how i make my animations (Part 2)

Hey everyone! back in… i almost said minecraft video… but no… another how i make my animations video! so this is just… the thing that we were working on yesterday! well not yesterday but… well this video will probbably be Uploaded the day after it was made but… somewhere around like 11 AM we did i make my animations video if you haven’t seen then there should be a thing in the top right corner saying that i suggested that? or something? so… if you like didn’t see it then you should click that? this is the animation so see this thing? see how. um… see how this thing right here is over there? yeah! so this is the thing that you have to click on. n then we can like change the color so… if i wanted to change the color of him? then i would click him? click this color thing. or just do C then if i wan’t orange i can click orange then (ok). then it will change to orange. so..that’s why this little thing is there cause well… i put a whole bunch of squares there to show that thing i put some work into this but that’s like how to change the color? another quick easy trick is that using the arrow keys um… i use the arrow keys to move him n then i use the arrow key uop! if i have it over his hand it will make me turn his hand but if i go away from him it’ll just move him so that’s how like i move people around like if i wan’t him to move like down ooooooooooooooooo like see how the circle is gone! YEAH! so… that’s how i like get them around look! *BIG laugh!* he’s gone! bye bye! and i can do, dooooo do do duooooooooo WoW! so that’s a easy trick to do? soooo so… um… meow! so that’s how i change my colors there’s also one more thing i wan’t to show you copy and pasting! i just copyed and pasted that little green thing so i can do this n then i can do copy and paste! n then LOOK! i have 2 (two) of them now! and see this square stick skiny with a fat leg n then this is just stick skiny that’s default so… you can just press E or click the pencil oup! n then you’ll go to this. then you can do uh this n then one thing i didn’t mension on the other video! is by clicking this UP arrow? look down! at the thickness! like right here! look right there if i press the arrow over here! then that..thickness go’s UP! n then look at him! look how! big that is! and that is how i grew his leg! it’s gonna be a big blob when it covers over him you can also do this! [ultimate music!] *laugh* [ultimate music] [sucking] [chomp] [click] you can do… to whatever you want and you can change it from a line to a circle! and you can change the circle type! now it’s filled now it’s not filled! that will be it all for this video! hope you guys enjoyed it! and! see you guys in the next..?. how i make my animations video ok now he’s just gone *laugh* welp! hope you guys enjoyed this..?. and i’ll see the next video! i wan’t to see how big this guy gets! *laugh* [creepy music] is there a max? is there a max? like thickness? woah look at that! it’s at..500! (5 hundred! (five hundred! (five 100!))) almost! it at…500 (5 hundred (five hundred (five 100))) now! ok..well that will be all for this video and..hope you enjoyed it! and also link is in the description! and i’ll see you guys in the next video!! probbably in the next video i’ll show you how big this can get! *laugh* WoW! oh i wonder what it will look like when it gets to 1000! (a thousand!) i really wan’t to show you! but..i.can’t! 🙁 i got ok! so we got to 1000! (a thousand!) and now?! i’ll save it! save save as… giant circle! and… i’ll see you guys in the next video! so… Bye! [woo as in bye for videos] [epic music]

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