How to Find a Mentor

– [Narrator] Why do you need a mentor? Well they can help you avoid years of mistakes on your success journey. It’s been said 200 to 500
books makes one good mentor. You’ve probably heard people like Tyler Lopez throwing this
kind of advice around. The second reason is that
the worlds most successful people had mentors, including
billionaire Warren Buffet, founder of Microsoft Bill Gates, and Facebook founder Mar
Zuckerberg, good old zucks. So what on earth qualifies me to give you a guide on mentorship? Well not only do I have a mentor but I also mentor other youtube creators and I have people asking
me to be their mentor. So next up, who should be your mentor? Well when you’re looking
for potential mentors ask yourself, would I
trade places with them? If yes, great, if no, keep searching. The next thing is to get their attention otherwise they’ll never
know you exist right? Now there are a million and one ways to attract their attention, believe me. One way is to send them a message on the social media
platform that they use most. If you wanted Gary V as your mentor don’t send him an email or a youtube message, send him a message on
twitter dude, or Instagram. Now if you’ve been paying
attention these are the platforms he’s most likely to respond to you on. Another way is to build
something so valuable that you naturally attract mentors. For me this was my youtube channel. After six months my video views and subs were growing fast, entrepreneurs in a Facebook group I was
in began to notice me. Now the next thing to do
is to offer them value, this is extremely important,
please write this down. Three effective ways to do this, number one put them in front of eyeballs, everybody loves attention. Attention is a new currency
so it’s extremely valuable if you can give your potential mentor an opportunity to get in front of your thousands of social media followers. It takes a while to learn how to build an audience but once you do, you realise it’s an invaluable asset
that keeps on giving. The benefits of a social
media following warrant a separate video because
they’re are too many to name. Now if you’re thinking
oh Brandon I don’t have the time to build a social
media following well let me just say that you
don’t even need thousands like I do, you know even hundreds if they’re hyper targeted
individuals in a very niche market then you may be able to get away with that but again, I
can’t promise anything. Anyway another thing to do is to offer to work them for free. Okay so a year ago I offered
an influencer to run his Facebook page for free, I
really looked up to this guy. Although he didn’t accept he was pleased that I wasn’t part of the 99 percent of the other leechers who were
just thinking about themselves. Anyway so now I’m on this dudes radar and I keep hanging out
in his Facebook group and then one day out of
nowhere, bam he invites me to a google hangout at like two am in the morning and the rest is history. He is now my mentor to this day. Another thing you can do is
create something for them. So a guy called Allen Palin
created animated videos for the comedian Bill Burr and
ended up getting noticed by him. He now works for Bill Burr. So now that you got a
mentor how do you keep them? Well what you wanna do
to treat your mentor like they should be is
execute on their advice. This is extremely
important, no mentor wants a menty where they spend
their precious time giving you advice only to see you don’t fucking take any action on it, okay. That is the worst thing you can do to pay respect to your mentor. No mentor wants to put their time and energy into you only to
see you don’t do anything. Now also understand that mentors aren’t there to hold your hand. Let me repeat that, mentors are
not there to hold your hand. Don’t blame your mentors
for not getting results. Don’t expect them to be in
touch with you every single day. They act as a guide and you are the one that is ultimately
responsible for you success. So ultimately if there
was just one single thing you took away from this
video, it’s that you just need to simply understand
that getting a mentor is about offering value and
building a relationship okay? It’s not, don’t just email someone and go can you be my mentor? That is the equivalent of
just going up to a girl in the street and saying hey,
can you be my girlfriend? So I mean how do you think
that’s gonna turn out? Thanks for watching and
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