How To Become a Comedian : The Benefits of a Mentor for Comedians

CHRIS MURPHY: Hi. On behalf of Expert Village,
this is Chris Murphy. I’m here at the New York Comedy Club in New York City. Today we’re
going to talk about how to have a career in comedy. Okay. This is the comedy class; very
important. I can’t tell you how many times people make unnecessary mistakes because they
haven’t got a good coach to teach them something. Now having said this, you can’t teach someone
to be funny. That has to be born. I believe that you have to be born with a funny bone,
but you can teach someone how to make this into a craft. Okay? Now in the beginning,
many comics make a lot of mistakes on and off stage they never would have made if they
had an experienced person coaching them through, telling them, “Hey, don’t do that.” Alright?
Many people don’t know what they’re doing and so it’s good to have a guy, kinda not
judge them, but just tell them exactly step by step how they can get work and make their
act better. So, a comedy class can be very valuable. Most important, after the class
do open mics immediately. Do not lose momentum after the class.

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