How I make my videos (100k subscriber special)

So somehow I hit a hundred thousand subscribers, which is mind-blowing I mean I know in like the grand scheme of YouTube or whatever like you know Jake Paul gets like 15 bajillion Subscribers every hour or whatever like a hundred thousand might not be all that much. But for me, this is unbelievable You know I’ve done YouTube now for a couple years And I would watch all these people go through like similar things to what’s happened to me right now And I’d always be like how the heck does this happen and in fact some of you watching this right now might have your own channels, and maybe you’re thinking the same thing. Well, let me tell you the secret. Okay. Are you ready? I HAVE NO IDEA. Seriously. I’ve made over 300 videos in like two and a half years or so and then all of a sudden just… But though whatever happens after this maybe I’ll keep growing, maybe I’ll grow faster, or maybe I’ll just drop off and I’ll become nothing more Than a distant memory, but whatever happens, I just want to say thanks. Thanks for watching and enjoying my weird little animations now I guess I’m supposed to do some kind of face reveal, but like I have like 250 videos that have my face in them so Tada… originally I had plans to start releasing merch when I hit about a hundred thousand But with Christmas and New Year’s and Hanukkah and everything happening right now like it’s probably not the best time You know what i’m saying, so if you want that kind of thing like a t-shirt or a hoodie with this weird little dude on it Look for that maybe sometime January Maybe February-ish now I get a lot of the same questions from people about how I do what I do And you know how do you draw? How do you animate that type of thing and frankly? I’m not really a good resource for any of this stuff because as I think is painfully obvious I have no idea what I’m doing and I just kind of fumble my way through all my videos. I mean seriously This is the first drawing I ever did on a tablet. This is where I started from guys I started here and somehow. I got a hundred thousand subscribers. I mean, I mean you you could be president. But anyway the good news for those of you looking to get into art or animation or just YouTube in general or whatever is that? I got this far with like some of the cheapest, smallest equipment you can get. So here is where the magic happens I guess you can say, here’s the tablet I use this is just the Wacom Intuos draw. And as you can see it’s basically the size of my hand okay This is like the smallest, cheapest Wacom you can get and I mean you know like it’s barely. It’s barely big enough for me to draw anything really, but still you know it worked. It worked this good So this is actually what I’ve been using; obviously at some point I assume I’ll get a better tablet Eventually cause you know with this type of small tablet It’s great for starting like everything you’ve seen me draw up to now has all been done on this guy But you know there’s really always so much you can do and with the size of it There’s only so much detail you can really get into without like really having to kind of mess with stuff So I’ll probably get a bigger one eventually, but this is what I’ve been using The microphone I’m using is it’s the MX l 770 which is inside of this thing called a chaotic eyeball which is basically like a portable studio kind of and I’m not good at using it like you can probably hear the Plosives in my voice all the B’s and P’s are going crazy So I finally bought this guy turns out 10 bucks because could improve my audio about a thousand times, so there you go And it’s connected into the you know the focusrite this thing right here is about a hundred bucks another question I get is about software like, What do I use to draw with? And I can tell you all my Drawings are done here in Adobe Illustrator That’s what I use like a lot of people you see like a lot of them use like Paint tool asi or they use Krita things like that and I tried to use those personally And I just couldn’t get the results I wanted. I just couldn’t I It just didn’t work for me. Now to be fair That’s more to do with me and less to do with the program because I have no idea what I’m doing But when I started using illustrator I found out that I could actually get the kind of thing I was doing for using this little guy now Maybe if I have a better tablet or something maybe I’ll probably do better with other software, but for now everything I’ve drawn is in illustrator, and then all the coloring I do is just in Photoshop, right there And then all that animation is just done in Premiere just frame by frame You know it’s hours of fun now obviously this whole Adobe suite costs about 50 bucks a month And you can use like any Adobe product. You know if you’re a kid or a student Or, you don’t have that amount of money I mean Krita is free and a lot of people have a lot of success with Krita if you look on youtube or on instagram a lot of great artists out there using Krita, so I Imagine if you Had access to only something like Krita You could probably do it really good with it. He’d be sat down and work with it I found better success with illustrator myself But it’s up to you now that is one thing to talk about here at the end when I started my channel I thought I had to have all the best equipment like all the big girls and big boys on YouTube had I needed that thousand Dollar microphone I needed that two thousand dollar camera with the $800 lens I needed you know five hundred dollar lights I need all this stuff to start my channel and the truth is no You don’t I got to a hundred thousand subscribers with this little tablet and a cheap hundred dollar microphone You don’t need to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on Cintiq tablets or Canon add’s or whatever in fact most of the big youtubers you see that have all that stuff They get them for free anyway, but really just use what you have and what you can get so anyway Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for watching and sharing my videos I know this is like super corny and everything But really it does mean a lot like I said I did this for like two and a half years With not much of anything happening and then all of a sudden there you were so really thank you.

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