How You Can MASTER ANYTHING Fast! – How To Practically Master Anything

How to master anything fast! Mastery is not a question of genetics or luck,
but of following your natural inclinations and deep desires that stirs you from within. Robert Greene famously quoted this line. Do you want to be successful? Or do you have a skill that you’ve always
been itching to learn but don’t want to spend hours upon hours of excruciating pain…
sweat and blood trying to master that skill. The 10,000 Hour Rule — by Malcolm Gladwell,
states that a person principally needs 10,000 hours of, deliberate practice to become world-class
in any field. I’m not sure about you, but my hours are
finite and I cannot spend 10,000!… Excruciating hours!… leaning a new skill… I just don’t have that kind of time. Unless, you do
But if you don’t, here are a few hacks, to help you master anything fast. Hopefully
Tip number 1: learn in flow The best way to learn something is when we
reach a state of flow. A state of flow in positive psychology, also
known as “the zone”, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing
an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized, focus, full involvement, and
enjoyment in the process of the activity. It’s like when you are playing a video game
you really like and All your attention and focus in on the game, nothing else matters
to you except what’s happening in the game, in that moment, Your house could be on fire,
or the kitchen flooding, but none of that matters. Your sole focus is on the game. In essence, flow is the complete absorption
in what one does. You can also achieve a state of flow while
watching a sports game. Have you ever found yourself screaming and
yelling at the TV while watching a sports game? Imagine this, your favorite football team
is playing on Sunday against their local rivals, you guys hate each other to the guts! Your rivalry goes way back! Last year they beat you guys, but this year… haha… this year! you guys vow to get revenge! You’re not only going to defeat them, but
you guys are going to absolutely humiliate and destroy them. You’re enemies after all. So the game comes on, and you’ve been watching
it for some time, you’re enjoying the intensity and action and you’re fully immersed in
the game, it’s like you are actually there! The phone rings, but you don’t notice, someone
is at the door, knocking, but you don’t hear it. Your kid is trying to have a conversation
with you, but you are not listening, you’re watching the game…
“what did you say hunny?” In such a scenario you would be in a state
of flow. You are completely engaged and absorbed in
the game, nothing else matters to you except the game. The rest of the world will just have to wait
until half time. Then you are at it, again. Tip number 2: Just Start
Richard Brandson, a personal role model of mine has this famous quote, screw it lets
do it! Just start for the sake of it! You never know… you might be successful. Most of us, when we are learning a new skill,
we tend to focus more on learning the theory and less on applying it. This is unfortunately a bad habit we picked
up from school and because of it, we always think of ideas and incredible things to do
and less on applying them. We should use the Rule of Two-Thirds. Which means, spending only one third of your
time studying and the other two applying and practicing. Let me tell you a short story, so awhile back
me and my high school friend Zack decided to catch up in a local bar. I hadn’t seen Zack for a few months, you
see we both work and live in different cities, so it’s kind of hard for us to meet, but
we make it a priority to see each other a couple times each year. So on this particular occasion Zack told me
the most interesting story ever. He said; so, one day on a Friday, as he was
heading home after a busy work week, he and a couple of his male colleagues decided to
pass by a bar, to have a couple drinks and just relax and have a good conversation. So Zack told me that, as he and his co-workers
were talking he noticed this young attractive young lady hanging out with her girl-friends. She looked really attractive according to
Zack. He described her as an early mid-twenties
brunette, with the most dazzling eyes and with the most beautiful, gorgeous smile, he’d
ever seen on a girl. He definitely wanted to approach her, but
there was just one problem. Before I continue with the story, I first
have to tell you something about Zack. You see, Zack is not exactly the quintessential
“lady’s man”. He’s not the luckiest or the smoothest person
when it comes to approaching women. He’s often shy and comes off really awkward
and unconfident. Back in high school, I remember he would often
find it really difficult to approach girls he found really attractive. He would often struggle trying to find the
right words to say, and to keep the conversation going. Ok, back to the story… And as he was telling me this story, I couldn’t
