Heeron Ki Pagadi – Motu Patlu in Hindi – 3D Animation Cartoon for Kids -As seen on Nick

Heeron Ki Pagadi – Motu Patlu in Hindi – 3D Animation Cartoon for Kids -As seen on Nick

Stop staring and subscribe John. John. There is a treasure on the Black Mountain. My research is concrete and confirmed. If you help me then we will share the treasure 50-50. But there is one problem. What is that? Quickly tell me. Black Mountain is so big that there are thousands of caves in it. How will we go in each cave and search for the treasure? It will take years like this. Don’t worry. A brilliant plan is coming in my evil mind. Motu. The Tea Man’s shop is closed today. No! I want samosas. Call the Tea Man. Make the samosas. Give me samosas. I want samosas. Give me samosas. Motu. What are you behaving like a kid? Listen brother. Have you seen this Tea Man anywhere? Yes. A King has has taken him to the Black Mountain to make food. What do you mean Big brother? Don’t you know? The King’s ancestral turban is lost somewhere on the Black Mountain. There are a lot of diamonds embedded on it. The King has announced. Whoever finds the turban to the King, the King will give that man all the diamonds except for one big diamond. Everyone has gone there only. Even I am going. I’m leaving. King’s turban? Something is fishy. I must tell Chingum Sir. All the citizens of Furfuri Nagar have gone to the Black Mountain to find some King’s turban. Looks like something is fishy. Come quickly. Okay Patlu. Let’s meet there. Motu let’s go. Let’s go to the Black Mountain with Chingum Sir. Dr. Jhatka Ghasitaram have also probably gone there only. Who knows? Maybe we will only found that turban full of diamonds. Did you see the effect of the brilliant plan of my evil brain Now someone will find the treasure from so many people. And then the treasure is ours. Boss Boss. Look there. Motu Patlu are coming. Where did they come from? Stone in daal. Bones in meat. Salt in ice cream. If they come then everything will be ruined. We must make them leave immediately. Long live the King. Long live the King. Long live the King. Enough Enough. Enough of praising. Now stand straight. We are happy Young Man. Young Man, this diamond is my ancestral diamond. I will give you all the diamonds of the turban apart from that. So Young Man. Go and quickly find the turban. Yes Your Majesty. Yes Your Majesty. Yes Your Majesty. Yes. He personally called me Young Man. You all find Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram. I’ll go and find the turban. Motu there is no turban. Something fishy here. Motu, Patlu is right. Something fishy here. Nothing is fishy. There is only a turban. Where did you come from to ask money here? No. We haven’t come to ask for money. Oh. Come on now. Move from the way. Motu Patlu you are making us move from the way? Ghasitaram, you? Big brother you? You also came to find the turban? My brother, my friend, yes. But the reverse happened. What happened? Did someone beat you up? No one hit us. But we are in a bad state from falling from the mountain. See. There is no turban. Now let’s go from here. [We won’t go.] Whoever wants to leave, leave. But I will definitely find the turban and get it. Motu let’s leave. Good thing we got rid of them. Let’s leave. Motu this King is John only. Pure drama. And his two gaurds look exactly like No. 1 No. 2 Don’t you dare Patlu. Where is the King. And where is that thief John. So you won’t believe it. Wait. John. Yes. Who? John will become? John will become Don. What are you doing? They are watching. Did you see? Look carefully. That’s John. John deceived me by becoming a King. John You have played with my emotions. I won’t let you off! It was such a good plan. You ruined everything. What should we do now John? So this is John. Move this boulder. Enemies are also over. And… troubles are also over. He said that he was King and making me make food. I’ll show him now. Aroma!!! What happened? Have your faces have gone pale in fear? Not fear John. Due to the light of the treasure. But where is the treasure? Where is the treasure? The treasure is behind you. But now it is ours. Because we… found it first! No! The treasure is ours. It is John the Don’s. Nobody can take it. John! Motu why did you throw me here? If you wanted to throw, Then you should have sent me up directly. Take this. The King was beaten. This treasure belongs to Chingum Sir. It is yours meaning it belongs to the government. Okay Motu Patlu I will take all this treasure and give it to the government. Chingum Sir don’t do this. Give me a bit. If you don’t want to give me then at least imprison me in this treasure only for 3-4 years. At least I will continue watching the gold. I will continue watching it. Please Chingum Sir! Like Share Subscribe

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