How To Wake Up At 5:30 AM And Be EXCITED (Animated Story)

How To Wake Up At 5:30 AM And Be EXCITED (Animated Story)

– [Narrator] Have you ever tried creating the habit of waking up
early on a regular basis? Because this is something
that I’ve struggled with in my own life. But recently, I’ve figured out the formula to getting up early,
and it’s not some little trick like put the alarm
away from your bed, or have a cold shower in the morning. This is something that will actually make the habit stick. And I’m gonna tell you
what it is by sharing with you the story on how
I figured all of this out. So one day I’m browsing YouTube, and a video gets recommended to me called The 10 Benefits to Waking Up Early. And I click it and I find out that getting up early can do all these amazing things. It can help me lose weight, it can make me more muscular, and even make me more money, and basically, it just turns me into this incredible human being. So I set a goal to wake
up early every single day for the next 30 days
because I desperately wanted all of these benefits. So for the next seven days, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. every single day, and obviously I was really tired. And I was in college at that time, so I tried doing all of
my schoolwork at first, but I didn’t really get that much done. I found that my brain
was not able to focus that intensely that early in the morning. Plus, I just hated doing
schoolwork in general. So for the second week,
I tried going to the gym. But when I got there, I
didn’t really feel that good, and I didn’t feel as
strong as I normally was when I went in the afternoon. So that didn’t work out either. By this point, I’m
thinking to myself that, you know what? This whole waking up early
thing isn’t working for me, and I actually stopped. And I think it’s at this
point when most people stop. And then we go to the internet and these quote, unquote driven people will tell us that we
simply lack motivation, or we lack self-discipline, and that’s the reason why we can’t do it. But for me personally, I
don’t think this is true. I don’t think we lack
any of those qualities. I think the reason why we can’t do it is because we simply don’t
have the right mindset. And I’m gonna share with you the correct mindset right now. So fast forward a couple of years, and now I’m graduated. And I’m making money online, so I could actually make my own schedule. So I decided to revisit this
whole waking up early thing, but this time, I did something different. Instead of doing something
that I didn’t like, like homework or whatever, I did something that I actually enjoyed, which for me was meditating, reading, and working on my own business. I found that reading a good business book or a inspirational book
really ignited my brain, and it made me really want
to be productive for the day. This feeling was something
that I could look forward to every single morning. But there was still times
where I wasn’t motivated, and although I really like all that, it still wasn’t enough for
me to get up in the morning. There are some mornings
where I’ll actually go on Netflix and I will watch a show called Extraordinary Homes. And on this show, they
basically just show you these really expensive houses. And the reason why I did this was because there was something about seeing all these amazing mansions, and seeing all these
beautiful European landscapes in places like Spain,
Portugal, and Switzerland that it reminded me of what was possible if I worked hard enough. This mindset and this
reminder really gave me a reason to wake up every single morning. It gave me my why. So, this is what I would recommend. In the morning, try and do something that you actually enjoy,
or more importantly, something that can be
classified as me time. And ideally, it should be something that moves you forward in your life. You probably don’t wanna be watching Friends or something. But it doesn’t have to
be something really big. It could simply be just going
for a walk in the morning, or it could be cleaning your apartment. It almost could be anything. But it is something
that you have to figure out for yourself, and
you have to understand why you are doing it. And if you really have no
idea what you wanna do, then I would recommend
starting a new hobby, or even a small business. But the key thing here
is to reshape the way you look at waking up in the morning. Don’t view it as this awful thing that is going to require
a bunch of motivation and self-discipline like most
of the internet tells you. View it as an opportunity to
have some enjoyable me time, or an opportunity to pursue your dreams. However, before you actually
consider waking up early, there are two major things
that you need to understand. First of all, you should never sacrifice sleep just to wake up early. Sleep deprivation can
cause you to gain weight, have a worse memory, and be less creative. So regardless of what
time you are getting up, be sure you are getting
the right amount of sleep, which typically is between
eight and nine hours. And secondly, just because you see all these YouTubers going on and on about the benefits of waking up early, it still may not be right for you, because there are some
people who just function better at night, or they’re
more creative at night. Take me, for example. Since I’ve started this YouTube channel, I’ve noticed that I get a lot of creative ideas in the evening, and I find myself writing in the evening. Literally, right now, it’s
9:22 p.m. and I’m writing. And I’m doing that because
I’m inspired to write. And it would be stupid of me to stop now, then wake up early tomorrow morning and then just be uninspired
and not creative. So become self-aware and
see what works for you. Check out my last video
about the real secret to creating limitless motivation. It’s by far my favorite
video that I’ve made on the channel, and I’ll see you there.

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  1. Just a heads up that the next video I'm releasing is a BIG one, so be sure to turn those notifications on 🙂

    Love you guys

  2. I like watching friends. I am a genuinely aggressive person to the point I think of homicide regularly and have outlets. I compete in MMA, lift weights alot and even my job is based around this "feature". My doctor agrees with the psychiatric hypothesis on anti social personality's that I have naturally higher testosterone levels to cortisol than most people resulting in higher aggression and fearlessness. I'm not trying to sound better than other people this is just something I am and it has a major impact on my life, to the point I have sought advice on it obviously. And watching shows like that brings out the good in me and makes me happy, which in turn makes me interact with the world in a more positive way which is better for me and you. So dont knock TV shows too hard

  3. Good morning Mitch Manly
    . I'm from Philippines and I'm your new subscriber here in your channel and I very like your videos here. I have one favor, Can I have your calendar tools or psd? The calendars in your videos are so calm and easy to use. Thank you. 🙂

  4. The man chat till mi fi get weh mi a listening out to 👂 hear .. weh them nuh just get straight to the point tho?

  5. The quality of the time you gain by waking up earlier is completely jeopardized when you're constantly tired. People underestimate the dangers of sleep deprivation.

