FUCKING SHOT HIM IN THE FACE!! -I shouldn’t be surprised you took his side. -YEAH HE’S A FUCKING INNOCENT ANIMAL! -Sure, lets just get the job done. -Nonono stop it right now, I’m gonna have to re-train you completely. -I don’t take lessons from you. -Yeah well I’m the assistant manager here okay. -You always did have a high opinion of yourself. -Okay, we have a few more cats umm- -Take them out. -My mistake. -Oh my god, everything you touch fucking dies. There’s some rubber gloves in the back, please go get them right now. -Thanks -Hey, I’m back. -How are the gloves?
-Just what I needed. -Yeah too bad you have a hand size of a thirteen year old girl. -Yes…it’s my curse. -Okay why don’t you try taking this next one out? -Jesus Christ -You’ve got to be kidding me. -Come on…
-That was a tactical error. -No it wasn’t a error, you just fucking ripped his head off! -Moving on. -Sigh okay, this is max, he’s a little bit shy. We need to wear these bells and put on these cat ears -You look ridiculous.
-Yeah whatever, do you know where his food is? -Its in the refrigerator. -Okay will you go get it please?
-Yes. -Okay thank you. -Incoming.
-Oh god dammit -Sorry. -You just broke the only bowl that we have, is there anything else to put this in? -Tin cans, eat your heart out. -I hunger. -Reaper do not eat the-
-Huh not bad. -Reaper that food is only for cats. -Right. -Seriously it says it right net to the logo -I got your logo right here -Yeah real mature reaper, doesn’t change the fact that that food is filled with raw lamb and cat hormones. -Just how I like it. -Sigh of course, okay can you pick him up please? -You’re allergic aren’t you?
-Yes. -Here take some clarinex -Much better. -Good good, how do you think you’re doing right now? -I could do better. -Yeah i agree. -Death Blossom is ready. -Oh wow you actually did a really good job with his hair. -Finally some recognition.
-Yeah but overall I still think you need to be fired. -Are you kidding me?
-I’m sorry it’s just- -I’m getting better at this -Yeah well what about all those cats you already murdered? -I will feast on their souls. -No you see it’s stuff like that that makes me want to fire you, so you’re done. -DIE DIE DIE!!!
-OW OW OH MY GOD. -Now Reaper we worked so hard to get you back in this society. -Sorry
-Don’t apologize to me, the only one you’re letting down is yourself. -I guess.
-How are things Reaper? -Feels like I’m falling apart. -Well maybe it’s time for another career change. -Y’know I’ve always thought you had a great voice, maybe you could read audio books. -The Doors closed. -The Lights out. -The Eggs are cooling. -The Butters getting hard. -And the Jellos Jiggling. -What the fuck was i thinking? -Ho ho excuuusee me -Oh That’s a beauty! -Phew, thought i was a goner. -Oh my god
-Hey there -How’s it going cowboy man? -The names McCree. -McCree that’s right how you doing? -Not feeling my best. -Oh yeah well to be honest i could kinda tell – Are you a janitor now? -Yes, careful there. -Oh yeah you even got the wet floor sign. -Hey uh I clogged this toilet, come help me out real quick. -Oohh nice one -Yeah its pretty big. -No shame in it. -Hey atleast i didnt get any piss on the seats. -Good aim. -Yeah thank you but there’s no plunger in here. -Guess we’ll do this the old fashion way -Oh.
-That didn’t go so well. -Aww yeah you got toilet water all over your face and your hand. -Lets start over at the beginning, Howdy. -Uhh yeah i’m not gonna shake your hand. There’s probably shit all over there, all over your face and god knows where else. -Yeah i wouldn’t drink the coffee -Uhh that’s fucking disgusting but it looks like we got everything cleaned up. -Not everything, some people have a peculiar sense of humor. -Ohh that’s disgusting. -I’m putting out a bounty. -No no no no no don’t you just leave that here, you come back and clean this up. -I’ve got unfinished business. -Well I’m not letting you out of my sight. -You’re welcome to join me. -Yeah no thank you. -A man’s gotta have a price -Hey get back in here and clean this up right now. -Good as new -No that’s not good as new! you just- did you really just write that? -I’ll make ya famous. -Hey number 1 I’m not gay. -Number 2 if i was I’m still way too good looking for you -Huh, looked in the mirror lately? -Yeah i just did actually and I’m better looking than your ugly ass. -I’m not good, not bad, but I sure as hell ain’t ugly. -Okay well I’m still not gonna make a s- OH MY GOD -There’s roaches all over the floor. -Bad guys, head up. – O-Okay le- lets get your mop. -Doesn’t feel right coming back here. -Don’t you come in this closet like everyday? -Whoa there this ain’t how it was at all. -Okay well can you find a mop please? -This ones mine. -What you have a mop that nobody one else can use? -A Man’s gotta have rules. -What should i use? -Oh that would do fine. -Okay great lets just go. -Clean, Sweep.