help but lough the entire time. So I asked him, where did you get the confidence
to approach the girl? And he responded, “it must have been the
alcohol…” I laughed Haha… So Zack told me that, he had actually been
watching a couple videos online on how to approach women, and he even went as far as
buying a course. The only problem was that, he had never actually
practiced any of the teaching he learned from the course and videos. So I guess this was the perfect time to test
his new found skills. As Zack was talking to his friends he noticed
the young lady walking towards the bar-counter. This is the perfect opportunity to approach
her he said, so he took a last sip of his drink, and with the help of some liquid courage,
he started making his way towards the bar-counter. He said hello and talked to her for a little
while, he apparently even made her lough. Finally he wrapped up the conversation and
exchanged numbers. He was over the moon! And was so excited… To cut the long story short, Zack and the
girl ended up meeting a few more times after that day, and even started dating for a little
while. Unfortunately the relationship didn’t last
long, due to personal issues I guess. But none the less, Zack had no regrets and
he was really glad he took initiative. I was really happy for my friend Zack, and
I can’t wait to hear the next crazy story. Hopefully next time he won’t need the alcohol. You need to repeatedly keep testing yourself
and abilities. You see, our brains evolved to learn by doing
things, not by hearing about them. This is one of the reasons that, for a lot
of skills, it’s much better to spend about two thirds of your time testing yourself and
applying it, rather than absorbing it. Take for example taekwondo, or any other martial
art. Could you imagine learning how to defend yourself
in combat simply by reading a book, or listening to a lecture and never actually throwing a
punch? This is also true for school if you’re memorizing
a passage, it’s better to spend 30 percent of your time reading it, and the other 70
percent of your time, testing yourself on that knowledge. And if you do this, you should see a tremendous
improvement in your work. Tip number 4: The sweet spot. When we are learning, we want to be challenging
our selves 60 – 80% of the time… this is known as the sweet spot. Anymore and it becomes too difficult and we
quit. Any less and it becomes too easy and we also
quit. So it’s imperative to always be upping the
challenge and to avoid anything trivial and easy that will make us quit! Let me tell you a quick story. Back when I was in high school, I got really
fascinated with coding and programming. I wanted so badly to learn how to code and
build my own website. After doing a bit of research I came across
this awesome website called the, run by an awesome guy called Bucky Roberts. Shout-out to Bucky! haha
Anyways, I so badly wanted to code, and I have to admit the initial stages of learning
HTML and CSS were tedious, but after every tutorial I would learn something new and apply
it to my simple website. It was hard, but I really enjoyed the challenge,
and watching my website slowly come to life was definitely worth it! Eventually after sometime I was able to code
decently looking websites. Which I have to admit, coming from a point
of knowing nothing about code to in a few weeks being able to build a decently looking
website, felt really good! I mean, It got my mother’s approval. lol
The entire time I was leaning how to code and program I was in the sweet spot without
even realizing it. Tip number 5: commitment
Commit to the long haul. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as the timeless
cliché goes, but so will your skill. You have to commit, and put in the time. The difference between an average NBA player
and a great NBA player is commitment! You need to continuously sharpen and prune
your skill. The people who combine commitment with practice,
will always see their skills go off the charts. Because they are continuously applying and
mastering their skills, and eventually they would have gotten to a point where they are
really good at their skill, to a state of mastery. And finally
Tip number 6: Find a mentor. The best way to learn is through mentorship…. We were built for this! watching someone achieve a certain goal or
goals, can be powerfully inspiring and motivating. That how I started this channel, I saw someone
achieve success and I was like why can’t I? Of-course, my first few channels didn’t
do so well, but eventually I found success here! Thank you guys so much for watching. Let’s chat in the Comment’s below, what
other tips do you have, I’d love to hear them Share this video with a friend or two, it
always helps with the views. But anyways, take care and I will see you
all, in the next one.

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