  6. Wonderful video appreciate your integrity! Sorry for sharing this website here PaidToBeHome .Com but it has helped me an awful lot and if it can help at least one more person to my mind it's worth it.

  7. I woke up at 5:30 when I was a 3-year-old kid and 4:00 now because my school is in the city which is so far away …

  8. If you become creative at night then you can wake up at 4am and hit with one stone two sparrows, waking up early and it will be still night for two hours until 6am.

  9. There was a year, when usually i woke up at 4:50, and earlier, got to work and arrived hom at. 19:00… for pity money and shit work with rude, cunt boss and dickhead colleagues…
    And this was better then my first but also sortest job job.

  10. I wake up at 4.00 am and study for an hour . I get ready to school at 5.00 am because school starts at 6.35. I do this from monday to friday. For weekend i wake up at 5.00 am, make hot greentea and sit in the backyard while reading. Change my life. Life is not something we need to waste.. Well, we only live once.

  11. I started working for the city. All month I woke up at 5:15 am , the job requires lots of driving and heavy lifting. Lost 20 pounds, cut back on alcohol, and started going back to the gym since my schedule is 7am to 3:30pm with only a 30 min lunch

  12. In America and Europe y'all going to be like this kind'a motivation in India and mostly in Asia we definitely didn't do these kind'a things

  13. I think me personally waking up at 6:30 am and sleeping at 10 pm is the perfect balance that way you get enough sleep (8 hours and a half) and you still have enough time to do everything else you want to do(work from 8am to 5 pm then gym then doing something fun then preparing for the next day)

  14. Basically, Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning".

    You should have a WHY, then you can continue on. Get your WHY and everything else will (almost) fall into place. (Little assembly may be required).

    Set GOALS, so that you can measure progress (no matter how little). Because if you only have DREAMS, it will always stay DREAMS.

    Good luck guys!

  15. Waking up at 4AM and then 4km run. Don't like it but I wanna be as strong as I'm possible. Weak people say shit like "oooh, don't do it if you don't like it".

  16. For me, waking up early is just a way for me to finally have my own time because I don't have my own room XD.

    Also, I usually take 7-8+ hours. Works for me but anything less kills me.

  17. The best thing you can do to be happy in live, is not to watch such videos. 😀 Just enjoy how you really are, don't try to optimize you and programm you with such stuff, and your own power will rise!

  18. Pro tip : you're more creative and inspired when you're tired, so usually at night. When you're tired you're less inclined to discard "dumb" or "weird" ideas, making your thought process much more free to roam around.

  19. I’m not getting up early to prepare myself for the torturous 7 hours that is the school day. It should be illegal to put kids through prison lite

  20. My father used to wake up everyday to work tons of hours to pay rent and bring food as well as my mother, and at this days he remains as the same. So avoid that mentallity of living in a bubble, maybe because you come from a rich family or wealthy enough to. We change and the scenerio change, your motivation and goals changes by the pass of time. Stop tryin stupid thinks, if it works for you, congratulations, but every change can work in your life, this videos wanna shit ur brain with randomless voidless ideas. They never confirm, they never negate cause the nature of the void in his message. "Is not about blablabla", "not everything is black or white" stfu and start doing something XD ps: if feel you cant because anxiety or depression, go get some help, maybe you will get better soon, there is nothing wrong with that 🙂 But they just wanna show how they can poop at 5:45Am

  21. Ive tried the 5am thing and my body can’t hack it. Even when I’m in bed by 9pm. That alarm goes off, and I’m nauseous and shaky for half the day. Brain doesn’t work, physically weak, no appetite. I’ve tried it for years, and finally realized that my body works 500% better from 9pm to 1am. Brain is functioning, gym sessions are awesome, and creativity thrives. That’s when I get everything done. Just how my body acts. It’s not intentional. And I also only need about 5-6 hours of sleep. Bed around 2am and wake up naturally around 6 hours later. I’m a strange one.

  22. Hey Mitch I respect your work.
    I watch your videos almost everyday.
    I was wonder about this specific video.

    That is your history, was something that happen with you?

    You've just described what is been going on in my life these few years and probably many other people too.
    I like the way you mind goes. 👌🏼

  23. Just have a baby, i have a daughter, 1 y, she first got up early, about 5 am, it was hard for me to get up that early, but now she is sleeping till 8 am and I still gettig up at abot 5:30 without alarm 😀

  24. I tried this and had nothing to do . This works well if your a own your own business and have to do emails and such . I just did cardio and sat there way too tired to do anything else

  25. Waking up at 5:30 sounds great. You can get a lot done in the day. The only thing that sucks is trying to go to sleep at 8pm.

  26. Dude that was and amazing video. I keep looking for something like this and i think i can work on me. But still my life is not at 100% no even 70 % great is there a way to contact you and problably talk to you and see how i can fix my life.

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