-Okay good thank you. -Bang, Bang, gotcha. -Okay good. -Phew almost had me there- -Oh my god McCree! -Dammit -Are you okay? -Bye
-No no ,no goodbye, you’re gonna be alright buddy. -How many fingers am i holding up? -Two.
-Okay you’re probably dying but you can still count -Happens to the best of us. -No,please you’re gonna be okay. -I don’t think so. -But what if in heaven they just play drake and they don’t play country? -I like both kinds of music. -Oh my god McCree please hang on -Just a matter of time. -Speaking of time, Please McCree can you just… -One last time tell me what time it is? -Nope. [Rip McCree] -Hi there my favorite real estate agent. -Hello there. -Thank you for showing me the house. -Don’t thank me, just doing my job. -Yeah well you’re pretty good at it. -I am at the top of my field. -Okay, okay. -Now me and my girlfriend we’re little concerned with the safety of this neighborhood, is there any steps we can take to increase our security? -Watch yourself! -Oh surveillance cameras, that’s pretty cool. -Okey so when are we go inside you got the keys? -I lost them. -You lost the keys are you serious. -Waht, wait they’re right there! -Oh, you are good. -Okay let’s just go inside -I’m going in. -O my gosh! -Now this must be a surprise to you. -Yeah, there’s shit all over the floor! -We need to clear the area. -Yes, you need to clear this entire place up, there’s even cobwebs everywhere! -Get them of me! -Yeah there’s crap all over the windows to! -Clear! -Okay be hones with me real quick, what kind of shape is the rest of the house in? -On a scale of 1-10, not good. -Well shit, okay how many bedrooms is there again? -One. -No that doesn’t sound right. -How many bathrooms? -Five -Okay that doesn’t make any sense. Has this place any internet? -Connection on going. -Okay does this house come with something useful? -I believe they have a teleporter. -Are you fucking right are you serious! -All right let’s check out the kitchen. -This way! -So the floor in the kitchen is wood or tile? -Absolutely not! -What are you talking abo… -OMG this is just a dirt floor! -Ooh but it’s a modern refrigirator. -Improvements has been made. -Yeah you know I still use ice trays where i live. -How barbaric. -I know right, there’s a lot of empty space in this room -Need a second opinion? -Yeah, sure. -We need a tank. -Oh yeah, a baller-ass fish tank would be cool. -So were these cabinets like real or these… -OMG! -Get out of there! -What do we have here? -Some sort of homeless addict! -OMG -What happened to you? -I don’t know man, one minute I’m just shooting up all this heroin and next thing you know I feel really sick. -Where does it hurt? -In the inside and the outside. -On a scale from 1-10, how’s your pain? -So bad and I shit my pants too. -You might not want to tell your friends about that. -I’m… Dying. -Step into the light! -No no no, step away from the light! -… Negative. -God dammit, anyways back to me. -Turn your head and cough. -No, I mean lets talk about closing on the house, right now i living in a Chevy Lumina and eating ketchup pakiges every night. -Maybe it’s best to stay in that way -OMG you’re terrible! -What do we have here? -It’s a fucking heroin needle, what do you think? -Something I could use? -Yeah if you wanna kill yourself. -So that what it feels like. -OMG I thought you angels were anti drug. -Well, not always. -Okay you know what, I’m just gonna take the house and her’s the check. -I’m don’t do this for the reward. -Okay great, because I don’t have a lot of money. -I won’t turn it down either. -You know what that’s it.

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  2. I feel like all the people from overwatch are gay that probably means the creators of overwatch ARE GAY TO 😉 😉 LIKE IF AGREED

  3. Damn, this was both stupidly edgy and incredibly unfunny. Especially the shit-tier use of the cash me outside meme. Christ.

  4. This was it!
    I put a dislike on your video.
    Because I love cute little kittens.
    And you animated a kitten's death.
    I hate you so much right now!

  5. 1:05 Chris: You want a banana?🍌
    🦍Winston: No, I do not want a banana.🤨
    Chris: Come on, who wants a banana?🍌😇
    🦍Winston: For the last time, NO MORE BANANAS! 😠

  6. I hate this vid Because he killed All Those Cats Unlike this video And No I'm not a hater it's just this video

  7. "Some people have a.. peculiar, sense of humor. I'm putting out a bounty…"
    pulls out bounty paper towels 😂


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