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Hey guys I have been getting a lot of requests that I should make a tutorial on how I make my animations so this video is all about that how I make everything from voice to animation how I do everything and what software I use hopefully this will be helpful and if you want to make your animations maybe this will help you who knows? you know ? always start with the audio if you not gonna do that you gonna have a bad time trust me I know this from experience because otherwise you will have to move the animation on the way but if you have audio you basically make animation around it and it saves you bunch of time so here I have a little piece if about Poland crying about space yeah but let’s just hear it I want into space… next you save that shit and yeah that is it and then you use this program called levelator which basically evens out the volume of your audio so it’s not quiet or very loud at some points next you gonna have to draw some background I use this program called Clip Studio Paint Clip Studio Paint yeah I use this program It’s pretty good I like it more than Photoshop I think for drawing cartoons it’s a lot better but that is just mine opinion you can use any program to draw backgrounds because the program I use to animate with it’s really not possible to draw anything else than just animating stuff so anything that is not gonna be moving or static draw in this program or or Photoshop or any other program because it’s gonna be pain in the ass in the animation software and it’s coming just in a bit all I’m doing here is basically just drawing on top of my sketch drawing grass clouds some bushes for animating software I use anime studio or moho or I don’t know how you call it anyways I have love and hate relationship with this software it does some things really well and some things really bad and I’m gonna explain as we go I’m just doing a little demonstration here I have countryball rig I’m just moving it playing with it showing you how it works but you can make any rig you want and you can assign actions to it or make it do certain things and even if during the animation if the rig doesn’t have predefined action you can just make up as you go so it’s really good as you can see I can anime really fast and animate quickly and but there is a problem with this software before you even decide to buy this or use this software if you enjoy drawing just don’t use it just use animate cc or flash or whatever just don’t.. do d don’t use this software because you are not gonna draw as much if you don’t mind drawing less or you want to save time then you should consider it but only consider it download the trial play with it because it has kind of a steep learning curve and it took me about one month till I fully started understand this program and start using it’s full potential yeah it takes some time but when you learn it it’s pretty good and like I said it does some stuff good and some stuff bad, now I’m gonna show some bad stuff for example if I start drawing like you see here I use pencil tool or whatever and when I draw it merges my vectors and it’s not as accurate and it’s really pain in the ass to draw with this software so that is why I said anything static or it’s not gonna be animated do it outside of this software trust me you will just save some time but when you need to animate some stuff it’s pretty easy it’s just harder to draw it but once you drawn it you can animate as you can see by moving vectors or points and it animates automatically so it save you a lot of time but it’s steep learning curve that’s it I’m gonna start animating now it was just a little showcase of this software if you haven’t heard of it and if you did and you are interested I would just suggest go look for some tutorials I’m just gonna do a rough introduction on what I’m using so next I put everything into scene. I put two countryballs change their flags I already have flags predefined because I made a lot of animations before and once I create one I just save it in the rig and when I need to use it again I can reuse it I change the eye expression I already have them predefined or I can make new one easily if I need to and I start animating mouth what they are saying also I have mouth actions predefined as well so all I’m doing just listening to what he is saying and setting mouth correct positions and program will animate it automatically and once this done I start adding movement and changing the camera movement to fit everything in a scene so it looks pretty easy but these rigs had a lot of work before but basically when you set up your rig if the flow stays consistent in the animation and not a lot of stuff changes in the animation you can animate pretty quickly with this software so that is a huge plus to this software because if you don’t have changing rigs or or a lot of changing stuff in your animations it’s consistent then this software is really good it took me about 15 minutes to finish this animaiton all I do next just put music on top of the animation that is the last step, here is the final result I want into space and that is it, hopefully this has been helpful to you in some way I wanted to do a rough introduction on what I use because if I would go into more details this video would take a lot of time and if you are interested you can investigate on your own and yeah see you next time

AGARiO with ANGRY BIRDS ♫ 3D animated game mashup ☺ FunVideoTV – Style ;-))

AGARiO with ANGRY BIRDS  ♫  3D animated game mashup  ☺ FunVideoTV – Style ;-))

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