I Accidentally Catfished A LOT of People | Animated Storytime

I Accidentally Catfished A LOT of People | Animated Storytime

Hello Space Fairies! Look, we all did stupid things when we were
younger. We all made mistakes. But most times, we grow up and realise that
the mistakes we made were actually not that big of a deal and were really just part of
growing up. This… this is not one of those times. It’s no secret that I have long been pursuing
acting in one way or another and this was also true when I was 15 years old. One day after theatre class I overhear two
adults talking about a web forum they use to share casting calls that are not public
knowledge. I write the website down and later that night
I find it. And true enough, within seconds I am bombarded
with secret castings and productions that I hadn’t even heard about elsewhere online. Here was the first problem. You needed to make an account to get all the
contact details. So I make an account as myself… and I’m
immediately blocked. Here I discovered was the second problem. The whole forum was hosted by and exclusively
for parents who were looking for roles for their children. When I made an account as myself, I didn’t
meet the minimum age requirement… so I’m not allowed on the site. I find this maddeningly unfair. I am a strong independent teenager who don’t
need no parents to jobsearch for me, I should be able to access this vital career
changing information by myself! I take a quick look through the posts I can
see and the way the parents talked to each other, and the acronyms and code words they
used and I think to myself “yeah…. I can do that.” And so I make a new account. Not as myself this time. But as Jeremy, a young, single father of 2
teenage girls. Why a father? Don’t know. Why Jeremy? That was the name of a teacher I had a crush
on. Next. Why 2 teenage girls? Why not just the one teenage girl called Chloe? Could not tell you. But this was the character I became and I
stuck to it. That first day was a thrilling time of researching
opportunities, asking questions about auditions and doing my level best to not give myself
away. And I must have been doing okay because by
day two… I have messages. I have about seventeen messages in fact and
they are all from mothers on the forum introducing themselves. There’s a lot of heart emojis involved. So 15 year old Chloe is like “that’s nice,
what lovely people”. Then I carry on about my business. Day Three. More messages. Some from new people, some from the first
group who were now following up and asking me about my day and talking about their kids. At this point I start feeling like I can’t
maintain all these conversations AND finish all my homework on time, so I decide
to just not respond to private messages again. 15 year old Chloe thought this would work. She really did. But damn, Jeremy’s stories of his darling
daughters must have just been too endearing because suddenly over the next few days, every
single thing I wrote was met with a lot of “You daughters are so lucky!” Heart emoji
“Wish my husband was this sensitive!” Heart emoji
“Could do with a man like you around, Jeremy!” HEART. EMOJI. 15 year old Chloe had been warned so many
times about the dangers of talking to strangers on the internet, she never even noticed herself
BECOMING THE DANGER. I probably should have hit the kill switch
much much sooner than I did, but I was determined to learn as much about acting as possible. That is, until one day I get… THE EMAIL. The automated email from the site, informing
me that my account inbox is full. “Impossible” I declare to an empty room,
but I logged back in to check and sure enough… there they were. Dozens and dozens and dozens of unopened messages
from the past couple of weeks, all from mums asking about my day, explaining how refreshing
it was to have a devoted father on the site and, most alarmingly, more messages than I
care to admit, asking Jeremy on a date. Guys, I ghosted. I ghosted so hard. I deleted everything in the inbox, started
removing my posts from the site, logged out and never logged in again. I just wanted to be an actor guys. This is more than a single father of two can
handle. There is literally no moral to this story. Other than I guess 15 year olds are idiots. And that people on the internet will lie to
you. And also forums in the 00s were like the wild
west. But we already knew all that. It’s obviously nearly 15 years later now
and I’d honestly forgotten about the whole thing until someone my age mentioned the site
in passing because their parents used to use it. So just a heads up I guess
If you’re a millennial with pushy stage parents who use too many heart emojis… your
mum might have asked me out on a date.

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52 Replies to “I Accidentally Catfished A LOT of People | Animated Storytime”

  1. Meeemmmmorriiiieeessss all alone in the mooooonliiighhhtttt something something two decimals away from being GREAT!

  2. One: this made me cackle out loud. Absolutely brilliant as always Chloë!
    Two: I guess this was your first jump into drag/acting as a man so well done 15-year-old Chloë
    Three: I can’t think of a clever decimal pun

  3. Awesome video Cholë! I love your art style so much and your so funny, you literally make my day every time you post :)) ❤️

  4. okay but what weirdos see a single man make a handful of posts and within a day or two ask for a date. that is……….Not Okay

  5. omg this is an amazing story hahahaha, i shouldnt be laughing this hard at looks at digital clock that has a decimal point instead of a colon for some reason 3.30 am

  6. I'll bet Jeremy was the type of father who had a boring office job with lots of spreadsheets and decimals everywhere.

  7. Can you imagine actually being a single father on that site though. I mean you were just a fake single father…picture being a real one actually trying to use it for it's purpose. I suppose you'd essentially feel about 98.98% (I used a decimal) the same as your average woman on the internet.

    On another topic entirely, I messaged you the other day on Insta (but a booktuber has brought to my attention that non-mutual DMs get thrown to the back of beyond sooo…). I was wondering if you might fancy a copy of my sf novella, Moon-Sitting. I know comic books are more your thing on here, but you brought aliebn into my life and that deserves a thank you gift 💜 There's a section on my blog here if you fancy a gander – https://emmort.wordpress.com/2019/10/06/moon-sitting-section-release-and-other-goodies/?preview=true

    Let me know if you'd like the rest! (@EM_Writing on Twitter and @Em0rt on Insta).

  8. there might be no moral to this story but you for sure just made my Monday evening a lot more bearable.

    what an awesome story

  9. Ha. Phandom of the Opera. This was just truly amazing. You should've said you were dating somebody. But honestly, that is a great training for acting. You had to establish character, create a backstory, and people were invested in your story. You should really create a story around him.

    p.s. Your friend who's mom was on there, was there a chance she flirted with you? 👀 also, decimal

  10. Naively becoming “The Danger” is a decimal point closer to being the best villain origin story I’ve ever heard chloe my dear 😂👍🏼

  11. H̷̦͒̆ ̶̡̬̀͑E̶̖͊̕ ̷͉̤͌͊A̸̗̒ ̷͉̜̉̒R̴̄ͅ ̷͉̐T̷̖͊͠.̴͉̆ ̷̕ͅ É̶̙͗ ̶͓͐Ḿ̵̬̣̀ ̵̤̏̄Ö̷̮̭́ ̴͖̈́J̷̺͎̀̀ ̵͓̆̀Ī̸̤

  12. I love, love, LOVE these videos! So funny, the art is incredible urgh just everything! And I appreciate the amount of work that goes into them! You rock Chloe! ❤️

  13. Fun fact: mainland Europe tends to use a comma instead of a dot to mark a decimal point. Which means you have to be careful about using thousands separators. Don't want to get confused between 1.234 and 1,234

  14. decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal decimal

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